Steve Kirsch, #1 Misinfo Spreader – NAILED!

Jim West 

Steve Kirsch and Dr. Mercola have been much publicity in the mainstream media for being Top Misinformation Spreaders.

Why would the mainstream support them? It would otherwise cost a fortune to get that kind of press in The New York Times, etc.

They promote belief in deadly viruses such as the COVID virus. They promote profitable treatments for “virus” diseases.

Kirsch promotes the very toxic pharmaceutical, Ivermectin, as a treatment for COVID. (Surprisingly, Mike Adams does also, but maybe no more, as he recently converted to the view that there is no virus. Ivermectin is taken on the belief that it destroys the “virus”.)

Kirsch is a billionaire and runs his blog and research with expert mainstream teams. To his credit, he doesn’t censor comments when they disagree with him.

Kirsch’s Blog Post “How to tell who is telling you the truth”

He declares that viruses exist and Rappoport etc are liars when they deny virus existence.

I defended Rappoport by commenting tersely, and Kirsch answered. I cornered him with a superior Fraud Test, and he would not continue. Kirsch is smart, but blind to, or running from, the commonsense position I presented to him. Apparently he could not get an acceptable answer from his teams.

First, I gained many Likes from this comment:


Then unprecedented censorship began. His blog manager apparently turned off the Likes option, as they no longer show. I no longer get an automatic notice of my Likes count. The entire section of blog comments was replaced with another comment section.

I continued.

JWest (8/22/2022): Steve, viruses are sold as infective rogue nucleic acid fragments that cause epidemics like polio, COVID, influenza.

But virology has no foundation because it omits confounding factors such as pollution.

You can’t win.

SKirsch (8/22/2022): Please accept my bet [that viruses exist] and take my money!

JWest (8/22/2022): I’m debating you NOW. And you’re using money as a distraction.

SKirsch (8/23/2022): You are avoiding answering my simple questions. If you want a response answer my questions first. Thank you. See the pinned post

JWest (8/23/2022): Steve, you declare in the pinned post: “I couldn’t find any commenter that offered a superior set of “fraud tests.” No alternatives were proposed at all. If you don’t like my list, why not tell us the correct list?”

My “correct list” is one test, which is universally agreed upon by scientists: Studies must control for confounding factors (such as pollution).

Virology fails that test.

SKirsch (8/24/2022): that’s silly. that’s not how science works. [Naive, childlike.]

JWest (8/24/2022): Actually, it does work that way.


“To ensure the internal validity of your research, you must consider the impact of confounding variables.”

SKirsch (8/28/2022): [No answer]

JWest (8/28/2022)Steve, we had a tete-a-tete, and I checkmated you with my simpler and superior Fraud Test:

I’m still await for your response.


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