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The ABC continue to push the ‘Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras’ on children

Behind the News (also known as, BtN), is a long-running news program created by the ABC. The show is described as a “high-energy, fun way for Upper Primary and Secondary students to learn about current issues and events in their world.” BtN is aimed at school children aged 8-13 years. Many schools show the program to their students each week.

This week, in yet another attempt by the ABC to make the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras appear family-friendly, an episode of BtN was dedicated to the debauched event. The episode begins with a group of children praising the event as, “beautiful,” “flamboyant,” and “inclusive.”

The folks at You’re Teaching Our Children What? have encouraged parents to, “call your school immediately and warn them not to expose your child to this highly sexualised propaganda!”

The episode titled, Mardi Gras History, can be viewed below.


5 thoughts on “The ABC continue to push the ‘Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras’ on children

  1. When is the Australian government going to take the bull by the horns & shut down the ABC ???

    Mainstream Media Outlets could just as easily produce this kind of programing.

    At a fraction of the cost.

    The ABC network is costing Australians BILLION of DOLLARS each year.

    It is an in a UNNECESSARY expense.

    Think of where else a BILLION DOLLARS PLUS could be spent.

    Mainstream Media has been at the Australian Government to privatise – sell off or shut down the ABC for several decades.

    Yes Mainstream Media want to take over … but – so what !!!
    They can do the same job & at a fraction of the cost – cost to private enterprise & not the Australian Public Purse.

    The News & Entertainment Market is ever decreasing & today the Mainstream Outlets are competing with Alternative Media & Entertainment Outlets – BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Alternative Media & Entertainment outlets – none of the Alternative stuff is FREE to the producers.

    Make no mistake – Big Corporate Money is behind Alternative News & Entertainment.

    There is not the customer base for all these Media Outlets.

    Give us a break & shut down the ABC – Australia is cash strapped & counting down – every dollar counts & this act would immediately wipe $ of the books each year.

    How that for repetition???

  2. The Fiasco That Is Facial Recognition:
    At Joe’s funeral – there was this young man with shoulder long, thin, black hair – dyed – he looked familiar – who was he ??? – he looked about 30 – 35 years old.
    Later, at the Tea Rooms – I had occasion to look at him again – who was this man ???
    He was my sons father in law.

  3. ABC-BBC, what’s the difference?
    The only difference I see is the front B and A, British and Australian.
    The BC remaining must then represent a parallel between these two social media outlets both being supported by the taxpayers.
    What is that parallel?
    The BBC supported and hid the truth about that criminal pedophile, necrophiliac deviate named Jimmy Savile.
    History also reminds us that the BBC also kept from the public the satanic practices of their own esteemed PM, Edward Heath, a client of Saville who supplied unfortunate children to this monster.
    So, the track record of the BBC protecting sexual predators tends to send signals that the ABC, who openly supports the anti-christian Gay march, could have some parallel to the BBC. Worth a thought?

    1. Have you listened to 1026 am radio recently – This is the BBC ……….. – all contrived rubbish.
      they make it up as they go to fill the air space.

      The ABC is here in Australia & immediate.
      And we pay through the nose to have establishment lies & fairy stories spewed at us.
      The ABC in Victoria also BLOCKS COMMENTS from listeners if it feels that they are NOT COMPLEMENTARY to their agenda.
      This is the height of arrogance to me.
      Exactly who do these glorified public servants think they are ???
      A billion plus dollars is wasted each & every year keeping this white elephant afloat.
      While mainstream media can do it cheaper –
      What a waste of electricity at a time when energy conservation is important.

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