The Ever Growing Sexualization Of Children With Tony Sayers

Tony Sayers plugs in with me 19/10/19 to cover the latest as we work to expose & break down the Matrix system around us. If you would like to support the crazz files then you can become a member to get unlimited access to podcasts & other great content here. 


When I look from afar I can see this drip-feeding of paedophillia is already working. Let’s face it, that word is mentioned so often now it means nothing to anyone. We have become so disconnected from the word itself to the point that there is little outrage anymore when we hear it. We need to start calling it what it REALLY is which is CHILD RAPE. 

This is what the instigators of this society want. They know they are starting to get exposed at the higher levels, they’ve seen this day coming for a long time. If we just allow this to become diluted to the point that it means very little to anybody, then they will also be able to slip under the radar and we MUST NOT allow this to happen!

We ALL need to take responsibility by speaking up for the voiceless, we need to be able to look in the mirror at the end of our lives knowing we didn’t allow this to slip by unchecked.

What can we do? Awareness is key first and foremost. Tell friends, family member, share information, share blogs like these. Then we must WHOLEHEARTEDLY REJECT these ideologies. It can never be ok for this to become acceptable.

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