September 24, 2023

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The Morning Show Mongrels: David Icke accuses TV hosts of ‘abuse’ after heated interview


NOTE: This is a classic reflection of how ridiculous & utterly stupid the main stream media are In Australia. People from other countries don’t understand how bad things are in Australia, but hopefully they will now. If it’s not sports, nonsense & propaganda, the Australian main stream media clowns will not show any interest & act like moronic imbeciles. How disrespectful these box heads were & if you don’t believe in David’s work, at least try to show some respect. Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic are just stooges & show to the whole world how far down the sewer pipes the main stream mongrel media are in Australia, sad. It’s absolutely mind blowing to think that millions of zombies get up every morning to watch this atrocious & nasty filth. What is deemed as NEWS by the Australian main stream media, How big is Kim Kardashian’s butt?

We the Australian viewers demand Public Apology for David Icke from Today Show presenters.

We apologise that David did not discuss more important topics like, which celebrities are dating now, such as those regularly discussed on the Today Show and deemed ‘news’.

Icke slammed chat show hosts Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic for their behavior during the Thursday morning interview, accusing them of being “childish and superficial.”

The eccentric former journalist, who is currently touring Australia and presenting 12-hour seminars, said he was also abused by another team member of the show off air.

Footage of the interview shows Wilkinson and Stefanovic grill Icke over some of his more bizarre conspiracy theories, which include the belief that many influential people are actually shape-shifting lizards.

Icke described the interview as “a joke,” but admitted he “knew” what he was getting into while chatting to the hosts before the show went live.

First of all this was the strange thing, in my perspective the buffoon sports presenter, some big bloke, was shouting abuse at me across the studio. It was just ridiculous,” Icke told Daily Mail Australia.

And then I said to the gentleman, the man presenter (Karl) when I went over: ‘Is this going to be serious or taking the piss?’ He said: ‘bit of both, well, taking the piss – we’ll be taking the piss a bit.’”

“So I sort of knew what I was coming in to,” Icke added.

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The chat show began with Wilkson and Stefanovic questioning why someone would spend (AUS)$140 to sit through a 12-hour seminar on conspiracy theories.

You know why they’re doing it? Because they’ve got a mind of their own,” Icke replied.

The interviewers went on to ask Icke about some of his more controversial beliefs.

Let’s drill down into some of your beliefs. You think our moon is a hollowed out space station. That’s a hard one to buy, that one,” Wilkinson said.

‘Royal family are lizards’? David Icke dumbfounds BBC’s Andrew Neil 

Photo published for RT International

RT International

Legendary conspiracy theorist David Icke left BBC journalist Andrew Neil dumbfounded when he said he still believes Britain’s royal family are “shape-shifting lizards.”

 Icke said mainstream science can’t explain why the moon orbits the earth and referenced ancient tribes who believed that the moon was “brought here.”

Shipped in by trucks or something?” Wilkinson asked.

Icke became more testy as the chat show hosts began grilling him about his theory that many human beings are actually lizards.

OK, can you tell us who are the aliens? Is Vladimir Putin an alien?” Wilkinson asked.

This is a joke. It’s an absolute joke. You have never read a book, you won’t come and see the talk,” Icke replied.

The former British journalist was also quizzed on his belief that 9/11 was an inside job.

In response, Icke pointed out that the politicians who support the mainstream explanation of the Twin Towers attack were the same people who said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.




8 thoughts on “The Morning Show Mongrels: David Icke accuses TV hosts of ‘abuse’ after heated interview

  1. I can’t see anything wrong here.
    The Morning show mongerals, as is their job, are asking David Icke questions. David Icke’s is more than well equiped to handle himself.
    My lament is that these very Morning show mongerals do not approach, for example, John Howard & Tony Blair about their justification for bombing Iraq, & why these 2 bastards do not feel that they should be hauled up before the ICC & tried for war crimes & anything other charges they can throw at them.
    David looks to be just fine.

  2. I would also like them to ask Tony Abbott how he stopped the boat’s –
    Is the Australian coastal patrol; sinking theses boats one by one, two by ttwo, or did Tony Abbott beseige God in heaven & God facilitated his wishes.

  3. Jo Cox Yorkshire MP shot & stabbed in public street.

    The Liberal party has their covert stooge Pauline Hanson out there shooting her mouth off – anti-Islam.
    I believe she has a right to speak her mind.
    What I am worried about is, has Pauline Hanson got adequate security ?
    I was just watching Australian news & I got this chilling feeling.
    Hanson would be an excellent sacrifice for the cause, a patsy.
    God knows they are sick enough –

  4. regarding todays article on …
    “homeopathy works because water has memory” David Icke’s

    PHYSICS HOLDS that the universe never forgets …
    Stephen Hawking’s theory, The Hawking Paradox belived that at the bottom of a black hole an object was forgotten by the universe. His collagues of the physics world rejected this theory, but Hawking held on to it for 30 years. Then, on a stage in front of the physics community Hawking recanted The Hawking Paradox.
    Physics, including Stephen Hawking hold that the universe never forgets.
    This means that …
    The universe never forgets
    Everything in the universe has memory
    Therefore everything has intellectual capacity
    And as long as all the ingrediance are avaliable
    But because the universe never forgets & everything has memory & therefore intellectual capacity, the ingrediance are always readily avaliable.
    And nothing can ever become extinct.
    The universe is a self contained unit
    Like a circle in a spiral, like a wheel within a wheel, never ending or beginning, like an ever spinning reel.
    (I personally feel that Hawking need to rethink The Hawking Paradox – look at it from a different perspective – I believe that there are times when the universe has lapses of memory)

  5. If we believe in the Holy Spirit
    If we believe in shape shifters
    If we believe in demonic possesion
    If we believe in othe frequencies
    If we believe in parallel universes
    We can find Icke’s lizards in conscious energy that has capacity to manifest.

  6. Icke’s is wrong about education – but only if it it based on reality & not the rubbish taught in mainstream schools
    & mathamatics – algebra – geometry is beautiful – it is a symphony & how a symphony works.- but for maths

  7. I don’t care how many fuckwits out there still believe your lies channel nine, but David Icke just fucking OWNED the lot of you!!

    Thanks for providing such a perfectly obvious example of mainstream media stupidity and ignorance, and for helping to expand David’s audience because anyone with half a brain will see just how moronic your panelists are behaving (surely that kind of ignorance must be scripted or are your people really that dumb?) and when they finish laughing (or crying) and have dried their eyes they will likely follow their curiosity and go looking for corroborating or dissenting information from a source that won’t try to cover the truth.

    By the way I dont know what to think about some of it but hey I’ve seen the proof that he is essentially correct about the important part – you’ll hear plenty more about that from angry mobs in future I promise you! It will be at that time you’ll wish to god that you’d told the truth.

    Next time you could maybe try some INTELLIGENT questions – won’t hold my breath, and best of luck with that one…


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