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The Erasure of Whites from British History


From Liberal revisionist narratives to the policies of a hostile political elite, the native Briton is adrift, without a culture, without a home… Taken from Tom Zaja’s article:… Consider a secure donation via Paypal:… Notifications platforms: Alternate Video Platform:

3 thoughts on “The Erasure of Whites from British History

  1. Exceptional – is all I can say …regarding the video & the narrative.
    And how bloody true.

    But ?
    But ?
    But ?

    According to White Mans History … because the be all & end all of the history of mankind on planet Earth was spewed forth by the likes of Darwin & his Ilk … ALL LIES & FANCIFUL FABRICATION though it is …humans … the peoples that populate planet Earth
    Came from some obscure shore off the coast of Africa …
    One cell dividing was therefore [WHAT COLOR]
    How the bloody hell did we all become different colors if we all generated from the same spot on the planet … once upon a time ??

    So while I think the video narrative is quite brilliant …
    I think we need to go back to square one & try & find out the true story of mankind on planet Earth & not the EU’s self serving mythology.

    1. I myself have come to realize that mankind on planet Earth was spawned billions of years ago & on every continent on planet Earth & according to the biological – mineral – chemical – etc., of the sad continent.
      Sanity does prevail.

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