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The 7 Secret Operations That Will Change Humanity

Book - Elana Freeland


Elana Freeland – Space Fence and Seven Secret Operations That Will Change Humanity – an  interview with George Butler on “The Secret Truth” radio show, December 15, 2016.

Elana’s mentor is Cliff Carnicom who has released many technical publications on the covert aerosol spraying operation and the pathology of  a biological atmospheric filament coined as “Morgellons syndrome.  See more on this at  Carnicom Institute.


1 thought on “The 7 Secret Operations That Will Change Humanity

  1. “a genitally engineered creature” .. the size of a nano-particle ..

    1. Mono Nuclear Reproduction / Cloning:
    take an unfertilized egg from an ovulation female & destroy all of it’s genes & chromosomes .. then implant the nucleus of the donor cell .. which could be taken from a blood sample or even a skin scraping .. that cell will with it’s genetic material intact eventually becomes an embryo & is born a living creature.
    It has no father because the egg was never fertilized .. no mother because it’s genetic code comes from another being.
    What a load of MALARKEY this is also .. there never was a DOLLY THE CLONED SHEEP.

    2. FROM .. This is what the elite don’t want you to know .. video .. youtube.
    When we experience an action specific neurons fire .. but when we observe someone else performing this action .. or when we imagine it .. many of the same will fire again .. as if we were performing this action ourselves .. these empathy neurons connect us to other people .. allowing us to feel what others feel & since these neurons respond to our imagination .. we can experience emotional feed back as if it came from someone else .. this system is what allows us to self reflect.

    QUESTION: what is wrong with this theory ?
    ANSWER : it denies any & all connection to another human being .. it tells us that we IMAGINE IT ALL .. & yet it is exactly what others are feeling.

    What a load of MALARKEY this is .. it denies any possible mental connection to anyone else .. it is all just imagination.

    QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT .. tell us that when 2 particles are introduced & then separated by a long distance .. when one particle is altered .. the other particle will alter in exactly the same way .. ESP.

    IMPOSSIBLE is the operative word here.

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