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Stirling Hinchliffe MP & Bart Mellish MP Want To Suppress Freedom Of Speech


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you’re not entitled to your own facts. Bart Mellish MP- Member for Aspley

The arrogance in this video is unbelievable but the comments supporting this draconian push to censor freedom of speech in this country shows how uneducated many people are in regards to vaccinations. What do these two clowns know about vaccine science, how a child’s immune system may react after being vaccinated & the complex chain of symptoms that can surface from an adverse reaction?

If your child cops a severe adverse reaction or dies after a jab do you honestly believe that these ridiculous zealots will be there to comfort & support you or your family? the answer is a big, NO!

The arrogant & uneducated, Stirling Hinchliffe boasts here about the success of the HPV vaccine while completely ignoring the mountains of damage caused by the vaccine all over the world. Please click on & read the many links below showing how the HPV vaccine has destroyed so many young lives around the world.

The creepy, Bart Mellish states, Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you’re not entitled to your own facts. What does this actually mean? it means you will accept the facts we give you & nothing else.

The good news is that this billboard is stirring up a hornet’s nest & hopefully will persuade more people to question toxic & potentially lethal vaccines. The other good news is that these Bozo’s are bringing more attention to the billboard itself in their mad push to censor freedom of speech so for this i say, thank you.

UPDATE: Colton passed away in January 2018. A boy from Utah nearly died after getting the HPV vaccine, Gardisil. Colton and his mother share their story about how his life has been changed forever.

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4 thoughts on “Stirling Hinchliffe MP & Bart Mellish MP Want To Suppress Freedom Of Speech

  1. Ian Hector Frazer AC, is a Scottish-born Australian Immunologist, the founding CEO & Director of Research of the Translational Research Institute, Frazer & Jian Zhou …… DEVELOPED & PATENTED THE BASIC TECHNOLOGY …… behind the HPV vaccine against cervical cancer at the University of Queensland.

    Jian Zhou was a Chinese virologist & cancer researcher, who with fellow researcher Ian Frazer ….. INVENTED GARDASIL & CERVARIX ….the vaccines for stimulating human immunological resistance to the cervical cancer-inducing human papillomavirus.

    THERE IS DEFINITELY A VESTED INTEREST HERE ON THE PART OF IAN HECTOR FRAZER AC to protect his ….. good name & financial investment.
    So whether there is something wrong with the vaccines GARDASIL & CERVARIX he is not about to tell us.
    And the other man is deceased.

  2. Unbelievable – shame on you both!

    This 2 people are both lazy to bother and to educate themselves on the subject! Success of the HPV vaccines?!?!?!??

    Also, it seems 2 of you missed classes at school about democracy and freedom of speech!

    Time for changes is NOW!

    Shame on you politicians , big pharma and medical fascists! Go vaccinate your self – uniformed lazy to bother soulless people! Leave us alone – we love our children more than you love yours! We love our families, we investigate, we use our brains, we have right to question!!!!!!

    In 2018 there is no safe vaccine! Not one!!!!! People go on YouTube and find interviews with very respectful scientist dr Judy Mikovits – she is warning ⚠️ about what she had found in vaccines – and she was respected until in 2011 USA government jailed her because she was publicly sharing her discoveries! They told her or say you didn’t find that what you found – or we will destroy you! So they did! Luckily she was not killed like many whistleblowers are – so she now has a mission to talk about her discoveries and dangers of ALL vaccines!!! In 2018 she said there are absolutely no safe vaccines! Children and people who are vaccinated will, because of the retroviruses (and harmful adjuvants and other species tissues ….) – end up with very serious diseases like cancers, autism, autoimmune diseases… our children’s and our immune systems are screwed!

    If vaccine work and no one is injured, people would line up to get it! But obviously people started to witness vaccine injuries and understand every day more and more about the unscientific statement that vaccine are safe and efficient!
    And about money and corruption behind!!!!!

    No one can stop us from asking questions!!! No one!!!

    1. Absolutely Lili, we all should be asking more questions and i’ll bet my house on it that these parasites in government cannot answer any questions supported by science. They have their cunning way of deceptively answering questions but saying nothing of substance. It’s a political trait that is practised, the ability to speak for a period and yet say nothing. Old Mr. Deception ‘Bob Hawke’ had this ability as did some of his contemporaries in the political circus around that time. Bob could orate for an hour and say nothing of substance. Bob was a Rhodes scholar so he learnt his skills from the highest order of programmed confusion!
      We have had a few Rhodes scholars in Aus pushing the buttons, seems to be all downhill when you consider the political circus we now have.

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