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Keith Allan Noble Martin Bryant was used as a patsy 1996 Port Arthur Massacre





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Port Arthur massacre memorial

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Damian Bugg – Prosecuter in a hearing which Bryant pleaded not guilty:
“Your Honour, it is hard to express in any finite terms the precise period of time Bryant was in the cafe but I would put to this court that he was in there for approximately one and a half minutes to, at the outside, two minutes, whilst he was firing his gun. In that time he killed twenty people, attempted to kill four, wounded six, and caused grievous bodily harm to one. He fired twenty-nine shots, very few of them missed a target, and most of them struck targets when fired at either point blank or close range. There is absolutely no doubt as to his intent and his desire to cause maximum carnage.”

Mr Buggs description of the Broad Arrow shooting is detailed in the full court hearing (link below). During these one and a half to two minuters Bryant was accused of killing twenty people – 18 of them with head shots at close range in a crowded and busy cafe and souvenir shop with the agility of a gazelle, moving quickly from one target to another with lightning speed and clear comprehension. In a professional and agile way he shot from the right hip and almost emptied a 30 shot magazine leaving one in the spout before reloading and exiting the building. This remarkable display of military marksmanship in a confined area with a killed to wounded ratio never heard of before was blamed on an intellectually handicapped left handed man with an IQ of 66 who was supposed to have gained his expertise with a rifle from gun magazines and occasional target practice in the bush with cardboard targets.




Full Hearing Queen V Bryant





This is Graham Collyer, a man who was shot inside the Broad Arrow Cafe at The Port Arthur Historical Site on the afternoon of the 28th April 1996. Around 1.30pm an unknown gunman entered the Broad Arrow cafe on the site and murdered 20 people, 18 with head shots and wounded another 12. His killing spree continued on to the Seascape Inn. 35 men, women and children were shot dead and 22 were injured. Graham Collyer being loaded onto helicopter on the dayGraham has consented to write in his own words what happened to him on that day. Scroll down for more.



“No action can really be understood apart from the motive which prompted it.”
Arthur Schopenhauer. 1851.
Just after noon on 28th April 1996, an unknown marksman opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle on diners in the crowded Broad Arrow Cafe at Port Arthur in Tasmania Australia. In less than 20 minutes at this and five other crime scenes in the area, the marksman killed 35, injured 22 innocent people, and crippled two cars with only 64 shots. Eighteen of the first twenty dead in the Broad Arrow Cafe died from single shots to the head, all fired by the marksman from his right hip in less than 90 seconds as described by Prosecutor Damian Bugg.

This staggering display of marksmanship was blamed on left-handed and intellectually impaired Martin Bryant, whose shooting experience extended to popping off cans in the bush on a couple of weekends – he had no military training of any kind. From the time of his arrest, From the bus parkremand prisoner Martin Bryant was illegally held in strict solitary confinement and to this day has been denied access to media of any kind. On the 4th July 1996 Bryant was finally interrogated by police, without the attendance of legal council, and he emphatically denied being at the Port Arthur tourist site on that day. With the excuse that a jury trial would upset victims Bryant was denied a trial but during a sentencing hearing he refused to admit to being at the Port Arthur Historical site on the day, in fact he refused to plead guilty to being at the Port Arthur on that day at all. The hearing was adjourned and Bryant was once more placed back into illegal solitary confinement. By law Bryant should have been given a trial after pleading not guilty but instead he was thrown back into solitary confinement.

With a new lawyer chosen by the authorities Bryant was eventually placed before a second hearing. Fresh from solitary confinement, in November 1996, he giggled like a child telling lies as he pleaded “guilty” 72 times thus allowing the authorities to avoid a humiliating trial at which they could present no evidence of his guilt. The only evidence convicting Bryant was a video which was supposed to identify the shooter on his rampage. The “running man” video is footage of an unidentified man helping care for the wounded after the shooter was long gone. It has been proved to be extremely irrelevant and blatantly misleading and it is impossible to identify anyone. This video is on this page.

Intellectually impaired Martin Bryant was convicted by a hysterical media pack, then forced to plead guilty by compromises or threats during his illegally enforced solitary confinement. No evidence i.e. fingerprints, DNA, motive, or blood splatter on clothing of Martin Bryant’s exists and so could not be presented at the hearing. Psychiatrists found that while he was below average in intelligence he was sane enough to stand trial. So a sane man just gets up in the morning and decides to go and kill an island full of people at Port Arthur (original target). Hello? Can you get your head around this? People, no matter how slow just don’t act like that unless they are crazy, yet, Martin was found to be sane so that he wouldn’t go to an asylum where he might one day become sane and be released. The authorities wanted him where they could be in total control of him, unable to talk to anyone, except his mother on occasion. That’s why there has never been a story from Martin’s side, no interviews, no journalists, no visitors – he could give the game away. I doubt that he even knows why he’s in prison.


To this day no one has identified the Port Arthur shooter
To this day a motive has not been established other than John Howard’s Guns Laws

and the authorities have ignored reams of proof that Bryant was nowhere near the Port Arthur tourist attraction on the day but had, instead, been lured, by persons unknown, to the Seascape Inn where the final drama was played out and where Bryant, although badly burnt, escaped the arson of the building which was meant to kill him. He was captured and became the patsy for the murders of 35 people. 35 people died to highlight the need for gun control in a country that had relatively very little crime at that time. The media concentrated incessantly on a gun being the reason for people dying and paved the way for the Howard Government’s disarming of a nation a few months later.


A lot has been said about the witnesses who saw Martin Bryant at the Port Arthur massacre

but these people were all some distance from the shooter and very few could actually see him let alone identify him. The photos, and movies, taken at the time were taken by people from behind cover as were all those who knew that trying to get a good look meant risking their lives. Bryant's short hairIllegal media front pageSo blurred and distant were all of these photos that none of them could identify anyone. The movie, entered as evidence in the hearing, (allegedly brought to Australia, at the last minute, from the USA) was said to be that of the armed shooter running down the road with a gun but later proved to be one of the staff issuing blankets to people held hostage at the site for 7 hours after the killings (so bad was the resolution). Photos taken from distances that can barely make out the shooter let alone identify him were rare as most people were hitting the deck and scared out of their wits but none of them could possibly identify anyone. Those able to flee the Broad Arrow Cafe certainly weren’t looking back to see if they were about to be shot.Most witnesses saw a man with long blonde hair and a large coat carrying a rifle. The hair was generally said to have been past shoulder length and more like a long woman’s wig. In this photo of Bryant being stretchered into the Ambulance with horrific burns to his back, side and hands, you can see that, at that time, Bryant’s hair (wet from being doused from being on fire at the Seascape Inn) was not that long. The photos that the media published showed photos of him at an earlier date when his hair was longer and this is the image most people have of Martin Bryant. The media played a major role in this conspiracy to disarm Australia and after the 20th anniversary proved that they still do.

Then The Fairfax media published a photo, stolen from Bryant’s residence, and spread it on every front page in the country within 24 hours of the shooting corrupting any line-up or possible legal identification. Suddenly people started giving statements that Bryant was the shooter. Some witnesses even identified Bryant wearing the same clothes that he wore in that photograph in the newspaper taken years before the massacre.

Graham Collyer PA survivorBut there were many reliable witnesses to identify the real shooter, or to, at least, testify that Martin Bryant was not the shooter. Some saw the shooter’s acne pocked face and remembered his demeanour as he sat at the table where he ate his meal outside the cafe.

One such witness was Graham Collyer who watched the gunman enter the Broad Arrow Cafe. Later on Graham witnessed some of the shooting in the cafe. Then he too was shot and lay bleeding through his neck, losing 70% of his blood while waiting hours for the helicopter ambulance.

When the helicopter ambulance finally arrived, Graham’s photo was taken and used by the press over and over without mentioning who he was and what had happened to him because they knew his story was not the official line. There was no enquiry, no trial and no one to tell his story. Graham’s own words are published below to add truth to what really happened on that terrible day. He clearly saw the shooter and could have identified him if he had been allowed, as Bryant was only wards away in the same hospital. Graham had not seen Bryant’s photo in the paper, however to see Bryant, and not recognise him as the shooter, would have cleared Bryant of, at least, not being at Port Arthur.

