Texas jury rules in favor of chemical castration of 7-year-old boy whose mother wants to “transition” him into a girl… father forced to take “tolerance” classes


A jury in Dallas, Texas, has decided that a seven-year-old boy will be restricted from further seeing his loving biological father, and instead be placed into the sole custody of Dr. Anne Georgulas, a woman to whom the child is not even biologically related who’s planning to forcibly convert him into a “girl” using puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones.

In a shocking 11-1 decision, Texas jurors decided that Jeffrey Younger, the father of seven-year-old James, will not be granted his request for Sole Managing Conservatorship over both James and his twin brother, Jude. Instead, they decided to grant that Sole Managing Conservatorship to Dr. Georgulas, whom we’ve previously reported appears to be suffering from a mental disease known as Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

In earlier coverage of this ongoing case, Natural News explained how Dr. Georgulas has been forcing young James to live as a “transgender female” against his will, which James’ father, Jeffrey, had tried to protect him from by seeking a legal remedy to have the boy permanently removed from her custody. But instead of recognizing that James is being abused by his fake mother and siding with the boy’s biological father, the Texas jury decided to side with Dr. Georgulas.

Besides losing custody of his two sons, Jeffrey is also reportedly being forced by the jury to attend “tolerance” classes that aim to brainwash him into accepting transgenderism as normal, against his religious and moral views. This could be a counter-case in and of itself, as the jury’s ruling violates Jeffrey’s God-given and constitutionally protected right to freedom of religion. Nevertheless, Jeffrey is being persecuted by the Texas court system at the very same time that his son will now be potentially forever destroyed by the Cult of LGBTQ.

For more news about how the LGBTQ Mafia hates men and wants to convert them all into “women,” be sure to check out Gender.news.

Dr. Georgulas isn’t even James’ real biological mother… What has happened to Texas?

Many of our readers have come to expect this type of insane, tyrannical, anti-family behavior in places like California and New York. But the fact that this all happened in Texas, of all places – and in the supposedly conservative-leaning Dallas metroplex area at that – says a whole lot about how far our country has fallen into the grip of LGBTQ perversion and the open destruction of innocent children’s lives, all in the name of “love” and “tolerance.”

The fact that a young boy and his biological father in Texas are now being forcibly separated from each other by LGBTQ tyrants suggests that the United States truly is on the path of total destruction, and has possibly reached the point of no return. Add to that the fact that Jeffrey is no longer even allowed to call James by his birth name, nor is he allowed to call him a him, and you can almost see the fiery wrath of God piercing Earth’s atmosphere.

Some protesters are responding to the ruling by calling on Texas lawmakers to pass legislation that would make it illegal for anyone under the age of 18 living in Texas to begin “transitioning” into another gender. As of this writing, there are no laws anywhere in the U.S. to address this, which means other pre-pubescent children could be forced to suffer the same fate by our nation’s demon-infested legal system.

“Hell is not big enough to hold the evil that man(kind) is allowing and promoting,” wrote one LifeSiteNews commenter.

“What kind of a perverted heathen would vote to allow a sadistic, crazed mother to castrate her own son before he has a chance to make that choice for himself?” asked another. “… that child will be so psychologically damaged, he (soon she) could become a serial killer. Horrifying this has happened in America.”

Source: https://www.naturalnews.com/2019-10-22-texas-jury-rules-in-favor-of-chemical-castration-7-year-old-boy.html

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