December 7, 2023

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Simparica flea and tick medication may cause seizures in dogs

I didn’t want to post this video but for the sake of other dogs and owners, I will share. Please spread the word. SIMPARICA is poison for dogs. My Lokum never had seizures until he was given #simparica flea and tick medication by his vet without any warning. Apparently some dogs suffer side affects from this medication.

He is on two anti seizure medications twice a day and still has 10 to 11 seizures back to back once a month and the neurologist says he developed a seizure focus which means we are going to suffer this every month for the rest of his life. Please share and warn other owners! Vets should not give out this medication without informing the owners about the possible side affects even it is a low number. #zoetis.

my case is the second case at this Animal Hospital that I know of and they still did not warn me and gave me this medication stating it was safe. I just had to hospitalize Lokum last night since he started to have seizures more often. If anyone can help me make this story go viral, please inbox me! I will be sending this and many more videos to TV networks..all tablet flea and tick medications have the same side affects since they attack the nervous system. since dogs are considered property you cannot sue for pain and suffering but you can get reimbursed for the cost of taking care of your dog if this happened to you. Zoetis U.S. Food and Drug Administration Ellen DeGeneres Cesar Millan


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