Photos of Graham and as he is today.


Graham Collyer – Port Arthur Massacre Survivor
“When shot, the bullet entered through the left side of my jaw, through my throat, and exited through the right side of my neck. It turned my jaw to a pulp, shredded 30% of my tongue, shaved my larynx and carotid artery, and clipped two vertebrae in my neck along the way. Because the bullet was a hollow-tip, it left a 4 inch diameter hole as it exited, causing excessive blood loss.

As the gunman entered the Broad Arrow Cafe, I clearly saw his face and clothing. Of the tables in front of the chimney stack, I was sitting at the one closest to the main entrance door. The gunman walked straight past me. He caught my attention because he looked like a surfer, but was wearing an old army coat. I found that unusual. He had long, blonde hair, 3-4 inches below the shoulder, a pock marked face and bushy eyebrows. He was carrying a long bag and a smaller one over his shoulder. He was wearing an olive/lime coloured longcoat (it appeared quite old, U.S. army style, the kind found in an army surplus store), and a shorter black coat underneath. I remember noticing that the gunman’s hand, holding the long bag, appeared rough and weathered. When the gunman re-entered the caf? and began shooting, he was no longer wearing the longcoat. The gunman was right-handed and held the rifle about 3 inches above the hip whilst shooting.

I was recovering in hospital when I was told the gunman was recuperating on the floor above, not far from me. I offered to identify the man who had shot me, but was refused. [Had he been allowed a few seconds with Martin Bryant, the whole conspiracy would have fallen over because he would not have been able to identify Martin as the killer] All they offered for identification was a book of small, poor quality Polaroid photos.

For the record, despite many articles stating I was an ex-soldier or R.A.F. Officer etc., I joined the Royal Air Force when I left school. My rank was Aircraftsman, not an Officer.”

Mr John Laycock – Port Arthur Massacre Witness

Mr Laycock, a previous owner of the Broad Arrow cafe, knew Martin Bryant well enough because he, and his benefactor Mrs Harvey, would often take tea in his cafe and she would buy him gifts in the store. Several statements have been made by various witnesses, and we have copies of them all, which cancel out all those who think they saw Bryant but, instead, actually saw the real gunman wearing a wig. Because Mr Laycock is now deceased I can publish his statement.

Mr Laycock was a former operator of the Broad Arrow Cafe, a well respected and decent local man.


Another important witness was Wendy Scurr who worked at the Port Arthur Site. Like most survivors, after the massacre, Wendy suffered a great deal of stress and is still affected by what she saw on that day. With hardly any compensation she and her husband sold up their home in Tasmania to start a new life and bravely took to the road with Andrew MacGreggor to tell her story and be part of an attempt to educate people about what was really going on. The media avoided them like the plague.

Asked if she saw any of the shooting at the time she said “no”, because she was not in the building when the shooting at the Broad Arrow Cafe took place but later on, talking to her and getting her to open up, the way she should have been taken care of at the time and was basically ignored by authorities, something came back to her that she had either forgotten about or had no idea that it meant anything at the time. She was never questioned in this area which again illustrates the incompetency of the investigation because people interviewed too soon after a trauma do not remember everything that happened at the time. There is so much else going on in their minds and often facts are left out because only the question arouses the memory to that particular part of the trauma. Over the years she has never recovered from her traumatic memories of that day but she willingly gives her account in memory of her friends whose deaths have never even been afforded an enquiry into their deaths to find out why they died.

She had just got off the ferry that goes to Isle of the Dead where the tombstones of convicts still stand. The dock is not far from the Broad Arrow Cafe and as she climbed the steps of the veranda she noticed a blonde haired man staring at her and remembered looking back at him, the way you do when someone looks at you and you think that you might know them. What she didn’t know at the time was, that the shooter was sitting in that very spot eating his meal.

As I mentioned before, it is believed that the original massacre scene was supposed to have been on The Isle of the Dead where no one would have escaped except the killer by boat. Because the island ferry had had a change of boarding times the killer missed the boat. It was then that he decided to do the Broad Arrow Cafe instead, probably because he was working to a time table. He might have been thinking, as he watched Wendy climbing the steps to the cafe, that he would get her inside anyway. Luckily for Wendy she only went in long enough to order her meal and then made her way to the administration block before intending to return for her meal later on. As she exited the building the shooting started, which would only have been seconds later, and not knowing what was happening until a bullet whizzed past her ear she immediately knew something was very wrong and ran to the administration block to ring the police. The bravest woman I have ever known, Wendy Scurr, and ITrying to convince the police of what was happening was hard since she had no idea what was going on but she could hear the gun shots and held the phone out so that the police could hear them as well in an effort to convince them that they had an emergency. Little did she know that it would take over six hours for the police to finally arrive to give support to the terrified people hiding everywhere. People who had no idea what was happening, where the gunman was, how many shooters there were, and what they should do with no one to guide them.

The firing inside the cafe lasted, at the most, a couple of minutes (even though the official version is 90 seconds)and as the rampage continued in the car park and towards the toll gate Wendy was one of the first ones on the scene inside the cafe to find the carnage. She had no idea where the gunman was and could easily have been his next victim but she was the triage officer of the site and her

job was to tend to the wounded and try to save as many lives as she could. What she saw was a war zone. People huddled under tables and behind chairs trying to escape the frenzy but somehow in those few seconds of combat shooting 20 people were killed, 19 of them with head shots. There was blood, bone and tissue everywhere. It was something that only hardened veterans would have ever seen yet this woman went about trying to save the lives of the few survivors while climbing over the bodies of her friends who had worked in the cafe. By the time Wendy finally got home her clothes and legs were soaked in the blood from the carnage she had waded through. As she showered that night bone and brain matter fell from her hair. How was she supposed to process what she had seen? Thank God for her husband Greame. 


Letters to victims from Ian Matterson

Kerry O’Brien himself reported that Wendy Scurr and Stephen Howard (both tour guides at the time for the Port Arthur Historic Site) were calling for a coronial inquest. Another survivor of the massacre, who lost his wife in the shootings, made this written statement (as verbally read by someone else):

“My wife Elizabeth and I were both employees at the Port Arthur historic site management authority and were both working there the day of the massacre. My wife Elizabeth was murdered inside the gift shop section of the Broad Arrow Cafe. One of 20 victims murdered thereabouts. I know that Martin Bryant was not the gunman at the cafe of Port Arthur ? How do I know? The coroner Mr Ian Matterson wrote a letter to a number of the survivors of the massacre informing us that Martin Bryant was not the gunman at Port Arthur. In the letter dated the 31-1-1997 [Stephen then quotes the letter that I’ve copied in its entirety below], well I thought long and hard about this statement and discussed the point with friends, you must understand that there Broad Arrow Cafe and Gift Shopwere many other facts of the shootings inside the Broad Arrow Cafe that begged a proper open investigation including workplace safety issues and especially the issue of the emergency exit that were totally outside the issues of the gunman. It was the simple fact that a coroner Mr Ian Matterson believed that he could not make any finding that was inconsistent with the findings of the Hobart Supreme Court, that really stirred me. The Supreme Court can only make the finding of Guilty or Not Guilty in the matter brought before it. It follows that for Mr Ian Matterson inquest into the massacre of Port Arthur to make a finding inconsistent with the Hobart Supreme Court then the finding could have only been that Martin Bryant was Not Guilty of the charges brought before him. For the coroner Mr Ian Matterson to arrive at this decision not to resume the inquest into the death of the 35 people that were murdered at Port Arthur the massacre due to this reason which he himself provided then the coroner must have been aware that Martin Bryant was Not Guilty of the serious offences which produced 72 charges (against) police brought against him that day.”

