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The ”Illuminati” Have A SECRET MESSAGE For Us In 2019


Link:… Mysterious messages for the future from this Rothschild owned magazine. MORE Videos HERE Help support my work: Paypal: thescariestmovieever@gmail All Music courtesy of Chris Zabriskie…

4 thoughts on “The ”Illuminati” Have A SECRET MESSAGE For Us In 2019

  1. Christine Lagarde in 2014 saying – about the 2008 GFC “the crisis still lingers yet optimism is in the air”
    Well folks, it is 2019 in 5 1/2 minutes & the optimism that she is so optimistic about faded away real quick.
    Today, planet Earth is in ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON & falling fast into the ABYSS.

    We do all realise that her tan is FAKE.
    That she gets the tan sprayed on, on a regular basis.
    And 2014 – but we drop the zero … right !! is so cute.
    A woman who can’t count is the head of the IMF.
    😛 😛 😛

    The number 7 is considered to be a DIVINE number.
    It is also my lucky number
    & I cannot find my Rosary Beads ??

    1. I can do numerology – & tarot cards & astrology ……………. bla, bla, bla.

      “They reveal what they are going to do before they do it”

      In putting a spell on someone – you kind of need to tell them or else how will they know that they have been set upon & by whom.
      And then you go round to their house & pull up their rose bush, cut their hose & flatten their tyres.
      When they discover your handy work, are they smart enough to realise that you physically came to their house & trashed your stuff.

      Always make up your own spells.
      Never, never, ever, use other peoples stuff.

  2. Marina Abramovic is a performing artist – it is not my cup of tea but hey – who am I after all – it pays her rent.
    She may practice witchcraft ??
    But magic she has not / the power force is not with her.
    May the force be with you.
    Nanu Nanu

  3. “Hello”
    “Is anybody home”
    “Are you there”
    Said the witch as she gazed into her neighbors eyes.
    Having cast a spell over him, she came to see if it caught.

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