December 1, 2023

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The holographic universe principle

In Brief

The holographic universe principle suggests that we’re living in a simulated reality. Essentially, it claims our physical world is nothing more than a detailed illusion, and while this is unlikely, the idea does have some interesting science supporting it.

A Simulated Reality

Given all of the coverage on the radical idea that the universe is one massive hologram, we thought we would take a few minutes to delve into what that really means for us.

The holographic universe principle suggests that we’re living in a simulated reality (this is different from the hypothesis that states we live in a computer simulation). Essentially, it claims our physical world is nothing more than a detailed illusion. This illusion is actually projected by our brains, as energy fields are being decoded into the seemingly three-dimensional universe we see around us.

In a more speculative sense, the theory suggests that the entire universe can be seen as a two-dimensional information structure that is “painted” on the cosmological horizon, such that the three dimensions (four, if you include time) we observe are only an effective description at macroscopic scales and at low energies.

“Our brain mathematically constructs objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond both space and time” says David Bohm.


Bohm is the primary voice behind the holographic universe principle (though he’s certainly not the only scientist to consider it a viable hypothesis; Brian Greene, author of The Elegant Universe, is another). Bohm was dissatisfied with standard cosmological theories that couldn’t explain diverse phenomena predicted by quantum mechanics, and he was also very interested in understanding how they relate to the neuropathology of the brain.

He came to the conclusion that objective reality does not exist based on a 1982 experiment conducted by a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect at the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Optics in Paris.

Through this experiment, the researchers discovered that, under certain conditions, subatomic particles (such as electrons) are able to instantaneously communicatewith one another regardless of the distance separating them. Whether they were separated by just a few feet or billions of miles, the particles always seemed to know what the other was doing.


We now call this “quantum entanglement,” and it’s one of the more baffling aspects of particle physics, mostly because the underlying theme appears to contradict Einstein’s theory of special relativity, which says that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, including information.

Overall, the experiment demonstrated that the web of subatomic particles that compose our physical universe — the so-called “fabric of reality itself” — possesses what appears to be an undeniable “holographic” property. If true, the holographic principle would comprehensively include reality as we know it, but also previously unexplained phenomena, such as the paranormal, along with “out-of-body experiences,” telepathy, lucid dreaming, and near-death experiences, among other things.

The Supporting Arguments

Before we get ahead of ourselves with why this theory is unlikely, let’s talk a bit about the properties that give this hypothesis some credence.

First, we know that dense celestial objects, such as black holes, neutron stars, and pulsars, have immense gravitational fields that should give way to gravitational waves.


While searching for evidence of gravitational waves, German team GEO600 discovered some kind of unexplainable eerie noise, which disrupted the GEO 600 detector from doing its job properly. Craig Hogan, a researcher from the Fermilab in Batavia, proposed an interesting solution to this mystery, formally known as “quantum noise.”

He thinks that there must be a fundamental limit to spacetime where the smoothness of the spacetime continuum begins to break down into “grains,” similar to pixels that comprise images on a computer screen.

In Hogan’s mind, the discovery of this quantum noise suggests that the entirety of the universe is merely the three-dimensional projection of information found on a two-dimensional information structure (you can liken it to a CD). This structure is located at the very “edge” of the universe, and the projection occurs when light bounces off from the structure and scatters throughout the universe.

His conclusion is somewhat vindicated by some of the observations we’ve made about the manner in which black holes behave, along with the Hawking radiation that continues to leak from them over time.


Enter stage left, the black hole firewall paradox. This is a highly debated subject amongst physicists far more intelligent than I am, so I’ll let one of them (astrophysicist Ian O’Neill) explain it:

This theory is born from other well known interpretations of the cosmos, in particularly the black hole paradox. As something falls into a black hole, passing the event horizon, the quantum information held in the event horizon can be encoded to reveal information about the interior. Therefore, the information inside the black hole’s event horizon is not destroyed (for details on this, see the Thorne-Hawking-Preskill bet).

If the information about the interior of a black hole is encoded in its event horizon, scientists have come forward to point out that perhaps the information inside our Universe is encoded in the Universes horizon (a.k.a. the limit of the observable Universe, 13.7 billion light years away).

So, what does that mean? Well, if you’ve been an avid reader of this site, you may remember an article I wrote about what would hypothetically happen to you if you were to survive the descent into the event horizon of a super-duper massive black hole. In this, I basically said that, along with the time dilation associated with the curvature of spacetime, you would (hypothetically) be able to observe the entire history of the black hole’s existence simultaneously.

The holographic principle is the same on a larger scale. All of the information should be encoded in the event horizon of our universe in Planck length bits of spacetime, and everything within is a projection of the two-dimensional inner shell.