31 January 1997

The same letter was sent to other immediate family members of the dead to notify them that their loved ones would not be having an inquest into their deaths. No enquiry, no trial, everyone believe what we tell you and say nothing. The media will confirm what we say…….



either because they had no intention of having a trial or because these witnesses would have given up their conspiracy and Bryant would have to have been set free. No one wanted that. No one except those who knew the truth and those who need something for closure and for the sake of justice.


A Mother’s Story

The mother of one of the girls, who was working at the Broad Arrow cafe and who died trying to escape from the nailed up exit door, told Wendy Scurr that she just couldn’t believe that Martin would ever hurt her daughter. They had a horse riding stable “and Martin would often come down and they would go riding together. It just doesn’t make sense” she told her.


Reporter: Mike Willesee
Producer: Michael O’Donnell – Sunday Night on March 13, 2016, 8:45 pm
Presenters: Mike Willesee and Mellisa Doyle.

In an effort to rehash the official line on the Port Arthur massacre, Mike Willesee made a fool of himself by advertising that new evidence would be shown proving that Martin Bryant was the Port Arthur killer. His props were a recorded video of Bryant making an idiot of himself with a captive audience and saying the Find The Personsame stuff that I have had up on my pages for twenty years. The difference being that we could see that Bryant was also being cross examined by an unknown woman who we have never heard of before and was not identified. She goaded Bryant into saying stupid things that could have meant anything at all but there was not one admission of him being anywhere near the Port Arthur Historical Site on that day. Most confessions are typed on legal paper but we were shown an alleged confession on a large piece of brown paper in large childish hand printing signed with a very sophisticated signature that simply didn’t fit the rest of the page.

We saw and heard the same old reterect that was shovelled down our throats twenty years ago answering none of the hundreds of questions that have been raised in defence of Bryant ever since.

We saw sad little Mellissa Doyle acted out her part with an incredibly sorrowful face, her head cocked to one side that was supposed to convey sympathy for the victims. It was so overdone that it was almost comical to watch. No one doubts the horror faced by the victims on that day and no one feels anything but respectful condolences for the families and friends of the dead and injured, but to keep referring to the killer as Martin Bryant was more than most of us could stand. Willesee, in his usual ‘you will believe what I say because I’m Michael Willesee’ smirky demeanor was trying once again to convince the audience that he was the one with the truth and everyone else was a conspiracy theorist. He and all his cronies never even offered to invite our witnesses to the Anniversary reunion at Port Arthur. They all had to find their own way down while tax payers footed the bill for the upper echelons of the government to be there. Sickening

I believe that the conspiracy was conspired against the Australian people by the upper echelons of government authorities in an attempt to cause horror and fear by committing the most terrible crime of all time in order to get the gun bill passed. A bill that had never been successful before and polls (see polls taken before the massacre) showed that Australians were not the slightest bit interested in tightening gun laws and no one was afraid of gun ownership. So the idea was to commit a crime with guns so terrible that people would never get their heads around what their own government could do to them. They had to be Left Handedshocked beyond belief. 35 innocent men, women, children and a baby were shot down defenselessly, horrifically, murdered by someone who had killed many times before and knew what he was doing. Someone who displayed such skill and dexterity that few people in the world could match such talent. Yet, it was all blamed on this foolish, giggly man/boy that we got to see in the video on Sunday Night. Unable to do a test to get a car licence it is doubtful he could write at all let alone write what his lawyer called a confession.

Not content to blame Bryant for the massacre Willesee continued to interview the lawyer who was supposed to defend Bryant and instead worked in with the Prosecutor to get Martin to confess so that everyone could avoid an expensive trial. What a hero. This man John Avery, who was not there for the police interview, broke every rule in the book by not even trying to defend Bryant but instead did everything in his power to get a confession out of him. So Willesee put on his serious compassionate face for the benefit of Avery who acted like he was a victim of Bryant too. His excuse was that defending Bryant drove him to embezzle hundreds Not Funnyof thousands of dollars to buy paintings for which he did four years in jail for. However I do have information, from another of his victims, that he was very untrustworthy. Avery, who was supposed to defend his client and instead worked in with the opposition, was, according to Sunday Night, not to blame for his actions because talking to Bryant had turned him into a criminal.

The only thing that Channel Seven and Sunday Night did on the 13th of March 2016 was convince those, who were not sure about the opposing view, or even didn’t know that there was one, that Bryant was indeed innocent and that something was very wrong about the way he was railroaded without any evidence to put him at Port Arthur on that day.

That night forums all over the net were going wild showing just how many people had been educated since the snow job on them twenty years ago and thanks to them even more people got to find out what really happened. Good people everywhere were taking the time to educate the younger generation and those who didn’t have the net then. A one sided trial by the media left people wondering what the other story was and they got it in spades from thousands of people all over Australia who have not been fooled by the official line. So many were willing to educate those who were confused and gave links to pages some people didn’t even know existed. Comments from hundreds of people who wanted to know what was going on (it was twenty years ago) and thousands of people willing to enlighten them and give them links. It was a dream come true. The wheels of justice turn very slowly but they do turn eventually.

Martin Bryant didn’t get a trial. The media railroaded him and people believed the media and now the media was waking people up to the fact that they had never published Bryant’s side of the story and thus justice was never done.


The same old official line, same videos showing the killer so far away he could have been John Howard himself. Raking over the memories of the victims for sensationalism and Ray Martin putting words into people’s mouths because half the people they interviewed didn’t have much of an idea what happened. Wrong witnesses Ray. Seven thought it might be best not to mention Martin Bryant’s name and so every time they mentioned the killer up came a photo of Bryant on the screen. The whole thing was absolutely disgusting.


Forum Comment
Roy Millane 11:36pm Mar 7
“Terry Shulze former Barrister at law…When I was a barrister and some SOB was lying, at least I could rip into him in cross-examination. However, to sit there in front of the TV and passively let them lie to me was more than I could take.

I got an email from Stewart Beattie (he couldn’t finish watching the program, it made him ill) and he mentioned the ‘confession’ of Bryant about abducting Glen Pears in the BMW. For crying out load, was that the ‘high point’ of the show?

That was the ‘triggered’ commentary from his record of interview where he tells a story to the police. It is the second time he told the story. The first time was at Seascape on the phone to the police negotiator. He really stuffed up the story the first time, but after spending time with the police and reading statements, he got it a little bit closer to what happened. – Here’s the thing, a story is more reliable the more contemporaneous it is, that is, the closer in time it is to the actual event. That is when the recollection is the best. – Not with Bryant, the first story within hours of the event is a complete cock-up, but much later it does get closer.

How close? Well, he still managed to get the firearm wrong (the .308 was used, not the .223), he got the location wrong (the BMW was taken at the tollgate), he got the car wrong (Glen Pears and Zoe Hall were in a white Toyota).
Graham Collyer at Port Arthur Historical site in 1998he got the people wrong (four people were killed at the tollgate and there never was a lady with a child), he got the event wrong (Zoe Hall was shot 3 times with the .308 while sitting in the Toyota).”


Although Martin Bryant is not a reliable witness, there were some very reliable witnesses to this event including Graham Collyer who was shot by the shooter, Wendy Scurr who saw him sitting at a table eating his meal and observed him staring at her and – Jim Laycock who knew Bryant from before and was watching from inside the General Store while Pears was being abducted and Hall was being killed. – Laycock said it wasn’t Bryant. In time more witnesses will dare to come forward because they only want the truth to be told.


So, once more the Australian public are fed a bunch of BS by the main stream media.


by Keith Alan Noble

Innocent until proven guilty

Listen to an in depth radio interview on an independent station


Interview on the Richie Allen Show

“YouTube Richie Allen Show Interview “

Investigative reporters and people who have been suspicious of the Port Arthur shootings will be vindicated in this book which confirms their beliefs and throws light on those presenters like Mike Willesee and Ray Martin who blatantly pushed the official line in the face of growing evidence that Bryant was innocent. Even credible reporters like Ross Coulthart refused time and again to investigate the Port Arthur murders at my own request and still nothing but silence. They don’t even push the official line anymore knowing that too many people know of their unwillingness to investigate our findings and out the ones who plotted this dreadful crime.




