December 7, 2023

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The HPV Vaccine: What You Need to Know About the Dumbest Vaccine Ever


“Thanks to a vaccination program that began a decade ago, fewer U.S. women are entering adulthood infected with a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cancer.” That’s what the supposed new research that nobody’s actually seen shows and what we’re being harassed with by every major news publication. You didn’t actually buy this though, did you?

Don’t you find it ironic that a study, probably funded by Merck, in a publication funded by Merck, nobody has actually seen, gets published at the same time the dangers of the HPV vaccine (two of which are manufactured by Merck) hit the big time, and SpainDenmark,FranceIndia, and Japan call the HPV vaccine manufactures to the rug for misrepresenting the safety of their vaccines? I keep thinking that at some point, we’ve got to get tired of looking stupid. Only a fool would look at a duck and argue that it’s an elephant. Yet, here we are.

The short version of a long 411, is that HPV (human papillomavirus) is a sexually transmitted infection that can be caused by over 100 different viral strains. Very few strains actually contribute to cancer or cause genital warts and almost all of them clear up on their own. The “get away from it as fast as you can” vaccine was approved in 2006 by the FDA after the shortest “safety” trial period known to man and an aggressive Merck marketing strategy. Seriously, Merck deployed 1,500 employees to vaccine marketing and was caught lobbying the 50 states for mandatory Gardasil vaccination before it had even secured approval from the FDA.

[…] Questions have been raised as to whether it was appropriate for vaccine manufacturers to partake in public health policies when their conflicts of interests are so obvious. Some of their advertising campaign slogans, such as “cervical cancer kills x women per year” and “your daughter could become one less life affected by cervical cancer,” seemed more designed to promote fear rather than evidence-based decision-making about the potential benefits of the vaccine. – The Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics

The pre-licensure studies are laughable and I don’t even think we can call them “scientific,” which is both funny and sad at the same time. They lacked proper placebos, adequate controls, and literally no monitoring for long-term side-effects. In some of the studies, the participants in third-world countries didn’t even consent to being used as test subjects. Don’t take my word for it though, read the package inserts and the petitions against Gardasil from the countries who can’t be bought.

Sure, you’ll find some post-licensure studies that praise the HPV vaccine, but almost all of them (if not all of them) have been conducted by the manufacturer themselves, an individual who receives funding from them, or they were published by a publication that has Merck in it’s back pocket. The safety and efficacy of Gardasil is nothing short of a joke.

Like all of the other vaccines, the HPV vaccine contains a whole load of stuff that was never meant to inject into the human body like: aluminum, polysorbate 80, insect cells, bacteria, viral protein, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dehydrate, 3-O-desacyl-4’ Monophosphoryl lipid A, yeast protein, sodium borate, and L-histidine. This stuff aint’ sugar people…it’s a injectable concoction of crazy waiting to happen.

When the HPV vaccine was originally approved, nobody had a clue what the long-term affects were on fertility, female reproductive health, or even cancer – that’s where injecting a bunch of young girls and waiting a few decades to find out comes in. About how long does it take a 12-year-old girl before she realizes she’s infertile or has premature ovarian failure, and how many thousands of HPV vaccine reactions (including death) have to be reported before we wake up and smell the inevitable? The HPV vaccine is a disaster.

Although I was only 18 when Gardasil hit the scene and couldn’t have cared less about vaccinations, I was smart enough to know that I didn’t want a vaccine that was younger than my latest hairstyle, that might only temporarily protect me against a few of the many strains of HPV, that could increase my risk of cervical cancer if I had already been exposed, and “protects” against an infection that would probably clear up on it’s own if I didn’t have it and got it. I also didn’t have my head in a box, I knew that the HPV vaccine could cause some serious side-effects.

According to Merck – the maker of Gardasil, if a person has already been exposed to the HPV strains contained in the vaccine prior to injection, then Gardasil increases the risk of precancerous lesions by at least 44.6 percent. Did you see that on the “One Less” commercial? Me neither. Were you offered a screening prior to getting offered an HPV vaccine? Probably not. Inject now, worry about it never, right? It’s all about the sale.

No one appears to be concerned with the increased risk of vaccination combined with prior exposure, as long as you take the vaccine. You will see no advertisements indicating the possibility of increased risk of the very cancer this vaccine is supposed to help you avoid.” – The Examiner (This page has since been strategically removed from the Internet but several law firms saw it first. Here’s a copy of what appeared in the Examiner.) 

If you want the vaccine package insert version of “coincidences” that can occur after getting an HPV vaccine, here ya go: (I’ve bolded my favorites.)

Autoimmune hemolytic anemia, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, lymphadenopathy, pulmonary embolus, nausea, pancreatitis, vomiting, asthenia, chills, death, fatigue, autoimmune diseases, hypersensitivity reactions, arthralgia, myalgia, acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, dizziness, Guillain-Barré, headache, motor neuron disease, paralysis, seizures, syncope, transverse myelitis, cellulitis, and deep venous thrombosis.

We’re not even going to touch the new HPV vaccine with nine fabulous strains. Let me just tell you that you don’t want whatever it is that vaccine could give you.

Let’s put things in perspective, shall we?