An Unlikely Situation

Now, on to why this theory is unlikely

In 2010, the European Space Agency (ESA) opened their International Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory (INTEGRAL). The lab is capable of measuring gamma radiation and its counterpart, gamma-ray bursts — one of the most powerful and destructive forces of nature.

It is possible for researchers at the observatory to study these bursts (depending on their highly unpredictable behavior) to determine if spacetime does indeed become grainy or pixilated at a quantum level.

One particular burst traversed space for nearly 300 million light-years before reaching our planet, yet no blurriness in the fabric of spacetime was observed, at least not down to 10^48 meters (ten trillion times smaller than the fundamental unit of length in quantum physics, Planck length).

Physicists are unsure if it’s even possible for a unit of length that’s smaller than Planck length to exist, so this is one pretty monumental strike against the holographic universe principle. There is still one other explanation that can’t be ruled out, though: perhaps gamma-ray photons behave differently than expected via the holographic principle.

We still have a lot more to understand about the fabric of spacetime, the universe, and how to rectify quantum mechanics with other well established scientific theories. This one…this one makes my head hurt.


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New Scientist

19 thoughts on “The holographic universe principle

  1. “Quantum Entanglement is one of the more baffling aspects of particle physics”

    ME: – How is that possible ?
    Physics holds that the universe never forgets.
    Therefore everything has memory.
    Therefore everything has intellectual capacity.

    ME: – Therefore nothing can become extinct.
    It’s code remains dormant – all the ingredients are scattered throughout the universe & can be brought to attend reconstruction – faster than the speed of light – which means yesterday.
    Therefore time is a – yesterday – today – & tomorrow reality.
    Future is based on probabilities calculated based on all the occurred events passed – stored in memory – because the universe never forgets – according to physics – RIGHT – as a result – future can change at any time.
    But so can the past.
    Impossible you say …… !
    Not really – there is a clause
    * CLAUSE – definition – a particular & separate article, stipulation, or proviso in a treaty, bill or contract.
    In the scheme of things the safety & preservation of the universe is of the ultimate concerns.

    * God knew us so well – that he created a safety mechanism to protect the universe from – specifically – us.
    No … but – because there are positive & negative forces & everything has intellectual capacity – the universe is encoded to protect itself & survive at all costs.

    ME: – Therefore nothing can become extinct.
    BECAUSE ………..
    According to physics – energy cannot be made & it cannot be destroyed.
    Therefore we were all present at the beginning – in some for or another – & we will all be there at the end – if such things are possible.

    1. EXTINCTION – To Be Or Not To Be:

      So – the rodents in the field yonder – that had been extinct for 30 years – & then from literally nowhere – re-appeared – may not have died out & then were reduced to code only – but were shelves in anticipation of their return.
      How do you shelve a living rodent ?
      Q: – Is it possible to shunt them – beam me up Scotty style – to another place &/or time on the planet – or in the universe somewhere – where they will “restore balance”?
      Transporting & containing for any indefinite period seems to be such an energy waster & the universe is nothing – if it is not efficient.

      1. Reincarnation:

        If a rodent can be transported – to restore balance – can a human ?
        In the flesh ?
        Or just in spirit ?
        “Where do you go to my lovely”
        “When your alone in your head”

        1. According to what these jokers say we are – figments of imagination – then what is holding us here in this existence & what is there to prevent us from surfing the whole universe – certainly the tel-co is there – communications is possible – can’t we travel on sound frequencies or some such thing ?

          1. Nothing can become extinct.
            I am waiting for the dinosaurs to return.
            You see I do not believe that there ever where such creatures – that it is all a big con job & they are laughing at us – all the way to the bank
            I’m not the only one.

  2. Reg., Fraser Cain & Dr, Paul Matt Sutter interview ……. based on how Sutter explains –
    THEORY – Practice by Physics Theorists ………. Are theses \’great thinkers\’ actually being paid REAL MONIES for what they do ?
    Is there that much excess money in the world that we can waste it liker this !

  3. Reg., Prof. Alan Aspect Explains Quantum Entanglement: –
    It works because the capacity of the experimental Atoms is such that – they are plugged into a universal telecommunications system – faster than the speed of light & if the experimental Atoms can ESP to each other the experimental Atoms can also perceive / hear / pick – from the mind of those who are conducting the experiment – the thoughts & desired outcome & relay them to the party on the other side of the world – being the co-experimental Atom – & oblige the conductors of the experiment in their desired outcome.


    1. Hello Jagg;
      Albert Einstein is said to have been a fraud – a plagiarist – & a misogynist also & I’m comfortable with those assumptions.

