December 7, 2023

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The HIV/AIDS Deception With Jim West


The author, Jim West, independently found massive evidence to support his hypothesis that persistent pesticides caused The Great Polio Epidemic, post-WWII, and organochlorines in milk caused the great 1916 epidemic in New York City. His book contains original graphs and statistical analysis, regarding epidemiology, virology, and dose/response.

West has been acclaimed globally by many independent authors and researchers. His work has been used by medical critics to review the properties and politics of disease paradigms. West has virtually no detractors who are able to debate him in any forum that could be made public. Mainstream responses to his simple and civil arguments include closing forums and threads.

West has served as Chairman of the Science Committee for the NoSpray Coalition, which successfully litigated against New York City over the matter of aerial pesticide spray programs. He is a member of GreenSpeakers, a Toastmaster group.


The official view of HIV=AIDS

The Perth Group reveals that HIV has not been isolated and thus not properly characterized in the laboratory.

 Perth represents the best and most simple critique of HIV=AIDS, and thus they are heavily repressed in the media. They cannot even contribute corrections to their own Wikipedia webpage, which is designed to diminish them.

Stefan Lanka, PhD, is a fine German virologist dissident who was ostracized, who lost his profession, due to his refusal to believe the HIV=AIDS paradigm. He is eloquent, is bold, and influenced by The Perth Group.

 Lanka recently won a legal case on appeal in 2016, where he had been sued for a $100,000 award which he promised to anyone who could prove that measles virus is a scientifically valid concept.

Anthony Brink, Esq, lawyer and judge in South Africa, a major Perthian dissident, an influence on President Mbecki, a great educated leader who fought against the pharmaceutical corporate takeover of South Africa, describing it as genocide.

 Peter Duesberg, PhD, the most famous HIV/AIDS dissident, found on the cover of Newsweek, etc. In the 1980s, he was a leading world-class virologist. The U.S. government claim, that HIV causes AIDS, contradicted his research legacy. When he publicly announced that HIV could not possibly cause AIDS, he lost his steady stream of research funding from CDC. His university, where he was a professor, attempted to terminate him, but with a legal fund and lawyer, he maintained his professorship at University of California, Berkeley.

 Duesberg’s book (Inventing the AIDS Virus) is a great introduction to the history of bogus virology, nevertheless, the serious student of HIV=AIDS should grow out of him and assume the Perth position, and/or Jim West’s position that any disease paradigm is invalid if toxicology has been avoided, which happens to be the case for most disease paradigms, as explained at Duesberg has a problem in that he salutes the bogus poliovirus paradigm, apparently due to apparent conflicts of interest with colleagues who gained historical position with their studies of the so-called poliovirus. Yet poliovirus paradigm is deconstructed easily, as Howard Urnovitz demonstrates at . The toxicology of polio is severely avoided by the mainstream.

 Despite the split between Duesberg and Perth, Duesberg is useful if one does not stop with him.

 For the extent of the split, see the work of Perth’s defenders: Anthony Brink, Claus Jensen, Gene Semons, Chris Rawlings, and Jim West at  This group successfully critiques high-profile so-called dissidents such as Peter Duesberg.

David Crowe, President of Rethinking AIDS (RA)

 His website:

 RA strongly supports Peter Duesberg, and is unable to resolve the split between Perth and Duesberg.

 See Anthony Brink’s torrid view of this split at:

4 thoughts on “The HIV/AIDS Deception With Jim West

  1. Great show as always with Mr West. My 2 cents is;
    There are no viruses, as described in my body, only parasites. (and bacteria)
    There are no viruses, in my computer, only parasites.
    There are no viruses, in my culture and society, only parasites.

    1. Hi JAGG,
      Parasitic Infestations:
      Richard Dawkins wrote .. The Selfish Gene.
      The parasite Toxoplasma Gondii .. do you have any idea what it does to it’s host ?
      After having looked at Dawkins Selfish Gene theory .. (because it is only his theory .. after all)
      I suggested that it is most likely that a Parasitic Infestation .. not unlike .. Toxoplasma Gondii was the cause of .. some .. of the evolve-ment of mankind’s behavioral capabilities .. rather than GENETICS .. the man has got it horribly wrong.

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