Who is Keith Alan Noble


Biodata born (Cairns, 1951) and raised (Tully) in Australia; worked and/or studied in Canada (Pembroke, Halifax, Edmonton, Ottawa) and Europe (London, Mannheim, Seulberg, Vienna); married, no children; retired Education Ph.D. University of Ottawa; Ottawa, Canada; 1992 M.Ed. University of Ottawa; Ottawa, Canada; 1984 B.Sc. Dalhousie University; Halifax, Canada; 1981 Profession (Education & Health 1972-2001) International University Services, Seulberg, Germany (Director & Representative) City University; Mannheim, Germany (European Director – English Language Program) University of London; London, United Kingdom (Research Officer – Institute of Education) University of Ottawa; Ottawa, Canada (Graduate Lecturer – Faculty of Education) Canadian Heart Foundation; Ottawa, Canada (National Education Coordinator – Public Health) Alberta Community Health; Edmonton, Canada (Health Educator – Environmental Health) etc. Books (see,, 2013/14 PORT ARTHUR ATROCITY (working title) 2012 Classic Quotes 500BCE-CE500 (forthcoming) 2011 FIND! FALCONIO – Dead or Alive (2nd edition 2012) 2010 CORRUPT TO THE CORE 2001 THAT WOMAN: Lies, Damned Lies & Clintonisms 1999 living LATIN 1999 Quiet Desperation (novel) 1998 Two Hearts That Beat As One (novel) 1998 God, Gods & Goddesses 1997 Perfekter Service in 7 Tagen 1997 DIANA: Die Rose Englands 1996 Damit der Kunde Kinig wird (softcover) 1995 International Education Quotations Encyclopaedia 1994 Rezession als Chance 1994 Changing Doctoral Degrees 1993 Damit der Kunde Kinig wird (hardcover) Address Unit 72 B, Am Heumarkt 7 1030 Wien, Osterreich (Vienna, Austria) tel/fax: 43-1-9712401 AUGUST 2012



March 3, 1994: Channel 7 offered a phone poll of “Australia’s Most Wanted” viewers.
Q: Should a citizen have the right to self-defense with a firearm when attacked at home by an intruder?
A: 13,414 ,YES……….315,NO……….97% in favour
March 24-25, 1994: The Sun Herald-Sun asked
Q: Should the Government ban keeping guns in homes?
A; 1427,NO……….51,YES……….96.5% against.
April 6, 1995: The Herald-Sun asked Victorians
Q: Do you think (Victorian) gun laws are tough enough?
A: 89% said YES.

Few people carried firearms in this country in those days although nearly everyone had one somewhere. Unlike the US, where so many of these incidents have been nipped in the bud or defended with gun ownership amongst the public and licenses to carry, we just weren’t ready for such a treacherous act. Now we are even more defenseless. Thirty five people were killed at one of the most beautiful historic sites in our country and immediately the Howard government pushed through Draconian gun laws that had no hope in hell of getting passed without the emotional turmoil that followed the Port Arthur massacre and duped people into thinking that it was necessary. 19 years later there are more guns than ever, licensed and illegal, and still no more massacres. The last plot to disarm this country has been exposed but I doubt that that will stop those who are in power from doing anything like it again. Read what Media Watch’s Stuart Littlemore QC had to say about the massacres in Australia before Port Arthur



Stuart Littlemore QC
Definitely the most respected show on TV and one that can be relied on for telling the truth is Media Watch. Stuart Littlemore (QC in all states but Tasmania) was the shows host at the time of the PAM. Hear what he had to say about the media’s disgusting quest to snow the Australian people with media misinformation and outright lies told by the two major media outlets in Australia. I have never read a newspaper since.



Listen to the beautiful voice of this lovely supporter
Cherri Bonney

Song by Cherri Bonney



“No action can really be understood apart from the motive which prompted it.” Arthur Schopenhauer. 1851.

Just after the Port Arthur massacre in April of 1996 I became disturbed by the way the media was reporting the event and especially confused about the issue of Martin Bryant’s photograph being printed before his trial. I always thought that no matter how guilty you thought a person was, the law is supposed to presume innocence until proven guilty and I believed it illegal to print a person’s photo before he had been formally identified. The reason is to allow the police complete confidence in relying on witness identification of suspects who could otherwise be influenced by media publicity. That’s exactly what happened. They printed Martin Bryant’s photo Australia wide causing hatred and bias amongst the Australian public, or at least those who believed the newspaper stories and consequently had already found him guilty. How many times have you heard people saying despicable things like “string him up, murdering mongrel, put him away for life, rot in hell” before the accused is even tried. A man should not be presumed guilty until he has been tried and found to be so and even then mistakes are made and innocent people have been put to death on the baying of greedy media moguls who create gossip and are just as guilty for their false reporting as the authorities who have agendas of their own.

The incessant “in your face” harassment of victims and their private lives, to me, was sickening and I felt nothing but anger every time I saw another camera being shoved into the face of another distressed victim of the massacre. There was nothing about the inquiry, evidence of guilt, explanations of why terrified people were kept waiting for over six hours for help, why so many reporters were in town at the time? (“Wednesday 1st May, The Mercury (Hobart Tas) p.3, article by Chris McPherson, President of PANPA addresses 700 delegates from 17 countries of the Pacific Rim in attendance at their media conference) and were lucky enough to be on hand to cover the story of the year. Then there was A Code Brown exercise at the Royal Hobart Hospital. The new Emergency plan was implemented in early 1995, but finalised on the Friday just before The Port Arthur Massacre. Along with their 25 Trauma Specialist doctors from all over Australia they were ready for one hell of an emergency that weekend. The fact that a morgue truck with over 20 bays was built before the massacre and sold soon after. Two specially designed embalming machines were sent to Hobart “One firm in particular, Nelson Brothers, had organised for an embalming machine box and a special large equipment case to be manufactured ready for the incident. These two containers were the envy of all embalmers and worked extremely well.” as reported by one investigator. All of these facts were never reported in fact they were suppressed and dug up by investigators afterwards because had we have known about these preparations I think we might have become even more suspicious of just how ready the city of Hobart was for a traumatic incident of major proportions.

It was just too obvious that people’s emotions were being exploited by the press and sacrificed for the absence of issues such as forensic evidence, DNA matches, blood splatter on Bryant’s clothing, fingerprints where he allegedly ate a meal at the Broad Arrow and other areas, what caused the incident and what was the killer’s motives. It was obvious that they (the media) were not interested in why these people died, they only wanted to cash in on grief and sensationalise the events. When the gun laws debate fired up again it was not hard to see why everyone was being stirred up.

I was browsing in a furniture store in Moss Street Springwood, a family business where they built beautiful unique pieces of the best quality furniture. As I admired a magnificent gun cabinet on the floor I remarked to the salesman that he might have trouble selling it if John Howard got his way. We engaged in conversation and he asked me if I was on the net and when I told him I wasn’t he offered to print out some pages for me that he said I might be interested in. That’s where my journey into the mystery surrounding the Port Arthur massacre began. I was so annoyed about what I read that I wrote to the author, Joe Vialls, who gave me permission to publish his pages on the net and for over 18 years I have uncovered other investigators and like minded people who have contributed to these pages.


by Stewart K Beattie

That Bloody Door


One of the best investigations into the Port Arthur massacre was by a man who wrote some very informative books about his theories. Stewart Beattie gives insights into the killings from a gunsmith’s point of view and answers many other questions because of his immense experience with weapons.

There was another reason why the authorities didn’t want an investigation into the Port Arthur massacre and it concerned the amount of people who died trying to escape the shooter in the Broad Arrow Cafe. A fire escape door in the gift shop was nailed shut shortly before the 28th April to curb thieves from stealing goods from the gift shop. Desperate victims were piled up in front of this door on top of one another. Wendy said that two of her friends were amongst the seven of them and she had to lift up bodies to check their status….they were all dead.

