December 1, 2023

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My hate and pure discontent for the Australian mongrel media runs hot like a fever in the night and their putrid ugliness can be simply unbearable.

The MSM poo pump seems to run 24/7 where outright lies and disgusting propaganda is piled on top of a never ending rubbish pile of stink.

The stupid swine that work within the the Australian MSM circles live like kings with crystal balls while pumping out steaming turd articles for their overlords that sit like bloodthirsty crows on top of factories of deceit.

I have always’ stated that the Australian MSM are by far the worst in the world and they seem to thrive like fly’s on shit within their grotesque little house of lies.

Do any of them care at all about how disgusting they are? of course not, and not only do they relish their rolls as ugly, poisonous toads, they totally get off on being cowardly and sneaky little backstabbers.

Even if all of us completely shut off their shit show, they could not care less because the never ending stream of cold blooded cash just keeps pouring in through the networks that support all of these MSM zealots.

Their sets, newspapers and shows become more glossy and sharp while the stinking lies they dish out to a largely brain-damaged population just intensify like a raging forest fire.

This is simply done to maintain dominace, control and structure but once you become aware of their evil game, the whole circus freakshow begins to fall apart.

You then start to see these MSM trolls for what they really are, the devils little helpers or a slimy tentacle for the NWO system that only exist for one reason, MIND-CONTROL….

It is fantastic to see so many people who are consciously waking up from the MSM spell and are really starting to see the dirty black cockroaches for what they really are, the scum of the earth.




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