About 275,000 women die each year in the entire WORLD from cervical cancer and 85% (or 233,750) are from developing (third-world) countries. This means we’re recommending a vaccine (that could cause very serious side-effects) against a sexually transmitted disease (that usually doesn’t) to ALL young girls and boys in this country based on global statistics, in order to prevent 4,000 U.S. deaths, which could be caused by a strain that isn’t even in the vaccine, something different entirely (as numerous things can cause cell abnormalities in the cervix), or the vaccine itself. Roughly, 30% of the population who actually get cervical cancer, gets it from an HPV strain that isn’t even in the vaccine. Hello? Anyone?

To put this in perspective, 1.5 million people die in the WORLD each year from type 2 diabetes. In the United States alone69,071 death certificates listed it as the underlying cause of death in 2010 and a total of 234,051 death certificates listed it as an underlying or contributing cause of death. Where is the outrage and why aren’t we banning ding dongs, ho ho’s, soda, and Twinkies? I’ll tell you why, because we’re not the brightest bulbs in the box and big food is in bed with big pharma.

Now I know, you heard the HPV vaccine could prevent anal cancer too (said no legit scientific study ever), but let’s be real, they just tacked that on there to make the vaccine look a whole lot cooler than it really is. If it might prevent two types of cancer, the possibility of becoming a vaccine-injured child might be worth the risk…said nobody ever. And did I mention that any junkmunity the vaccine provides wears off?

Here’s the bottom line:

  • HPV is a sexually transmitted infection that almost always clears up on its own without causing any problems. The vaccine provides no protection for anyone who has already been exposed to HPV (so pretty much anyone having sex) and could increase the risk of cancer for those who have.
  • The HPV vaccine has not been proven safe or effective. This would require proper scientific studies that meet the standards for evidenced-based medicine with proper placebos, adequate controls, independent studies, and long-term monitoring.
  • The HPV vaccine does not prevent cancer and there is zero proof that it does. It prevents an infection that could cause cell abnormalities that could cause cancer, if not detected early.
  • If you get your young kids vaccinated, chances are they have not been exposed to HPV yet, BUT…any protection the vaccine might give will have worn off by the time they become sexually active. Unfortunately, it could take years before the adverse reactions of the HPV vaccine present themselves.
  • If it is true that HPV infection has declined in the United States, this could be due to the any number of factors (the most obvious being a reduction in sexual activity, increased use of condoms, or pap smears). A reduction in HPV infection has not been causally connected to the HPV vaccine. 
  • Finally, you can’t believe anything you read in the American Academy of Pediatrics, which is bought and paid for by Merck, which manufactures two of the HPV vaccines – it’s most financially lucrative vaccine.

Will I give my child the HPV vaccine? Heck no. Not now. Not ever. My child will be #OneLess.CLICK TO TWEET

Here’s how to prevent HPV without getting shot up: 

This isn’t rocket science people, it’s just good ole’ common sense. If you’re worried about HPV, don’t have sex with a bunch of peeps. If you are in a new relationship with someone who has been sexually active recently and you’re worried about HPV, get your partner tested (for HPV, Chlamydia, and HIV) or wait longer than five minutes for the HPV virus to clear the system.

Then of course, there’s the condom and the pap smear done by your favorite doctor who knows more about your lady parts than you do. Yes, it’s true, cervical cancer incidence and death rate had declined by 60% before the vaccine even hit the scene, thanks to the beloved pap smear – side effects of which do not include paralysis, death, or cancer.

Will I be giving my daughters (or sons) the HPV vaccine? Heck no. Absolutely not. Not now. Not ever. My children will be #FiveLess.


Disclaimer: I’m not a medical doctor and I’m not giving medical advice. This is my personal opinion and common sense perspective on the dumbest vaccine ever. You should come to your own informed opinion so you can make your own informed decision! ?

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3 thoughts on “The HPV Vaccine: What You Need to Know About the Dumbest Vaccine Ever

  1. “according to Merck – …. – if a person has already been exposed to HPV strains contained in the vaccine prior to injection …… the Gardasil increases the risk of precancerous lesions by 44.6%”

    Isn’t this a clever disclaimer for Merck …
    Just in case their vaccine gives you cancer …
    Of course .. they test for the virus & find previous viral matter …
    “Oh my God!”
    “Oh my God!”
    ” It has become apparent to us that you were infected prior to the vaccine.”
    “So it is not us, not our product that has given you deadly cancer.”
    And you have no proof that it was.
    But it was.

    And of course … as we heard on the program – The Health Report – hosted by Norman Swan
    As a result of the HPV Vaccine it is no longer necessary to test young women for cervical cancer & therefore young women will die in droves.
    And older women will be now tested every five years instead of every two years.

    The Australian government blew mega-millions purchasing the HPV vaccine to inject into it’s population of females & is now the Australian government is going to save a packet by cutting funding to regular testing for cervical cancer.
    The funeral industry will be booming over the next 30 years.

    Brilliant Article – Well Done.

    1. Monday morning’s I would park around the corner from work with a coffee & a bun for breakfast & listen to The Health Report hosted by Norman Swan….8am I think.
      How long ago was that 15-20 years ago….. who remembers exactly.

      1. & I paid Tax which paid Swans salary.
        & today my corporate son alone – pays Tax which keeps the ABC going.
        Aunty … who has the silly notion that they can shut out Australian with ideas & opinions & true facts, that counter the scripted bullshit that they read out at us as God’s truth.
        Mainstream media want the ABC shut down.
        The Australian government want the ABC shut down. salivate at the prospect of the saved billions each year.
        But like all good things that come around – they will manage it & sooner rather than later.
        The pressure from Sir Rupert & his ilk is greater than their fear .. as they will soon realise.

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