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The Game Of Life & Death With Wayne Bush



I have good news and bad news. First the bad news: Life contains a lie. What you believe is full of lies, secrecy, tricks and deception at every level — religion, politics, science, our language, the media, entertainment sources such as movies and music, corporate logos, and advertising — and the earth is an electromagnetic gravitational prison planet in which we are held as prisoners imprisoned by our body cells. The first thing you learn when you go to school is how to spell. We spell words to create a sentence — a jail term and it’s a life sentence. We use curse words and write with cursive writing. . Why do we say when someone is out of luck that they are S.O.L.? Why do we have products like Sun Kist, Star Kist, and Gold Kist Farms? What is a Kist? Why do almost all major corporations use either the sun, moon or pyramids in their logos? Why were all major religions given to us by princes from elite royal families or wealthy members of nobility? Why are religious messiahs called the son of God and depicted with the sun as a halo? Why does the world’s largest political celebration, the World Olympic

ThePrisonerLogoGames, have a priestess light what they call a cauldron with the light of the sun and keep an eternal flame burning throughout the games? Why do world leaders gather each year at Bohemian Grove and participate in a druidic ceremony called the Cremation of Care which reenacts sacrificial rituals from ancient Canaan at the base of a forty foot owl? Why do so many musicians say they have sold their soul, use illuminati hand signs and use cryptic language in their songs? Why do musical artists such as Katy Perry seem to incorporate witchcraft into their videos? Why does Hollywood take its name from the holly wood that a magic wand is made from and why do they use terms such as casting and programming? Why does the organization that gives Emmys and Oscars, NATAS, use an acronym that is Satan spelled backwards and why does the statue they give out for awards, the Oscar, look like and is named after an egyptian god named Ausur or Osiris? Why do we have an egyptian pyramid on the back of our dollar bill? Why does the moon rotate at just the right speed so that the same side always faces toward Earth and why does it appear in our vision as exactly the same size as the sun during a total eclipse? What is the purpose of “evil” and Trickster Gods. And, finally, why are we told we go to the light at death? I answer these questions and many more on this website.

Welcome to the Game of Life. The bad news is the game is a matter of life and death and you’re the big game. You’re part of the human race against time to beat the clock. In fact, the official song for the World Games at the 2012 Olympics is Survival by the rock band Muse. The songs begins, “Life’s a race, but I’m gonna win.” The corporation Nike, named after the Greek goddess of victory and whose logo bears a scythe or “swoosh” as they like to call it, sponsored a 10K race called “The Human Race” in Melbourne. This impetus for duality is driven home in “reality” shows like Survivor, Lost, and The Biggest Loser. Don’t worry, though cuz you were game for it and besides you’re a good sport, right? In fact you are betting on it, you made a bet to beat the odds, an alpha bet or gambit with Bel cuz he’s a game Bel, a gambler. He is a trickster god, but it is a fair game and the game has a bunch of tricks. It’s all about “turns” or revolutions because it’s a ball game. In fact, the first ball game we know of was the

dreamworks-logo-1Mayan ball game and the ball symbolized the sun a.k.a. Baal, Ea/Enki, Ra, Bel, Lugh, Lucifer, Set, Devil, Satan, ‘It’. So you are playing against the devil, whose name Satan literally means Adversary. The Devil loves to play games especially poker which is why he holds a trident. He’s a dealer and you have to play out the hand you’ve been dealt. It’s a Ra deal and he is betting you don’t win. You are trying to be a Survivor because you are Lost. If you win, you are the champion. If you lose, you are Lugh’s. In Sumer he was known as Enki or Ea. EA partnered with a company named Demiurge to produce Medal of Honor Airborne. The Demiurge is the Gnostic creator of the material world in subordination to the Supreme Being and a bad god who created the world as a spiritual prison. It was adopted from Plato and looks like a serpent with a lion’s head’ If you look closely at the first EA Sports MMA logo below, you just might get a glimpse of a caricature of what the serpent Ea or Enki looks like. “Ea sports, it’s in the game.”

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13 thoughts on “The Game Of Life & Death With Wayne Bush

  1. “imprisoned by our body cells”

    Therefore death is freedom.
    We walk towards the light where a voice will greet us, we will meet our relatives, our dearly departed loved ones, Mom & dad, he was so disappointed that I was not a boy, it made him feel less of a man that he could not procure a boy. Aunt Grace said it was mothers fault, the poor upbringing, you know. Then there is my sister, remember her, she slept with my husband, before, during & after our marriage. Uncle Stephan was a real trick, wasn’t he, he swindles dad out of his share of the lotto winnings, dad never forgave him. Granma & smelly old poppy …. RIP.
    Walk to the light, & there it all is, family, love & forgiveness, but with that mottly crew – how ?
    Simple, a lobotomy my dear.
    And I get to live happily ever after.
    Yes dear.

  2. Dear God, when I die, I would be happy to spend some time with the rellies, out of gratitude & to make peace.
    Then, can I have a job please, abroad somewhere.
    If you make me a spirit guide of somesort, can it not be to a serial killer please.

