September 29, 2023

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The LNP And A Habit Of Treason

I am not going to try to do an incisive analysis. I don’t have the resources nor the middle-class anal-retentive personality to do such a thing, so I am going to run through my own memory as a citizen who lived through the times and LNP governments that gave away so much of our national character, decency and independence to anybody who gave them a buck or a boost!

What is it in the Liberal DNA that makes them such suckers (in every sense of the word!) for every crack-brained entrepreneur and opportunist that washes up on the LNP porch, that they will pour money, people, jobs, army, navy, air-force into the most shit-for-brains schemes that can ever be conceived by a mad-man or a fool?

“Pig-iron Bob” Menzies thought it a good idea to sell scrap-iron to a militarizing Japan that turned it into weapons and shot back at us to great travail. And then he came up with the brilliant defensive plan of a “Brisbane Line” that would have abandoned much of Australia to the enemy! What the hell was that? And when the wharfies union tried to restrain his treason, they get slammed and Menzies wanted to ban them along with their so-called/accused Communist Party affiliations, as if democracy was the crime! Treason! But then Menzies goes off the rails to kiss Monarchist arse of another country.

Of course, when Menzies retired to his “beloved homeland” to admire that; “which butt did pass him by”, leaving us with the foundation laid for the Vietnam War debacle, we got his hand-me-down: Harold Holt.

Now there was a specimen! About the only thing you can say in his favour was that he did a good job dodging out on his swimming lessons. Well I remember that “All the way with LBJ” sing-along that shafted us well and good right up the arse of the Vietnam War. And can’t forget Premier Askin wildly calling for the LBJ. car driver to “run over the bastards!” protesting in front of him. Three jeers for Harold! Another bit of treason!

The next collection of clowns, fools, jerks and stooges that took the oath of high office in the LNP I will pass over, sufficient to say they were nondescript night-watchmen, keeping the crease warm for the most filthy betrayal in the nation’s history, which only recent discoveries have shown what we all knew to be the case for a long, long time. The absolute bastardry of the Liberal Party could not reach any lower into the cess-pit of their own souls that resulted in the Whitlam government’s dismissal. The intrigue between the GG, the high judiciary and low politics has its equivalent in the depraved Nero plotting and eventually succeeding in killing his own mother.

There is no equal in the annals of contemporary history of any 1st world democratic nation of the devious scheming of the Liberal players in this sordid episode. An episode that has branded the LNP indelibly with both the heat and the charred stain of infamy of the dirtiest kind! Fraser, Howard, Lynch, Withers and the others. May their souls be dammed to the lowest pool of effluvious filth of the night-soil bucket! Traitors, one and all!

And this brings us to the Howard years … where the treason reached new scope … the betrayal of our national decency and pride. Howard took the nation’s reputation of a tolerant multi-cultural country to a divided racist, bigoted bunch of god-awful bogans and bastards! His tiny fist-waving petulance against desperate refugees like a demented gnome wishing havoc upon the earth … and he got it! His betrayal of the many agreements we held in trust with the United Nations and many nations were thrown aside to placate an electorate carping and complaining against a manufactured emergency that didn’t even exist. He took us into a wrong war without evidence or corrupted evidence. He squandered a once in a nation’s lifetime commodities gratuity to pork barrel his constituents and accomplices. The betrayal of the AWB bribe to the very enemy our soldiers were fighting. The betrayal of the workforce and their wages, the wharfies fiasco with the mercenaries and dogs. The ultimate betrayal of our inner sanctum of security by playing one section of society against another. A most cruel betrayal, a dirty little rodent.

And then to this lot; the Abbott/Turnbull potpourri. Where not only did the ex leader of the LNP lie and deceive and cheat his way into office, he betrayed his own members to get there. I have no doubt his own side of politics was behind the Godwin Gretch affair that removed the then opposition leader. So a betrayal of the leadership, then a betrayal of the Speaker (after attending the Speaker’s wedding), then a betrayal of parliament protocols, of parliament decency and respect till finally the betrayal of electoral honesty. A simple thing after all the others. And now we have – or rather DO NOT HAVE – an NBN. Of all the betrayals to a nations infrastructure future, this has to be one of the biggest! With this treason against our nation’s economic and even physical well-being purely to placate a foreign national media mogul who helped them lie their way into office!

Which brings us to the greatest betrayal of all: His own God. His own doctrine of belief. Just recently he spoke of a need to put aside the most sacred teachings of his own God: “To love and do unto others as you would have done to yourself.” He dismissed this universal truth of his own God to further his own doctrine of hate and opportunity. Can a man sink lower in human depravity? There are fundamentalists in every religion who would drive such a one to oblivion. But the LNP praises him, embraces him as one of their most endearing bretheren. This is where they have come to.

From Menzies’ infamous “Brisbane Line” – a betrayal of country. To Holt’s “All the way with LBJ” and the betrayal of the Vietnam War which was a betrayal of the people. To Fraser’s dastardly political betrayal with the conspiracy to a coup against a democratically elected government. To Howard’s denial of human rights and betrayal of United Nations agreements and the war with Iraq. To Abbott’s ultimate betrayal against even his own God! And now all we are left with is that banker’s lick-spittle; Turnbull!

There is no lower level than this – the “habit of treason” has led the LNP, like the most gutter wretched junkie, to this, the nadir of their political existence. I suppose it had to be, after all, it has been one long pursuit of that most corrupting influence of greed. Why is it that they are so willing to sell out to anyone with a wad of cash? It can be old money like the banks, and there they are, up the arse to their tonsils. New money like Twiggy or Gina, the same; like a stick of Flake in the centre of a chocolate donut, their hungry tongues a wriggling and a waggling. Can’t get enough – would choke on it if they could. The LNP ideal death: Sphintus Gluttonus Chockers. And when it comes to royalty, it’s glued to the monarchial teat like a suction-cup to a buttock!

This is the party that claims a “right to rule”, when really it is little more than a beggar’s banquet of  blackguards and buffoons … keeping company with the lowest scum of humanity. There could be a lower level in Dante’s Inferno for them, but it would not be long, I very much doubt before they would disgrace even that base!


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