The facts in this report cover many aspects of the Port Arthur massacre including an informative interview with Wendy Scurr, the Port Arthur medical and triage officer. Stewart Beattie has written a must to read article free in the interest of the survivors.




There are dozens of sites and videos on the net and YouTube but the link above will take you to what I consider to be one of the most informative investigations on the net. You will be a believer after you see the contents of this video showing a lot of live footage, statements and written requests from victims for an enquiry. In itself it has many answers and questions not covered by my pages.




Angry that prominent legal people in Tasmania, who should be aware of the raw deal that Martin Bryant got by not having a trial, Keith Noble started writing them letters to ask them how they could live with themselves knowing that a great injustice had been done and not one spoke up. He has written many letters asking for answers as to why Martin Bryant was ignored by the judiciary but he has lately been concentrating on the legal minds of the very people who should be jumping up and down about this shameful part of Tasmania’s history. He’s picked on the barristers. These two are the first of many that he will be writing to, accusing them of being negligent in their vows to see justice done and serving them with a notice to show cause.











“No action can really be understood apart from the motive which prompted it.” Arthur Schopenhauer. 1851.

Early this year of 2006, almost ten years on from the Port Arthur massacre, I decided to take a little trip down to Tassy and get some idea of the present atmosphere regarding the events of that fateful day of April 28th 1996 at Port Arthur Tasmania.

The tasman Peninsular is separated from the mainland by a road-width - perfect for isolation with a road blockFor ten years hardly a word in the papers, nothing on the radio and unusual silence on television where doco hounds and current affair programs will dig up stories from just about anywhere to get ratings. For months after the massacre television presenters, like predators, descended on the grieving survivors and the victim’s families like vultures with a tirade of emotional and in your face dramatic interviews to wring every last drop of sensationalism from them. Then, when finally they had milked the last “how do you feel?” out of these devastated people and shown every last tear they could squeeze into their news and current affairs programs, they curiously went quiet on the subject for almost ten years.

Most of the public were respectful of the victims privacy and it was many months before people began to ask questions only to be shunned and ridiculed as being insensitive. If you dared The Broad Arrow Cafe now stripped of all evidenceto mention anything on the radio talk-back programs you were ridiculed or cut off, implying that you were being inconsiderate and thoughtless. Suggest anything but the official line about the murders and you were dubbed with the badge of crackpot or conspiracy theorist. Usually nothing is sacred on TV current affair programs. They love to dramatize with their often graphic and over-acted portrayals in detail of horrible events, but nothing about the after-effects of the Port Arthur massacre.

Many investigators and people, who have trouble believing the official report on the killings, have aired their concerns on the internet because they just can’t get a fair hearing in the usual channels. While ever our media is monopolized by so few owners we are limited to the news that they want us to see read and hear. There is no such thing as free speech in the media. They decide what they will print and air. Even if they ask you a question your answer can be edited in so many different ways that they can make you look like a saint or a fool. They can interview you and concoct any slant on the story they like, editing your responses to make black white and white black. With hardly any opposition they can ignore anything they want and create sensation out of the most mundane events to hide the important issues. Go to my Gun Laws in Australia page to see heaps of evidence of this. If it does not suit the few owners of these monopolies to report a story including these investigations, which have uncovered some very serious anomalies in the official Port Arthur story, then it just doesn’t get reported or the coverage given does not reflect the importance of the event.

Of course there are supposed to be safeguards in place to ensure our freedom of speech is protected but if they can get away with attempting to pervert the course of justice by identifying Bryant and corrupting any police identification process, such as a line-up, then they can get away with a lot more. Were it not for our underground investigators, writers, editors and, so far, free medium the internet, few people would be aware of the deceit and blatant untruths told by the media and the government to avoid a Coronial Inquiry into these murders.

anti-gun campaigner who predicted the massacre
Roland Browne, then co-chair of the National Coalition for Gun Control (NCGC), who, with astonishing accuracy, predicted the Port Arthur Massacre when he stated, “We are going to see a mass shooting in Tasmania…unless we get national gun control laws.” – (ACA ,with Ray Martin, March 1996)

The Sun Herald reported May 5 1996 that ex-Premier of NSW, Barry Unsworth made this prediction in 1987 – Before Uniform Gun Laws become possible in all States there will have to be a massacre in Tasmania.

Can politicians and people for gun control really see into the future?

Yes, it’s true that this dreadful crime has not, to this day, been subjected to a Coronial Inquiry, an inquest, that is by law, essentially held for all suspicious deaths including suicide and some accidental deaths. All deaths by homicide are subjected to the highest scrutiny by a coroner for evidence at any trial. None was done for the Port Arthur victims. Certainly the crime would have warranted an investigation so why didn’t these innocent people, murdered at Port Arthur, deserve an inquiry into their deaths as citizens and visitors to Australia?

The official answer was that the government had no wish to inflict further pain on the victim’s friends and family by subjecting them to a trial. Furthermore, the authorities decided, before the hearing to convict the alleged killer, that they had their man, who was, supposedly, caught red handed, despite the fact that there is no forensic evidence to place Martin Bryant at the Broad Arrow crime scene. They could save the taxpayers a costly drawn-out trial by just sentencing Martin Bryant so they decided before the hearing that he was guilty on all accounts and a coronial inquiry would be withheld in this case. Never been done before! The most horrific crime in Australian history and no Coronial Inquiry! A tiny plaque beside a torn down building esily missed by passers byThe pity being that, regardless of the pain of having to relive the events of that day, many victims would have gladly endured a trial to get a conviction of the real killer and not some patsy used to appease the anger of the public. Furthermore a trial could have revealed reasons for the deaths of loved ones which would have given these grieving people some kind of closure. To this day the secrecy continues and no one is any the wiser.

By avoiding a trial the prosecution effectively also avoided the summoning of witnesses who might be required to give evidence and possibly identify the shooter. If a witness who happened to have talked to, been shot by or clearly saw the shooter could not identify Martin Bryant on the stand there was nowhere for the prosecution to go and all hell would break loose all over again. This was a problem since there were witnesses who were eager to testify that Bryant was not the shooter but curiously they were never put on the witness list.

The media accepted the official explanation for not having a jury trial and again got everyone feeling very emotional about the victims by poking cameras into their faces to film their private pain, anger and shattered lives – inciting hatred against a man who was not yet found guilty of anything at that time. Their vendetta was incessant to railroad the alleged killer, illegally disregarding the lawful path of justice in order to get quick results.

It is almost beyond belief that, in this day and age, a trial and sentence by media, breaking all the rules of fair play and justice, could brainwash the Australian public into blindly believing the official report and the media’s propaganda but it happened.

In the beginning it was not hard to believe that the reporting was accurate. To make sure that Martin Bryant became the most hated man in the country the newspapers went to the trouble of enhancing his photographs to make his eyes look Manson-like crazy. The same original photos show a quite, shy looking, ordinary sort of a man of insignificance.

When I first saw the enhanced photo of Bryant on the cover of The Australian he certainly looked like a crazy man to me. But at the same time I wondered how they could be allowed to print his photo before him being formally identified. He was not at large, or on the run, and when I saw the original untouched photo on the net I began to feel very uncomfortable about the way the media was telling this story, especially the way they hounded the victims to add sensationalism to their sickening over dramatic, one sided stories. It was obvious that they were setting us all up for something.

The Australian enhanced the eyes of Bryant to make him look crazystolen photos enhanced to create hate

Guilty or not guilty people just wanted Martin Bryant to “rot in hell” because they read it in the paper and saw it in the news that he was the killer and that was that. I would not be surprised that, if asked, most people at that time couldn’t have cared less if he had a trial or not, they just wanted him dead or behind bars for the rest of his life. The logic in that makes me terrified of the justice system knowing full well that some people with attitudes like that finish up on juries or reporting for newspapers

The expression “innocent until proven guilty” never applied to Martin Bryant at any time. He was never “the alleged killer” but instead, as every Murdock and Packer medium in the country described him before his hearing, “the killer”, “the murderer”, “the sadistic slayer of 35 people”. Only one day after Bryant was captured his face was on all the major newspaper front pages in the country in every state under the headings “FACE OF A KILLER” and “THIS IS THE MAN”. These accusations were virtually defamation of his character, no matter how guilty he might be, because he was in custody at the time but not found guilty by any court of law.

