Sydney doctor accused of sexually assaulting three patients granted bail

 Sharif Fattah was arrested at Camden Healthcare Centre. (9NEWS)

NOTE: Did the Dr hand out any vaccines with the rapes? the public are just supposed to let these disgusting freaks vaccinate their precious children, no questions asked?

A Camden doctor accused of indecently and sexually assaulting female patients has been banned from practicing medicine while his case is before the court.Sharif Fattah appeared before a magistrate at Campbelltown today, for the first since time since being charged with 14 offences relating to three women.The 60-year-old was arrested at his workplace at Camden Healthcare Centre yesterday, after a swift three-day investigation.


Three female patients were allegedly sexually assaulted at the centre. (9NEWS)Since news of Mr Fattah’s arrest broke, another three women have come forward with similar allegations. On top of that, police also believe there are four other alleged complainants, who are yet to give statements.The prosecutor opposed Mr Fattah’s bail application today, telling the court there was a strong case against him and the risks to the community could not be mitigated by any bail conditions.

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2 thoughts on “Sydney doctor accused of sexually assaulting three patients granted bail

  1. I know Dr. Sharif Fattah since 2003 and we had been living in the same neighborhood in Auckland for all these years. I know him and his family very well. Dr. Sharif is a very respectable, humble, honest person. He is very respectful to every man, women and children in the community. He is an experienced medical practitioner for over 30 years practicing in several countries around the world including NZ and Australia treating many thousands of patients. He is a well known voluntary social worker relentlessly serving the community since I know him from 2003. I find it very difficult to believe he has done this indecent thing to other patient. Is it possible that he recently developed some metal issues which may have caused him to act the way he did?

  2. I know dr fattah for last four years. He was my GPA in Avondale family health center.
    I can never believe that nasty work Dr fattaf6can do. He is àn honest person ,not even talk to women keeping his gaze on them. Always look down while talking to women.

    It’s really tragic to hear this sort of story against a person like Dr fattah.
    I am personally demanding a real investigation against this case. The victim should
    Make a report to the center manager first. Even though they approached police, who media should cover this matter ato the first place without any conviction made against him yet.
    Isn’t it a made up case.

    Coming to media at the first instance made this allegation questionable.

    We want fair investigation.

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