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The Great Migrant Dumping Wars of Europe

epa01983584 A group of immigrants living in Rosarno, take part in a protest demonstration in Rosarno, Italy, on 08 January 2010. Thousands of immigrants protested against racism in the southern Italian town of Rosarno after a night of rioting that was sparked by an attack on African farm workers by a gang of white youths. EPA/FRANCO CUFARI


In our Diverse Brave New World, the realest Olympic game the Brotherhood of European Nations will play this year is a contest to see who can offload the maximum volume of migrants onto their neighbors as possible, whether to quiet domestic political unrest at home or as retaliation over diplomatic grievances — or, maybe, just to spread the loving and liberal Diversity™ around out of pure altruism.

After all, what kind of deplorable bigot wouldn’t want to see Stockholm turned into Mogadishu?


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Via Remix News (emphasis added):

“Illegal migrants are becoming a concern not only at the eastern border but also at the western frontier of Poland. On Friday, a German police car reportedly crossed the border at the village of Osinów Dolny and left a family of immigrants from the Middle East on the Polish side. According to a reader of, two adults and three children got out of the parked police vehicle, approached passersby, and headed toward a major discount store. Local police soon arrived and Border Guards were informed.

Local media have been unable to determine whether the arrival of the German police was coordinated with Polish authorities or was an isolated incident.”

Via DW (emphasis added):

Shortly after the European Union imposed successive rounds of sanctions on Belarus for a presidential election that the opposition denounced as fraudulent, thousands of Middle Eastern and African migrants began arriving at Belarus’ border with Lithuania in the summer of 2021.

This sudden influx, which Poland and the Baltic states have accused Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko of coordinating together with Russia, expanded into a wider border crisis that is still ongoing three years later. Statistics from the three states neighboring Belarus show border guards have stopped some 150,000 illegal crossing attempts by migrants, overwhelmingly in Poland.”

Clearly, a lot more is going on here than initially meets the eye.

European Union leadership in Brussels, which controls the external borders of the Schengen Area, with its trillions in resources, could easily close them to illegal migration and put an end to the migrant hot-potato game if it had the desire to.

But it doesn’t regulate the border in any meaningful way, so the member states, and localities within them, pass the burden on wherever they can — an odd practice for a “union” of highly integrated and allegedly aligned EU members with shared interests.

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At any rate, Douglas Murray, in his definitive treatise on European replacement migration, “The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam,” perhaps best explicates the moral outrage of the controlled demolition of the West by its own leadership:

“In such a view of society, however greatly you might wish to benefit from an endless supply of cheap labour, a wider range of cuisine or the salving of a generation’s conscience, you still would not have a right to wholly transform your society. Because that which you inherited that is good should also be passed on. Even were you to decide that some of the views or lifestyles of your ancestors could be improved upon, it does not follow that you should hand over to the next generation a society that is chaotic, fractured and unrecognisable.”

… Unless chaos, fracture, and ultimately total transformation is the goal, of course. The crucial error we often make is assuming benevolent intentions of the state where they don’t exist.

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