The Boer Project: Exposing the Farm Murders in South Africa


Jonas Nilsson is a political scientist graduated from the Swedish Defence University with a focus on security and crisis management. He is currently a master student in Politics and War at the same university. Nilsson is the author to Anarcho-Fascism Nature Reborn and the documentary film The Boer Project: South Africa A reversed Apartheid? He has a solid experience from South Africa and the oppositional work that the peoples face. He has lived in South Africa for a long period of time and has taken part in social life through, among other things, participation in various neighbouring watches, but also in the labour market through his former company that had close links with South Africa.

An audio version of this show is available here.

Henrik welcomes Jonas back to the show to discuss his documentary on the plight of whites in South Africa. Before asking Jonas about his film, Henrik contextualizes recent events in South Africa that have resulted in unprecedented levels of violence against white farmers. Jonas states that he initially started the project ten years ago to highlight the situation’s increasing severity. Henrik and Jonas go on to address the oft-overlooked Swedish connection to the overturning of apartheid. Our show also examines many other facets of the crisis including how to best foster a humanitarian response; the importance of race in South Africa and the wider West; recent altruistic overtures by Australian politicians; multiculturalism’s inherent instability; and much more.


15 thoughts on “The Boer Project: Exposing the Farm Murders in South Africa

  1. At the end of apartheid in South Africa –
    The deadlines were not met.
    Obviously tempers have frayed.
    White Man really cares about White Man – hey.
    Where were the likes of Jonas Nilsson when it was happening to millions of Black Africans?
    They cite the hard working white farmers who have created the strong South African economy.
    In fact The Wealth of The White Farmers has been sent back to the Mother Lands of the White Farmers of South Africa, safely in EUROPEAN BANKS.
    It is Europe that has benefitted from the theft of South Africa by European White man & not South Africa.
    The writing was on the wall.
    Not only this …..
    But –
    I am willing to bet that there is a GREEDY WHITE MAN elements behind the killing of White Farmers in South Africa.
    White Man Owned Banks Taking Advantage of the Situation.
    Because that is how it always plays out – White Man pays Black Man Imbecile to do his dirty work for him.
    To seize the momentous opportunity to steal & blame it on BLACK SOUTH AFRICANS

      1. What has the WHITE MAN ever done for this world?
        Nothing we will not be better off without, perhaps?
        Like farmers who grow food?
        Why do you not mention Zimbabwe as an example of how an African nation without WHITE MAN farmers feeds their people?
        You, R Davis, are as genuine as a snow-person at sea level at the equator.

        1. Directed at JAGG:
          I don’t know why you persist in attaching my character & credibility in such a personal way.
          Do we know each other?
          Are you someone I have met & don’t know it?
          Have I done something to you personally?
          I do not do Facebook or Twitter – I do not interact with anyone on a personal level – except people that I know.
          I connect on the page where everyone can see.
          Never have I contacted you privately.
          Who are you & what exactly is it that you want from me?
          I have been online for at least 10 years & never has anyone attacked me personally except you.
          I have encountered persons who have disagreed with me vehemently – we argue the point & agree to disagree.
          What is it that I have done to you?

          1. You don’t know me from a bar of soap as far as I know –
            OR DO YOU?
            Privacy is not what it should be these days – is it.

        2. I indirectly make fun of & menace & for many years now & others post what I have written around the world – the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.
          It has been said to me that I should think twice.
          My response is, “If you find my brains splat in the hallway, just behind the front door, it was Mossad.”
          Never have I felt threatened or in danger.
          I have done worse, but I figure they should be able to wear it – considering.
          Do I need to put a double lock on my door & a security video on the wall outside – now?
          Because I’m not sure about some anonymous character online.

        3. JAGG:
          Are you aware that it is – precious WHITE MAN – that is forcibly vaccinating the world population of infants -?
          Are you aware that it is – precious WHITE MAN – instigates war for profit on planet Earth -?
          name the vice & know that – precious WHITE MAN – is the opportunistic profiteer instigator.
          It is NOT white man that I am targeting – but BAD MAN who happens to be mostly WHITE.
          What is going on in South Africa is a COUP that must not be seen as a COUP – perpetrated on white man by white man.
          & you can see it or not.

        4. E poi c’e Roma.
          Conoscono l’eretico.
          E per proteggere a loro stabilità.
          Poterbbero mandare qualcuno a dichiarare la propria posizione.
          Abbiamo tutti ascoltati a Il Codice Divini.

          1. Potrebbero mandarmi L’albino.
            Non sarei mai più lo stesso dopo avere incontrato Silas.
            My side gate was banging in the wind.
            I keep it locked.
            Should I worry?

        5. Zimbabwe for example:

          Zimbabwe produced more MAIZE in 2017 than ….
          Was Ever Grown By White Farmers
          Who Have Been Repeatedly Praised For Making The Country –
          Maize produced in 2017 was 2.2 million tons – the highest in two decades.

          “rolling on the floor laughing my ass off” ROTFLMAO – you.

          1. Research shows that by 2000 the white farms were mostly under-used.
            in a carefully orchestrated campaign, 3.000 huge white farms were occupied by 170.000 Zimbabwean families. The new farms received little support & pulled themselves up by the bootstraps. It took a decade & the economic mismanagement & hyperinflation of 2000 did not help – but the 146.000 smaller farmers, with land of six hectares saved, reinvested & became highly productive – And Created 800.000 NEW JOBS.

            Mainstream Media does not always tell the true story.

        6. Jagg….. you really need to stand back, relax, and have a unbiased look at the realities.
          There is hardly a useful part of this earth that has not been conquered, raped and pillaged since mans ass’ole pointed to the ground.
          All this occurred by all races, black, brindle, brown and white so to point the finger at one race is merely just a part of the picture.
          You see the problem is wealth and the accumulation of same creates power and as wealth and power are destructive…… You decide!

  2. You know, I wouldn’t at all be surprised, if the end of apartheid in South Africa was – not a cause for justice for Black South Africans – but that it was a concentrated effort by Western Banks & their masters to TAKE OVER – from the ruling European imperialist. That it was nothing more that a regime change, from one tribe of greedy white man, to another tribe of greedy white man.
    Does anyone actually believe that any real estate in South Africa is owned by blacks.
    For instance an apartment in downtown South Africa, let alone an apartment block or office complex – translating to property investment.
    Wake Up Everyone
    The Jonas Nilsson narrative is “The Official Story” covering up the truth.

  3. Africa is about the wealth under the ground and certainly not the people above it.
    Wake up and try and understand who wants this wealth.
    The carnage in human lives and energy they have offered to Baal to control and maintain that wealth is staggering.
    It wasn’t the White man who controlled Africa….. it was the Canaanites!

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