The television news and current affairs programs blatantly displayed props which were supposedly at the murder scene and items carried by the killer when in actual fact the film was shot in the cafe either before the massacre or after everything had been cleaned up because the dining room looked as if it was open for business. The weapons they showed us on TV that were supposed to be the murder weapons were in pristine condition. Then we were told that they were destroyed in the Seascape fire but then they later turned up again deliberately damaged and with missing parts, outside the Seascape Inn. One on the roof of a nearby shed and the other in nearby bush, after the Seascape burned down. How the killer managed to dispose of these weapons while exiting the burning building unarmed and on fire himself is hard to explain and never has been. Probably because the real killer had already left the building leaving the patsy to take the rap.

A mediocre lawyer could have done an investigation and come up with a very good case for this man already condemned of perhaps the worst crime in Australian history? It was obvious that he could have afforded the best defence since he was left a small fortune by a benefactor who thought highly of him in the past.

defamation of suspect before being triedBut the authorities fixed his wagon there again by another unprecedented move of taking away his earthly possessions. Reason being, to compensate his victims, even before his trial and being found guilty. But the real reason was to render Bryant bankrupt so that he could not afford a decent lawyer or barrister.

To this day there is only very vague information as to what happened to the $3.5 million dollars donated by the Australian public coupled with at least another $1.5 million from Bryant’s estate. Many people were compensated for the victims funerals (and rightly so), some medical expenses and grief counseling but it was argued that the bulk of the money went to business people in the area who suffered revenue loss due to the bad publicity of the massacre. Many of the families of the dead received little more than $1000. I was even made aware of people who, not knowing where to donate, took money to the local councils and it simply was never accounted for and consequently just disappeared.

Being rendered destitute by the authorities who confiscated everything he owned Bryant was appointed a lawyer by the court whose sole mission was to get him to plead guilty. Not an easy task since Martin was adamant that he had never been to Port Arthur on that day. Both the prosecutor and the defendant’s lawyer just wanted the whole damn thing over with. There was never any question of a defence, only preparation for a guilty plea.

Now, as described on other pages on this site, Martin Bryant is not very bright. He has an IQ of 66 and the mind of an 11 year old. A major factor in his defence should have been that the Port Arthur shooter far surpassed any ability Martin could ever possess even if he had been trained in combat shooting, which he certainly was not. There would not be a force that would take a man with his intellect under any circumstance. Another factor would have been the incessant defamation of his character by the media, including the malicious altering of his photographs to incite hatred of him. No DNA was taken from the Broad Arrow Cafe where the killer ate a meal and handled several items left on the table. One would think that with so many people shot he would have sustained some blood splatter on his clothing that could be matched with any one of the victims and would have proved his guilt beyond doubt.

Martin as he really lookedMartin the way the Hobart Mercury portrayed him

With all of the evidence that could have been collected to incriminate Martin Bryant only this vague video emerged from America at the eleventh hour before the hearing and was claimed to be the killer running from the Broad Arrow Cafe. I don’t even know what this is supposed to prove because it’s impossible to identify the man anyway. The same man was filmed at the same time from another angle which showed amused onlookers in the background lounging on the veranda of the Broad Arrow where the murders happened just inside the door. It is clear that the DNA evidence would have cleared Martin. So would blood splatter tests on his clothing and not wanting to call witnesses who could not identify Bryant the DPP had to rely on this ridiculous video that proves nothing. The only thing that convicted Martin Bryant was his coerced “guilty” plea.

Bystanders on the cafe veranda watch a man, police identified as the shooter, running down the road

Yet none of this was entered as evidence that Bryant was at the Broad Arrow Cafe. Instead the only evidence submitted to convict Bryant was a very grainy video film, supposedly taken on the day, of a man (impossible to identify), running down the road away from the cafe. However another video taken at the same time and from a different angle filmed the same man (also impossible to identify) running towards the camera operator and showing the Broad Arrow Cafe in the background where at least three people were standing on the veranda, looking very relaxed, leaning on the veranda posts, apparently undaunted by the gunman running down the road or the 20 bodies lying shot to death just inside the door behind them. This, so called, “running man” has since been identified as one of the staff members carrying blankets for the wounded long after the shooter had left, explaining why people were not running for cover.

from this veranda people watched the running manIt was from this veranda that people watched the “running man” running down this road away from the Broad Arrow Cafe. There was no explanation or motive for the murders. Bryant had no criminal record and he didn’t consort with criminals. He didn’t smoke or take drugs of any kind or if he had there were no tests done while he was in hospital to prove that he had taken any drugs. He was very polite and didn’t swear. He called men sir. In fact, without the media slander he could not be described as anything else but a fairly uninteresting, clean living man with a bit of a mental problem.

One reporter wrote of his cruelty to animals but others told of his love for them. During a police interrogation where detectives questioned him about his expertise with a rifle, he told of how he used home made cardboard targets and cans for practice on the few occasions that he went shooting but he never hunted animals. He wouldn’t even shoot bottles for fear animals might injure themselves on the broken glass. Some of the mis-information about what he kept in his house is pure sensationalism and typical of media exaggeration to embellish a story.

Where could Bryant have gained the expertise of a talented combat shooter? The Port Arthur shooter brought attention to himself by displaying an amazing ability for handling a rifle with incredible accuracy that far surpasses the average shooter. A performance, so far, unmatched by anyone else in the world apparently since I have had my site up since 1996 now and no one has come forward to say that they know of anyone who can match this killer’s unbelievable expertise. Martin was an animal loverHis performance displayed a talent that could only have been performed by someone who was top of the class in his field and obviously had more training than popping off cans in the bush on a couple of weekends. In fact this shooter was a young show-off making himself conspicuous by exhibiting brilliant intellect in his performance when he should have been shooting and missing a lot, like an amateur would. His ability to shoot babies and children as well as women and men shows that this person was a very cold calculating killer who could execute people as efficiently as anyone who knows their trade very well. He had done it before and was good at it…..too good.

From the book Deadly Deception at Port Arthur by the late Joe Vialls. “Brigadier Ted Sarong DSO OBE, the former head of Australian Forces in Vietnam and one of the world’s leading experts on counter-terrorist techniques and their application. In an interview with Frank Robson in the Sydney Morning Herald on 10 April 1999, Brigadier Serong makes it plain that Martin Bryant could not have been responsible for the mass murder at Port Arthur. “There was an almost satanic accuracy to that shooting performance” he says. “Whoever did it is better than I am, and there are not too many people around here better than I am”. He continues “Whoever did it had skills way beyond anything that could reasonably be expected of this chap Bryant … if it was someone of only average skills, there would have been many less killed and many more wounded. It was the astonishing proportion of killed to wounded that made me open my eyes first off.” Brigadier Serong believes more than one person was involved and directly infers that the mass murder at Port Arthur was a terrorist action designed to undermine Australian national security. “It was part of a deliberate attempt to disarm the population, but I don’t believe John Howard or his Government were involved. Howard is being led down a track. He doesn’t know where it’s leading, and he doesn’t much care…””

After reading Mullen’s psychiatric evaluation, one of Australia’s senior counter-terror experts, who had himself investigated the case, observed to this news service on the subject of Bryant ostensibly having learned all he knew about weaponry and tactics from “survival magazines”:

“If this guy had weapons and survival skills from magazines, then that conflicts with his learning difficulties–how could he understand the books in the first place? Any decent lawyer would have a field day with this report. They could pick it to pieces. For a start, Bryant worked out the military aspects of the shooting. Most soldiers couldn’t do that on their own, but Bryant did. What’s more, he outsmarted the police by doubling back to the Seascape–that’s not a low IQ.

