November 30, 2023

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“Sydney Billboard” Why Is Critical Vaccination Information Censored?


Elizabeth Hart

A billboard campaign asking why is critical vaccination information being censored is underway in Sydney, Australia this week with the campaign starting today.

The poster is on a truck and is moving around various areas of Sydney during the daytime hours.

The billboard poster includes a link to my website, where a picture of the poster is included linking to my presentation on conflicts of interest in vaccination policy:

It really is incredible we’re in the state we’re in, how did it come to this?  How can liberal democracies be mandating medical interventions, i.e. vaccinations, and deliberately hindering citizens from questioning this policy?  It is truly mind-boggling how thoroughly the pharmaceutical industry has invaded our lives and is working to destroy our rights.




3 thoughts on ““Sydney Billboard” Why Is Critical Vaccination Information Censored?

  1. Vaccine Expenditure:
    Q:- How much does the Australian Federal & State governments spend on vaccines each year ??

    What Vaccinations are free in Australia ??
    * Poliomyelitis – approx: – $39.90 per dose.
    * Tetanus / whooping cough / diphtheria – approx – $45.00 per dose.
    * Influenza / flu – approx – $20 per dose.
    * Hepatitis A – approx – $65.00 per dose.
    FREE – means they are paid for with ……
    a) Borrowed monies to be repaid with interest.
    b) Hard Earned Taxpayer Dollars from the Australian Public Purse.

    Population of Victoria 2018 = 6 million people.
    Children under 15 – approx: 1.5 million.
    Therefore – the remainder = 4.5 million adults.

    What kind of money would it cost Victorians – from the Public Purse – to vaccinate the whole adult population of Victoria with the above vaccines – just once ??

    $ 39.90 + $45.00 + $20.00 + $65.00 = $169.90 – per FREE adult vaccination in Victoria.
    Multiplied by 4.5 million = $ 765.000.000 …
    Is how much it would cost the Victorian government to vaccinate the Victorian adult population JUST THE ONCE.

    This does not include the millions spent on advertising ….

    Where the fuck is all this money coming from ??

  2. These are THEIR figures & not mine.

    And then we must realise that hundreds of millions of dollars are continuously given over to research institutes & UNIVERSITIES for vaccine research.

    Where is the money coming from ??

  3. Very Interesting Article by Don Quijones – on – WOLF STREET.
    Article title – Backlash on War on Cash Reaches the Bank of Canada.
    Don is my favorite HERO.

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