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“The Doctors” star Rachael Ross MD says she feels like an ASS misunderstanding vaccines










Dr Rachael Ross MD, star of the Emmy awarding winning TV show “The Doctors” opens up  about how she feels like an ass having misunderstood vaccines for so long as a practicing MD.

Dr Ross stars in the new film debuting around the nation called “Vaxxed” which is produced by the former producer of The Doctors – Del Bigtree.

Check out the video here which we believe is at the Chicago debut

IF YOU WANT TO SEE VAXXED then check the list here. If it’s not playing at a theatre in your city yet then do what many parents and people are doing- ask your theatre to premiere it your city. We have friends who did this and now it’s playing in theirs!

My better half and I were planning to see it when it debuted here in Florida, but received a few threats. Seeing as he’s a holistic doctor we opted to wait and will see it here in next month when it’s back in Florida once again in a different city.



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