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‘Smart Cities’ Are the Next Phase in the 21st Century Surveillance Grid



The century of ‘big data’ will be the century of unprecedented surveillance. The dream of tyrants down through history has been the total monitoring, control and management of the public, with the ability to predict the behaviour of entire populations the most efficient means of achieving this objective. For millennia, this has mainly existed in the realm of fantasy, however with the vast leap in technology in recent decades, this idea is becoming less a dystopian science fiction movie and more the daily business of totalitarian high-tech regimes.

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1 thought on “‘Smart Cities’ Are the Next Phase in the 21st Century Surveillance Grid

  1. Good Luck People !
    The talking of a thing is always so easy –
    & a rock
    * the club
    * the sharp object
    * the bow & arrow
    * gunpowder
    * the gun
    * psycology
    * ant-depressants
    Throughout time – as you say –
    But the best one is this –
    A group of cavemen were out a hunting one fine day – one of them said to the others
    “I can hear someone talking to me”
    “He tells me that He is GOD of ALL THINGS”
    “He tells me that we must obey His COMMANDS”
    “OR ELSE”
    “and lest evil befalls us” …. enter the boogieman …. “from which He can protect us”
    One of the tribes men picked up a goods sized rock & hit his fellow tribesman square in the head with it – at which point the visionary dropped down dead – and the group of men moved on.
    Throughout time these tyranical power mongering shysters have tried it on their fellow humans.
    The first step is to get them to believe & they are yours.
    With all this talk of surveillance & control, has it occured to anyone that there are persons out there who will not take kindly to the rationing out of their / but also overall freedoms being curtailed at their whim ?
    I am certain the there are many high tech & mainstream persons that will bring the whole system down around their heads if push comes to shove.
    You see – they are not in control after all.

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