“Then, look at the planning of the assault, the equipment required, the weapons stash, the most effective weapons to use, how much ammunition to take with him, how to use the weaponry, planning an escape route, creating havoc in multiple areas to keep the authorities guessing, and so on. Now, how could he have learned all that from books, with such a low IQ and poor reading skills? This guy had military training.”

Tasmanian Deputy Commissioner Lupo Prins, who directed the overall police operation at Port Arthur on April 28, 1996, observed dryly to {The New Citizen} in mid-April 1997, that “Bryant had set up six different areas of activity–he had police running in circles.” That’s pretty good for a guy who’s a slow learner.”

Forensic Detective Sgt. Dutton admitted to the media that there was no forensic evidence to place Martin Bryant at the Broad Arrow Cafe. No finger prints, no DNA, no blood splatter. Was none collected? Or knowing the outcome of the trial before hand maybe they just didn’t bother to collect any.

“No action can really be understood apart from the motive which prompted it.” Arthur Schopenhauer. 1851.

At a gun seminar in Qld one of our investigators was thrown out of the building for daring to ask whether Bryant could be forensically linked to the Broad Arrow Cafe and why the statement of one of the victims,(a man who had eyeballed the shooter as he was being shot) had had his statement ignored and refused to allow him to identify the alleged killer in the same hospital.

At another seminar in the United States Sgt. Dutten admitted that “There is no empirical evidence to link Bryant to the cafe”. In this day and age if there is no evidence of a man eating at a table in a cafe then he wasn’t at that cafe. Photographic evidence proves the killer was not covering up anything.

Forensic Det Dutton with similar weapon used by the gunman

These murders were accomplished by a right handed shooter – Martin Bryant was left handed. The shooter shot 18 of the twenty people killed, in the Broad Arrow Cafe, with head shots from a semi-automatic rifle (not a fully automatic assault weapon), fired methodically (one squeeze of the trigger per shot), from the right hip. The prosecution accused Bryant of performing this amazing feat is less than 90 seconds although independent investigators have interviewed witnesses who claim the time taken was longer and up to three minutes. It seems ironic that the prosecution told the court that the killer performed this amazing feat in 90 seconds because this statement alone should have logically paved the way for an examination of Bryant’s expertise with a rifle immediately.

The problem is that people who know nothing about guns would not know the significance of that point. There are people so ignorant of guns that they think anyone can point one, pull the trigger and kill someone, even at close range, every time. These people need to spend a day at the pistol or rifle range before they profess The ill fated Seascape Inn - scene of hostage standto be experts on what it takes to hit a target in the way this gunman did. His confident, methodical and deliberate actions revealed a man who had killed many times before and knew how to do it well. Only a seasoned and professional soldier could have performed in a manner similar to the way most people do when they are busy at work.

There is no doubt that, for whatever reason, Martin was lured to the Seascape Inn but he was reported to have fired over 200 shots from that building and hit no one or anything at all. The real shooter was gone and the patsy remained to act out the final scene. It would not have been very hard to have talked Martin into an adventure at the Seascape Inn by anyone who acted kindly towards him but it would have been impossible for anyone to turn him into a combat killer.

There was no defence for mentally retarded Martin Bryant. No one to point out that he was incapable of learning to shoot that accurately without some kind of military training. Although he hadn’t been driving long he didn’t even get a licence because in his own words he stated at the police interview with Inspectors Paine and Warren

Q. Hey Martin, how come you never got about, got around to getting a driver’s licence?
A. Ahh, I didn’t think I’d ever pass or get through the courses ‘cos I’m not that bright.

Anyone who knows anything about guns and rifles knows that one has to learn to shoot over a period of time to hone skills. Rarely does any talent come naturally. It would have been far easier, for most people, to have used a pistol in the confined and crowded area of the Broad Arrow Cafe but there was a reason the AR15 was chosen. Room to land an army but terrified victims waited almost 7 hrs for police assistanceThis weapon has a large magazine capacity, its light, reasonably stable and its high powered killing ability in the hands of an expert was an intelligent choice. In the hands of Martin Bryant it would have been a joke. In most massacres where a nut goes berserk with a gun, as was supposed to be the case at Port Arthur, there are always far more wounded than killed. The killed to wounded ratio is explained in more detail here. The killed to wounded ratio would have been a totally different matter even if Martin did have the fortitude to do the crime, which I don’t believe he did. Certainly if he had there would have been a lot less dead on that day if any at all because anyone not as confident and proficient with a high powered weapon, as this gunman was, would have displayed an entirely different demeanor. His lack of judgment and probable display of anxiety could have caused him to make mistakes that would have left him vulnerable to being overpowered during the confusion.

But this guy was so good, he exuded complete control of the situation in a way that scared the hell out of everyone and professionally he executed the murders as would a man who had had experience with weapons for most of his life. Martin Bryant’s experience consisted of, as he put it to Inspectors Warren and Paine:-

Q. How many rounds do you reckon you would’ve practised, you know, any idea?

A. Altogether, probably, probably twenty or thirty rounds out of that AR10 and probably twenty rounds out of that AR15 and that’s about it, mmm.


There is no evidence of Martin having ever killed anyone or anything in his life.


A. I had a couple of targets on boards.

Q. Did you.

A. Cardboard usually.

Q. And how many times would you have shot ’em?

A. Ohh four or five times, then I used to put the gun back in the car and used to leave and go home.

Q. Did you always maintain a full ahh, full lot of rounds or not?

A. No because I never, I didn’t want to disturb the peace with having a gun, a gun, ‘cos they make quite a big bang.

Q. Mmm.

A. Jump around a bit.

Q. The gun jumps around a bit does it?

A. They kick a bit. It’s the sound that’s worse, it’s pretty loud.

Q. Mmm.

A. Didn’t want to get in trouble with the neighbours because I didn’t have a licence you see when I was target practising.

Is this an example of the confidence and audacity of a seasoned killer? 35 kills eighteen with head shots from the hip, 22 injured, and 2 cars crippled in less than 20 minutes with only 64 shots?

At 12.40AM on the 4th Feb 1999 in New York City, four plain clothes police officers accidentally shot an unarmed black man on the stoop of his building as he reached for his wallet. The police mistook the man’s action as reaching for a gun and fired 41 shots from a distance of about 12 ft (3 meters), with their 9mm semiautomatic pistols, each holding 16 bullets in the magazine. The man, Amadou Diallo, died from gunshot wounds after being hit only 19 times. That means that from a distance of only 12 ft trained police missed their target 12 times.

This scenario should easily demonstrate how easy it is for trained shooters to miss even from close range. It also serves to show that you don’t have to be mentally retarded to be a lousy shot. These guys probably shot at the same range together every weekend and probably demonstrated far better accuracy on those occasions. However, with adrenalin running high under the pressure of an apparent attack mixed in with panic and loss of cool these officers were way off their mark. The Port Arthur shooter displayed no such fear. From the Broad Arrow Cafe todayin memory cross.jpg - 10048 BytesHe didn’t run. He cooly strode about in full control of himself and his mission apparently under no stress. Certainly he was not worried about disturbing the neighbours or apparently being arrested by the police. That’s because the local police had already been taken care of. They were off on a some wild goose drug bust that turned out to be a phony.

In 1996 a trained Israeli soldier went berserk in Hebron and fired a complete thirty-shot magazine of ammunition from an identical Colt AR15 (as used at Port Arthur) into a crowd of Palestinians at the same range. His thirty high velocity bullets injured nine and killed no-one at all.




