The Fight Of Our Lives Has Started – Beware of the Mandatory Adult Vaccination Push Coming to Australia

By Bernie Smith

Although the Sydney Morning Herald has spearheaded this campaign this morning it seems that by the afternoon and early night of 27 March 2017 this story was taken over by most of the mainstream media in Australia. Showing again that there is no independent media in Australia. It shows that NewsCorp and Fairfax are the same when it comes to main policy pushing. The story has been printed and taken over by pretty much every major news outlet including the “independent” ABC and was on all the evening news shows.

Be aware Australia!

Today (27 March 2017) The Sydney Morning Herald printed an interesting article. (Read it HERE) The SMH is one of the flagship newspapers of Fairfax Media. A company that together with Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp controls over 95% of media in Australia. NewsCorp owns about 70% of the Australian newspapers (Link) and has a great influence on policy making in “The Lucky Country”. So why should we care about this article?

Fairfax and Newscorp although competition, have found each other on this subject. They have taken turns with attacking anti-vaccination doctors and families and are now on the adult mandatory vaccination wagon. The NJNP was spearheaded by Murdoch’s Daily Telegraph. It seems that Fairfax has taken the lead on the adult vaccination push. Fairfax is majority owned by the richest person in Australia, Gina Rhinehart. A good friend of Rupert and his family.

The article was in a way “nice” to the anti-vaxers the Murdoch and Fairfax papers have been attacking day after day after day for the last years. Stating that attacking the 2% of the population who are anti-vax is not what is needed for the public health anymore. No, the SMH made it abundantly clear that the real problem is the adult population. Millions upon millions of Australians who are not up to date with their shots. Boosters, flu shots and shots for the elderly. Immunizations that will all need to be mandatory if it is up to the Murdoch newspaper.

Nothing to do with the business interests of the media magnate. Having large interests in the pharmaceutical world to the extent that his son was on the board of GlaxoSmithKlein has nothing to do with it. Millions of shots that have to be repeated every year for the adult population is not at all a money maker for good old Rupert. Let’s not forget the conflicts of interest that the politicians in Australia have(Link HERE) with the pharmaceutical industry and isn’t that far fetched to say that Australia will be the first country in the world with mandatory adult vaccinations.

The SMH together with other Murdoch Newspapers were the main instigators of the No Jab No Pay and Play legislation which was fast-tracked through the parliament without much regard for any safety and operational concerns. Their push was the reason this illegal legislation is now law and attacking ordinary Australians daily. Legislation that manipulates and coerces people into vaccinating their children in order to receive government benefits and being able to send their children to childcare and kindergarten. The article posted today reads as the start of a new chapter in the Murdoch push for vaccination. The start of the push for adult mandates.

The article uses the same setup as was used a few years back. A person (or baby) that was severely injured or hurt by not being vaccinated. The article starts this push by singeling out the elderly. The article states that just over 50% of the Australians over 65 years of age vaccinate against flu and pneumococcal pneumonia. That;’s almost 2 million Australians they are targeting. That is fair amount of money for the phrmaceutical industry to be chasing.

We are told the health risks are massive if we don’t vaccinate but is it? Or is it just the push for money that is driving this push? Together with the establishment of the adult Immunisation Registry last year (Link) it seems the wheels have been firmly put in motion towards mandatory adult vaccinations. Knowing the political system and conflicts of inetrest in regards to health and pharmaceuticals it is going to be a hell of a fight trying to stop this move in Australia.

I hope this is just another article. I hope that I read into it the wrong way but if I’m right this is the start of a very sinister and dark time for Australia. It will mark the complete end of liberties and freedoms that should be implied in a free democratic society. There is a reason the Nuremberg Code states that people should give voluntary informed consent for medical treatments and when governments start manipulating and coercing people into treatments (and yes vaccines are medical treatment) the Nuremberg Code is being violated.

I can see another big problem for the governments and their chronies when the adult vaccinations are starting to take effect. Adults that suffer adverse events will stand up and talk about it.Adults who were healthy humans before recveing vaccines aren’t going to just take the explanation that they use now when babies and toddlers regress into horrible vaccine induced ilnesses. They won’t be able to say it was genetic or already there. When adults regress into detremental vaccine induced conditions it will be hard for the pharmaceitical industry to keep up their 1 in a million rhetoric. When hundreds or may be thousands of healthy adults regress days, weeks and months after receiving vaccinations people will catch on to the lies. The greed and blatant corruption might catch up with these evil powers after all.

Until then we need to stay vigilant. Educate people on the sgns when they arise. Read the articles about this subject and listen to and watch the mainstream media start this push and see how they will slowly create a climate in which people are more than happy to walk themsleves into their doctor’s ofices. Like cattle getting ready to be slaughtered. Herd immunity might be a myth. But herd manipulation is very, very real. We need to educate the masses on the techniques they are using and we need to start pointing them out. Every person we can show the propagnada war that is being lodged against our freedom is one that will fight for this cause.

