Terrifying: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on the Future of 5G

5G Wireless technology has the potential to Weaponize nearly everything and has been rapidly deployed without health tests.

2 thoughts on “Terrifying: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on the Future of 5G

  1. A Compulsory Retirement Age At 60 Years Must Be Implemented.

    Today we have old men & women without understanding of modern technology.
    Men & women who are incapable of grasping the vast benefits that this modern technology can bring to the worlds people.
    Men & women in positions of power, influence & decision making for the whole world, who are used to life as it was yesterday & how it contributes to their comfort zone.
    Men & women who perpetuate the world of yesterday, at the expense of a better world for all the peoples of the world today & into the future.
    Because of this older generation the world is in the grip of continuous conflict & financial ruin, due to their incapacity to change, to modern up & move forward.
    They pay lip service to freedom & equality as it would diminish their power base & financial standing.
    These people have no role to play in a world that is inhabited by anyone else but themselves.

    A Compulsory Retirement Age at 60 Year of Age is Vital to the Well Being of the World.

    1. The Boogieman comes in all shapes & sizes, smells & colors.
      And everyone of us has a Boogieman that scares us to death.
      Scaremongering is an age old trait – where the/a Boogieman is waved at someone in the hope of a positive result.
      Hey !

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