  3. Religion was given to us by the then Witchdoctors, they whore chicken feathers & face & body paint & they did a little dance around the camp fire & threw magic dust on to the fire to make it go POOFF. In those days it was very entertaining, thrilling even.
    Today they make no effort at all, & expect immediate payment, no cheques or credit cards, for tax evasion purposes you know, but they are just as simple minded as they were way back when.

  4. Q:
    does the moon rotate at just the right speed so that the same side always faces the earth ?
    because who told you ?
    do you always believe everything you are told ?

  5. 5.48 min into audio interview – that human death energy is being used by aliens on the moon as energy.
    Torchwood – Children of Earth – where alien life uses human life as an energy enhancement.

  6. 6.60 – of interview – ( delay due to, I had to go put some washing on ) –
    amnesia, or a complete ignorance at birth / lied to, tricked, where did we come from & why are we here.
    I agree .. but what if it is Nanny HAL 9000, either gone wrong / was never switched off / never made it to the next phase of our our evolution on planet earth.
    What if the communication component of our facility was never activated, so that we are not able to access the information centre to get up to speed about what, how, why & how to proceed.

    Physics holds that the universe never forgets, therefore everything has memory, therefore intellectual capacity, therefore nothing can become extinct, it is held in suspended animation until it is required, to manitain balance & equilibrium as code/recipe & the ingredients are a constant throughout the universe & fast track is a given & maybe in Beam Me Up Scotty style.
    How can all this be held captive by some pissy little green men – we are talking about every atom, particle, nano particle & that’s only the stuff that we know about so far – there is so much more & further, all the way into infinity – we still know ZIT in the scheme of things – it has not all been seen & done yet.
    I agree that we are trapped & victims, but of what … where is Dr, Who when you need him.

  7. This is great stuff:
    Wayne Bush has his finger on the pulse only that, upon realization we look to discover what is wrong & how to fix it.
    Never lay down & die before the fight – can do is the MO to maintain “see you in hell sucker” the attitude.
    What if we arrived on Noah’s Ark all those gazillions of years ago as fertalized seeds.
    I believe they mankind has lived many times before & extincted themselves & here we go again …. unless.

  8. What is God:
    In catechism class 59 years ago, I learned that we are created in the image of God, that we are Gods children, that God is all powerful & everywhere & in all things, the age old phylosophical question, what are we doing here, like a geriatric lament, we look to the ancient hero’s for answers – Philosophers of Ancient Greece – oh God help us for we are demented – a bit of lateral thinking on my part & it is all happening man – only where are we – stuck in the past.
    God is the universe & so are we & if it’s broke lets try & fix it –
    Wayne Bush, if Dr, Who’s tardis landed in your livingroom – Wayne, if he asked you to help him – would you go – say yes Wayne.

  9. “Tidal forces from Earth have slowed down the Moon’s rotation so that the same side is always facing the Earth, a phenomenon called tidal locking. The other face, most of which is never visible from Earth. is therefore called the far side of the Moon.”

    And, I tell you that this is not true, there are too many variables to allow the moon to be stuck in the one cycle.
    And the Earth is not the controlling factor in our solar system – but there is push & puul from outside our solar system that also have sway.
    And mathematically, the odds are impossible.
    Thank you

  10. Regarding NASA and lies about space (at about 2:08:00). I recommend looking into Electric Universe theory at It is a much more intuitive view of the universe as it has the same foamy fractal matrix structure connected by electricity on absolutely all scales. As one example of this large, many faceted but elegantly simple theory: Comets are electrically charged asteroids that are on highly elliptical orbits – they cross from very high energy to low and they charge and discharge as they go. Another aspect is that sunspots and low pressure systems on Earth have the same electrical charge-discharge nature but just different sizes and medium. There is electric plasma geology, meteorology, biology, cosmology all connected in a single greater system. Electric Universe theory is about unity, simplicity and interconnectedness (and just finding truth)… so it is clearly not poltically useful for NASA and thier rulers.
    When i just started to get into the Nag Hammadi text… when i started thinking hey this is real in… Within a week or so (Aug’13) I had a hooded robed shadow person come into my room at 3am (and several other times). I woke up feeling a strong feeling of someone in my room. I saw it very clearly and immediately thought: ok get a good look at this, the details!. I was more into history etc, not religious and not into paranormal stuff… I believed in UFOs… but seeing this shadow person changed everything and I knew that nothing is a it is made to appear. Everything we had been taught was layers of errors and lies. I have been looking at the same kinds of stuff that Wayne Bush has but he has more so its great and it just clarifies and confirms the ideas about the real reality that I had been looking for. Ive never really wanted to be here when i was a kid. I always thought it was dumb and now I can see why. Everything about our reality is superficially different and varied but its really very limited and kind of mass-produced-like.

    1. No offense to the archons, they have done a reasonably good fake las vegas hollywood reality. Cancers and parasites have thier place (here) and they know nothing else so I feel sorry for how screwed up and insane they are.

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