This might be the most important fight of our lives in Australia.

TRASH ALERT – The Mass Media’s Start of Pushing Mandatory Vaccinations For Adults in Australia

Kevin Condon’s is not the face you usually see splashed across a news story about vaccination. It’s usually a chubbier, more youthful visage. About seven decades more youthful.

The babies and preschoolers of parents opposed to vaccinations are the unrivalled targets of government and media focus surrounding immunisation rates. But the children of anti-vaxxers and vaccine-hesitant people form a tiny subset of Australia’s under-vaccinated population.

This year’s National Immunisation Program flu jab protects against the four strains of flu predicted to circulate in Australia over the winter months.

The vast majority of under-vaccinated Australians are adults.

An estimated 4.1 million Australians are under-vaccinated each year, the researchers at the University of NSW and the University of Sydney wrote in a paper published on Monday in The Medical Journal of Australia.

Just 51 per cent of  the 3.5 million Australians 65 years and over are vaccinated against influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia, despite both having recommended and government-funded vaccines.

By comparison about 150,000 children (8.1 per cent of all children) were recorded as missing one or more recommended dose in 2013. Of these, about 37,000 (2 per cent) were registered vaccine objectors.

Mr Condon, 74, is two-for-three when it comes to contracting preventable diseases with government-funded vaccines.

After witnessing his father severely affected by a nasty bout of shingles when Mr Condon was 18, he, too, developed the condition in 2009.Kevin Condon, 74, contracted influenza and pneumonia, both of which have government-funded vaccines.

Kevin Condon, 74, contracted influenza and pneumonia, both of which have government-funded vaccines.  Photo: Kate Geraghty

“It was quite traumatic seeing my father so badly affected. It was a bit of a shock when I was diagnosed with it,” Mr Condon said.

Even his mild case of shingles left him weak, very unwell and bedridden for a week with a rash across half his body.

Last June he contracted pneumonia. The severe lung infection kept him off work for five weeks, two of which he spent in bed.

“In the morning I would wake up and cough for a good 15 minutes. I coughed so loudly my neighbours would shut their windows,” he said.

The grandfather has become highly vigilant about getting his recommended vaccinations, including whooping cough, before he met his new granddaughter.

He knows it could mean the difference between staying well and going to hospital, where older people are susceptible to infection. His father died of the antibiotic-resistant bug MRSA after he was hospitalised for observation following a slip in the bath.

“It’s so important for older people to know it’s not just about the disease the shot prevents, but keeping you out of hospital,” Mr Condon said.

The well-intentioned but near-sighted focus on anti-vaxxers

The myopic and intense scrutiny on “soft target” anti-vaxxers and vaccine-hesitant parents will do little to boost national vaccination rates when most undervaccinated Australians are adults, said lead author of the MJA paper Robert Menzies.

“People love talking about vaccine-hesitant parents. The media and politicians love targeting them, but at the end of the day the numbers are not going to make much difference,” said Dr Menzies, a communicable disease expert at UNSW’s School of Public Health and Community Medicine.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s call to all state and territory governments to ban unvaccinated children from childcare was the latest example of policymakers focusing too heavily on vaccine refusers, Dr Menzies said.

Evidence-based strategies to improve childhood vaccination rates were admirable, “but the main game has to be adults”, Dr Menzies said.

“Australia has high childhood immunisation rates by international standards,” Dr Menzies said, with more than 90 per cent coverage for all recommended vaccinations by the age milestones of one, two and five years.

Immunisation was just as important for teenagers, older people, people with chronic conditions, pregnant women and other high-risk groups as it is for children, he and his colleagues said.

GPs needed to raise the issue of vaccinations with their older patients, just as they did with the parents of young children, Dr Menzies said.

Among those 65 and over, 75 per cent have had an influenza vaccination and 30 per cent have been vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia. For shingles, just 30 per cent of people 70 and over (eligible for the free vaccination) have been immunised.

All three vaccinations are free for these age groups.

The paper’s release coincided with the launch of the University of NSW’s Vaccine Infection Research Lab, a national research centre aimed at improving vaccination rates in infants and adults.

Head of the lab, Professor Raina MacIntyre said people 65 years and older, who made up most of those missing out on vaccinations, had an equal right to be protected against life-threatening illness.

“Poor uptake of adult vaccination comes down to perception, and includes not placing older Australians on par with children as a disease-vulnerable group,” Professor MacIntyre said.

Australia spends tens of millions of dollars on vaccine-preventable hospitalisations every year.

Influenza is responsible for more than 3000 deaths and 13,500 hospitalisations in Australia annually in people over 50, Department of Health figures show.

“Vaccines should be seen as an investment, rather than a cost,” she said.

Dr Menzies said adults should discuss with their GPs which of the 15 recommended vaccinations were appropriate for them, especially those travelling overseas, health and childcare workers, and people with chronic illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and lung disease.


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