      Jagg – I was watching some video telling about the dinosaurs in ancient Australia – on the screen – there were giant dino’s & normal sized trees & I got to wondering – what dino’s ate when they ran out of the green stuff.
      Also – the trees were out of proportion to the dino’s – GENETICALLY – how could this be possible ?
      It could not – it simply could not be.

      Elephants spend 16-18 hours a day feeding – adult elephants can eat up to 200-600 pounds of food a day – at some point the food supply runs out & the herd is culled by nature. [ This is one factor of many – as to why the Hannibal story is a lie ]
      Dinosaurs were much bigger – genetically the flora of the time would be in proportion to the wildlife.

      I was astonished to learn that most of the world does not believe that dino’s existed – & especially in the Asia Pacific Region – the main stream – Sci-Fi publicity machine saturates the West with all manner of junk & the scientific community nod their empty heads as a seal of approval.

      As for theory – Dr. Paul Matt Sutter – did you listen to the thinly woven – wild goose chase he called theory ?
      I haven’t had time to watch the last 2 video’s Gravitational Waves & Black Holes – 2 subjects that interest me – yet.
      Nice talking to you Jagg.
      It has rained all night & most of the day out side my house – stay dry man.

      1. My sister took my last brolly on Wednesday – never fear Coles has an assortment – as soon as I am able bodies enough – [ recovery is not sudden as I have discovered ] – to leave the house – I will purchase next Winter supply of Umbrellas.

    2. Jagg –
      Australian Content
      Where is it ?
      I looked for information – reg., being an Android – after effects of pacemakers implant procedure – & also on Youtube.
      Audio-Visual input is so much easier to absorb than the written stuff – the Heart Foundation Website is scant on info & I would also like to hear – “what happened to me” testimonials & bitch & moan stories.
      Jagg – there is nothing Australian out there – why not ?
      Except an interesting interview with cardiologist – A. Prof. David Prior on ABC Radio Melb. 30 November 2015. – he talks about exercise & the heart – but there needs to be more Australian content from both the Medical sphere & Australian people.
      Where is it man ?

    3. In theory – everyone wants to be a movie star – when my daughter lived here – I mixed up a batch of muffins – she was all over me with her mobile – the quiche – the poached pears – the stir fry – the cleanup of the back yard – I cleaned & she recorded & beamed it out to everyone ( funny that ) – she enraged me & I shouted ………. at her & she recorded it & played it to everyone – she thought it was such a hoot “listen to my mother losing it” she laughed.
      Very seriously I ask – where is Australian content on youtube ?
      Has Australia been told to bugger off by the Yanks & the Brits ?
      Australians are inordinately shy – so where are they ?
      I can understand that – dot gov dot au – would prefer that – & especially the underfunded Medical Sphere stay away from any kind of public speaking – just in case the lid comes flying off the can of laughing gas – hey.
      What thinketh you Jagg dearest ?

  4. Berty Instien’s – concept of / theory;
    * Imagine a big rubber sheet as representing all of space
    * If we were to place a heavy object / a bowling ball on the rubber sheet
    * The mass of that object is going to curve the sheet near by / in close proximity – but not further away
    * If we were to roll marble passed this object – the marble is not going to move in a straight line passed the object
    * Rather the motion of the marble is going to curve along with the curvature of the rubber sheet
    * This gives us an idea how massive objects will curve space around them & that curvature of space will affect the particles around them.

    ME: – This Theory Only Works If Space is Tangible Matter – like a RUBBER SHEET.
    But space is not a tangible object.
    Space is a collection of nano-particles & who know what else – floating about doing what they do best.

    My QUESTION to Berty Einstein is this – how can this theory work when space is not a tangible object – but a soup of nano-particles that can scatter & regroup instantly & not a structured object with limited capacity to encompass & embrace its surrounding companions floating in space.

    So – in my ignorance I suggest that Berty Einstien was having an off period when he thought up this “far fetched theorem”

    1. Principles of Stone Soup:

      If you place a stone at the bottom of your soup pot
      That stone will cause the soup to gravitate around it in a clockwise movement
      Thus – stirring the soup as it cooks

      1. Oh happy day
        Oh happy day
        Oh happy day
        Oh happy day
        When Jesus washed
        When Jesus washed
        when Jesus washed
        He washed my sins away


        1. Particle Physics – force carriers give rise to force between other particles – particles attract & repel.
          There’s a lot of energy & energized objects that causes push & pull – there are no rubber sheet in space -only limited thinking capacity on the part of the thinker.

  5. The black hole video “hows your brain feeling after this – a little stretched – a little tough” said the host.
    Dude – not everyone is challenged.

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