September 23, 2023

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Smallstorm Podcasts: Diane Olive & Morgellons


An interview with Diane Olive, who figured out her own recovery from Morgellons infestation in her body and home!  Getting on the Internet and doing all the research she could, Diane writes about a 4-part protocol that has been helpful for many people with this very strange and life-enveloping issue. Let Diane describe what Morgellons was like for her how she strategized its submission.  She was kind enough to give me a copy of her new book, Natural Ways for Healing Mites & Morgellons, which is very well done; not only will you learn about the protocol, but you’ll meet others who had what appears to be a synthetically engineered affliction that can drive you to madness.  Lesions, black specks and fuzz balls that issue from your body and fill your home and environment; extreme fatigue, crawling sensations, pain … the list is long and horrifying. Nonetheless, Diane persevered and now lives a completely normal life.  Please visit to buy the book and the products she talks about.

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