‘Soros network’ in Brussels plots creating ‘Europe of mixed population’ – Hungarian PM

A network run by American-Hungarian financier George Soros has vast influence over EU bodies in Brussels and nurtures the creation of a “Europe of mixed population” by encouraging immigration, Hungary’s Prime Minister has argued.

Speaking to Radio Kossuth Friday, Viktor Orban launched yet another verbal attack on George Soros, calling him a ‘political puppet master’ having vast influence over EU’s top institutions.

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban © Reuters


Soros’ people have infiltrated the European Parliament and other bodies of the 28-member bloc, Orban claimed, seeking to create “a Europe of mixed population” and have Budapest “condemned and forced to change its migration policy.”

More than 200 members of European Parliament have been listed by Soros’ “empire” as “friends to the network,” Orban went on. “There are quite a few of them in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee [LIBE], including Hungarians,” he said.

Orban, who will seek a fourth term as Hungary’s Prime Minister next year, said he has directed the country’s secret services to investigate the “Soros empire” and “to expose it to the public.”

“By employing the national security services, the Soros network that strives to influence European life should be exposed,” Orban said. “Who are these Hungarians who are participating in this process from here, within Hungary?” he asked.

Orban, has previously accused the billionaire financier of conspiring in Brussels to create “a new, mixed, Muslimized Europe.” He consistently argued that Soros has more influence in Brussels than in Washington or Tel Aviv.

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The Prime Minister and the billionaire have clashed in the past, most prominently over the Soros-funded Central European University (CEU) in Budapest. In June, Soros labelled Hungary a “Mafia state,” while Orban described the comments as “a declaration of war.”

”The only network which operates in mafia ways, which is not transparent in Hungary is the Soros network,” Orban said.

The simmering spat is coupled with the Hungarian government’s crackdown on Soros-backed NGOs. Earlier this year, Orban announced Soros’ charities will be “swept out” of Hungary. Now, it is obligatory for all non-government groups sponsored from abroad to disclose the identity of significant foreign donors.

The European Commission has initiated legal action against Orban’s government, claiming parts of Hungary’s anti-NGO law is in conflict with EU legislation.

Source: https://www.rt.com/news/408106-soros-influence-brussels-migration/

5 thoughts on “‘Soros network’ in Brussels plots creating ‘Europe of mixed population’ – Hungarian PM

  1. P.M. of Hungary Vikyor Orban is a career politician, of socialist conservatism persuasions, a supporter of the EU with a soft Euroscepticism opinion.
    He supports the EU policies & is an advocate of an illiberal state / soft democracy.

    * He is considered to be one of the most influential leaders in the EU.

    So …….. what are we saying about Viktor Orban & his \”yet again verbal attack on George Soros\” ???????

    Is it a case of finger pointing ?
    Pointing his finger away from himself & his partners in crime who are hell bent on reforming the 28 EU member nations to their own financial benefit ?

    \”It\’s not me\”
    \”It\’s Not us\”
    \”Look it\’s George Soros ………. AGAIN ….. not me\”

    Please remember that if thing were to go horrible wrong for the EU Leaders.
    And the EU Hot Shot Leaders were to be found out.
    I would mean charges of fraud all the way to treason which carries with it a death sentence in some countries.
    These bastards have a lot to lose here.
    That is why they set up stooges like George Soros in the first place
    George Soros … The Fall Guy.

  2. I was just blooded from crazz files website ………. The Wordwall ….. was it for calling the PM of Hungary an illegitimate son ?

    conclusion . no more 4 letter words ?

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