December 7, 2023

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4 thoughts on “The Childhood Ritual Abuse of David Shurter

  1. Dorothy Parker – American poet, short story writer, critic, satrist…etc.
    Born Dorothy Rothschild –
    In fact it was her grandfather who adopted the name Rothschild & the pretence that they were of “THE” Rothschilds.
    Every wannabe that ever was, pretended to be a Rothschild, likewise David Shurters father.

  2. David tell us “my sister had friends & they would just disappear”
    And no one asked after the friends who disappeared ?
    Because the whole town was a member of the Satanic group ?
    It does happen.

  3. The mathematical equation – does it allow for / accomodate / pander to the whims & wishes of a Satan worshiping serial killer ?
    Can one persons desires be brought about in the universe & if so, just the select few / the chosen, or each & every individuals desires ?
    Cause & effect are a given.
    The scales must balance, so what is taken, must in turn be given back.
    It is not us who get to choose how much the piper is paid for his services, the payment is automatically extracted as we go.
    Quantum Physics.
    At all costs, the universe must survive, it is never about us but the whole picture, so if one piece is lost or damaged, a new piece will be created.
    Clinical is crucial, split second by split second, to the survival of everything.
    So, how a Satan could opperate & bestow upon his deciples – I have no idea, but the costs of the activity are mathematically factored into the bill, to be paid by the players.
    It’s a cruel world.

  4. A man took up with a woman, & fathers several children with her, he never brought home a cent to support them, on the other hand, he was in receipt of continuous infringments all his life, well into his old age. He lost his license to drive but continued to drive, the policeman who realised this, would wait up the street for him, it cost the guy $50 each time, this is when $50 was a weeks rent.
    One way or another you get to pay the piper.

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