Tech No Prisoners

By Sencha MacRae

Ghislaine Maxwell, we are told, has just been arrested. Can she plea bargain?

Why did she buy a house in New Hampshire 6 months ago? Why isn’t she in France, or for that matter, why isn’t she in Israel, where she was in February of this year?

(Stay tuned and follow the official narrative. And also read the following.)

Her daddy, Robert Maxwell, was the founder of the network that is still in existence today. A network of Internet providers, social media platforms, data collection companies, back door operations from global Internet companies, and spyware from outer space to your inner space.

Robert Maxwell was one of a group of Mossad agents that set up a back door to Los Alamos. Israel has known American military secrets ever since that moment.

Jeffrey’s Epstein’s friend list includes almost everyone in the brave new world of virtual reality.

Why can YouTube censor within the United States with impunity?

Where did American high tech jobs go? And who is Peter Singer?

What are the links between Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Peter Thiel and Palantir?

What is Palantir and what’s that got to do with Minority Report?

Why does Elon Musk’s company have 12,000 satellites over our heads?

Is he really going to Mars?

What is Unit 8200 and why have its ‘graduates’ gone on to found BillGuard, Carbyne911, Gabriel and so many other companies offering ‘security’ and the tracking of ‘subversives’.

What is SUNC and what has it got to do with the sinking of the United States?

What are Google and Carbyne911 doing in Mexico?

Call it what you will –  Digital Control, the Technocratic Dictatorship,  or the Electronic Cage –  it is becoming all pervasive. More than a state it is a state of mind that demands control over every aspect of life.  Satellites can read your license plates from 5 miles up.  The slightest contact with someone on the COVID list will label you as a probably carrier. Medical treatment is then obligatory. People are fired from their jobs for questioning the BLM movement.

Computers already control the market swings on Wall Street. Warfare or mass murder is made easy with push button control and robots.

A nation state can be shut down with the flick of a switch. With all technology under electronic control, this becomes easy.  Your very thoughts can be created with the advanced bio-engineering known as the brain-machine interface. In fact, the same goal has already been achieved on a mass level with the endless messaging of electronic media.

And what of the individual in this strange new world? What individuals persist in the hive mind of the very near future, can be dealt with in the ways detailed below.

Anyone on the secret Main Core blacklist or Terrorism Watchlist can be secretly targeted in this manner, covertly subjected to CIA no-touch torture-soft kill-slow kill-silent kill attacks, and remotely and electronically transformed into government assets, including Manchurian candidate assassins, mind-controlled mass shooters, or other types of criminals. Many millions of extra-judicially blacklisted individuals are targeted throughout the world in this manner today. This is a part of “hybrid,” “irregular warfare,” which is U.S. government policy.

Thus, the “problem” (mass shootings) is created by the very (Israeli and American) intelligence agencies and their private military and corporate subcontractors that offer the “solution” (greater authority of governments to detain “dissidents” and other “enemies of the state”) to the problems they create. Bear this in mind as you read the following articles that connect many of the logistical “dots” relating to these programs and trace them to Israel, Israeli military intelligence, Israeli startup companies, and the CIA-NSA-DHS-US military complex.

The Israeli-Jewish-controlled US government now apparently seeks cheaper ways to accomplish the wholesale elimination of internal critics/”enemies.” Thus, the Coronavirus “plandemic” and resulting COG (“Continuity of Government”) as well as proposed pre-crime legislation are slated to be pretexts used to detain “dissidents,” “enemies of the state,” etc. These “dissidents” are generally innocent civilians critical of US and Israeli government policies and crimes, in particular.

This intro is from the page on, which contains many of the players in this behind the scenes world takeover. It tells of their backgrounds, their associates and their goals. It is worth a reading and a re-reading.

For much more:


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