APRIL 1996


POSTSCRIPT: Ninety-six football fans who died as a result of a crush in the 1989 Hillsborough disaster were unlawfully killed, the inquests have concluded. The jury found match commander Supt David Duckenfield was “responsible for manslaughter by gross negligence” due to a breach of his duty of care. Police errors also added to a dangerous situation at the FA Cup semi-final. After a 27-year campaign by victims’ families, the behaviour of Liverpool fans was exonerated. (; 26 APR 2016) Have added this to remind you how unjust the best of British justice can be. The legal system in Australia is based on the legal system that forced the families, relatives, and friends of 96 dead victims to fight every day for 27 years to get to the truth. And in fact, all they have now is a coronial decision. Legal proceedings could take another bloody 27 years. Read the book OUR CORRUPT LEGAL SYSTEM by Evan Whitton. The legal system in Tasmania has never undertaken a complete and thorough investigation of the official massacre at Port Arthur. The legal system there is a corrupt system which is used – lie, deny, falsify – to prevent and/or suppress legal action against the State. The Port Arthur massacre is a classic example. Twenty years have gone by and the families, relatives, and friends of all the victims (35 killed, 23 wounded) have still not been told the whole truth – and thus, justice has not been served. That investigators who work at determining the truth are ridiculed by the State tells the world that the State does not want the Truth exposed. That there was NO coronial inquest after the massacre at Port Arthur cannot be explained away with bull about an inquest not being a legal requirement. That 35 people were killed is reason enough to conduct a coronial inquest. (please sign the Cherri Bonney petition; The State should have done every act and conducted every enquiry to ascertain what was behind the massacre. But no. The State has done everything it can to stop you learning about what went on back in April 1996. Just this fact alone tells you that what happened at Port Arthur is an OFFICIAL MASS MURDER.





The real witnesses all agree that the shooter was younger and not as tall as Bryant. He had longer hair which looked like a wig and most importantly he had a pocked complexion suggesting acne scars which Bryant does not have. Besides there were other witnesses who had seen Martin in other places at the time of the Broad Arrow shootings.

With this in mind it was obvious to the authorities that Bryant could not be allowed identification by credible witnesses. These people, and others with similar stories, were not even put on the witness list, essential for a trial, and yet they were the only ones who had seen the killer up close. The only way out was to make up the ridiculous story of saving the victims further trauma by not having a trial at all denying Bryant his sovereign right to be heard and railroading him with just a hearing, thus having no need for witnesses or declarations.

There were witnesses eager to see justice done and the law shunned them. These brave people are the real heroes of the Port Arthur massacre because they risked their lives to be willing to tell the truth. They took the trouble to make waves so that their loved ones did not die in vain. There has been no explanation of ‘why’ to those who suffered the aftermath and if anything this must be the most heart wrenching pain of all to bear.

It is clear that the DNA evidence would have cleared Martin. So would blood splatter tests on his clothing. Witness identification of Bryant would have convinced me but the DPP used none of this evidence and instead relied on this ridiculous video that proves nothing. The only thing that convicted Martin Bryant was his coerced “guilty” plea made while obviously drugged.

Incompetent, Frightened and Corrupt Lawyers

A solid lawyer for Martin Bryant could also have, at the very least, pleaded diminished responsibility for his client since Bryant had previously been found incompetent to administer his own estate and had been awarded a guardianship by the State to take care of his financial situation.

In 1993 a case was heard in the Hobart Supreme Court under the Mental Health Act which resulted in Martin Bryant being found not competent to administer his own affairs and consequently reporters broke into the Bryant mansionanother stolen photounable to make any plea in any court due to his mental inability. How could Bryant’s lawyer not be aware of that? With that information Bryant could not be convicted of anything. He would have been sent to a psychiatric institution where he could have been rehabilitated and maybe eventually set free. Well, they couldn’t have that now, could they? That would not appease the lynch mobs and beside if he ever got out he might divulge what happened at the Seascape Inn and reveal the existence of an accomplice who lured him there to have some “fun”.

Clearly Bryant had to be locked up in solitary confinement and have the key thrown away. He would become our very own Man In The Iron Mask.

Bryant was a very lonely boy because of his annoying personality. He suffered from Asperger’s Disease. He got teased and liked to get revenge on those who poked fun at him by doing all the kinds of silly things like chucking rocks and disrupting class. The kinds of things that modern day ADD children do except he was raised in a time when the government was closing down opportunity schools and mental institutions. The civil libertarians had an idea that people like Martin, who had disabilities detrimental to the other children in class, should be integrated into society to fend for themselves. To the detriment of other students he was forced into the same classrooms and the other children suffered torment and loss of concentration because of his behavior. Today we see the results of these disastrous experiments all the time and, of course, it was not only our mentally ill who suffered the consequences of these do gooder’s fanciful ideas.

Martin desperately sought friends but besides several girl friends, who incidentally had never suffered any kind of violence from him, his father was perhaps the greatest influence in his life. He loved the boy and tried very hard to change Martin’s mental capacity so that he would become a useful citizen proof that Martin is taller than the shooterbut Martin’s inability to learn impeded any hope of him becoming capable of taking care of himself. Martin was devastated when his father committed suicide and it is possible that he blamed himself for not being able to live up to his father’s expectations as much as he wanted to.

In an interview with Inspectors Warren and Paine, Martin relates how his father took him diving and fishing. He bought a Zodiac inflatable boat which he eventually sold to buy two weapons only a few months before the massacre. One was a Colt AR15 more commonly called an Armalite which was identified by a Victorian gun collector who recognized it as one that he had handed in at a previous amnesty and was paid $1700 for.

He told police that a mark on the barrel of the Port Arthur weapon described to him by Inspector Maxwell, matched a mark on his rifle made by his gunsmith. “My rifle also had a collapsible stock and a Colt sight, just as the massacre weapon has,” he said. “I did the right thing and handed the weapon in and if the police put it back into the Australian community I would be disgusted. “They told me it would be sent overseas and used for military purposes.” See STORY OF A RIFLE USED IN A MASSACRE

“No action can really be understood apart from the motive which prompted it.” Arthur Schopenhauer. 1851.

There are conflicting identifications of the weapons used that I will not go into because its very in depth but suffice to say that there were far too many guns floating around that day which could only have been planted to muddy the waters. There are other sites which delve deeper into this subject and my links refer to these experts for more information on this matter. However be prepared to discover the irrefutable and almost unbelievable proof of evidence interference at the crime scenes.

Martin didn’t grow up with guns and rifles. His parents would not have approved. He was 23 when he bought a Daiwoo 12 gauge shotgun but he was so afraid of it’s recoil that he never even fired it.

“A. I never, the funny thing is, I never umm, got round to using it. Even though I bought it, but it scared me the thought of it not working, and probably ricocheting out.” He was afraid of the recoil.

The parlance used by Bryant when he talks about guns clearly shows that he is not very familiar with weaponry terms. It also shows that he was a bit of a wimp when it came to handling guns because although he enjoyed the feeling of owning one, as many people do, I think they scared the hell out of him.

Only months before the Port Arthur massacre Martin acquired two more rifles including an AR15 and for the first time in his life took weapons out into the forest near Mundunna to practice. He had purchased another rifle six years earlier but had never fired it because he couldn’t get it to work. A gunsmith told him that he was using the wrong ammo and he had to be shown how to use this weapon. However he still couldn’t get the knack of it so it remained at the gunsmiths.

Q. You went, you used to go down in that area a fair bit then?
A. Mmm.
Q. Would it be fair to say you go down there mare than ahh, you know other parts of the State?
A. With the guns?
Q. Mmm.
A. That’s the only place I used to take the guns.
Q. Right.
A. Nowhere else and it’s only been the past six, seven months that I’ve actually used the guns. Before that I’d never used them, before in my life.


A. That’s, it’s only been seven months that I’ve been firing ’em. Mmm


Q. Did you think that, did you think it was safe to have the ahh, firearms loaded in your car?
A. Umm, well they’ve got a safety catch thing.

A safety catch thing?

Thank God for that. Six or seven months practice on his own shooting cans and cardboard in the bush and he becomes one of the most impressive shots in the world who describes a part of his weapon as “a safety catch thing”.


It should be noted that during the interview with Martin and Inspectors Warren and Paine, Bryant’s legal representative at the time gave permission for him to be interrogated without counsel being present. There are several pages and portions missing in the transcript especially after Martin talks about the hostage and the BMW. Did he say something that might have incriminated an accomplice? Most investigators agree that besides the Martins and the hostage handcuffed to the staircase there was at least one other person in the Inn during the siege. Did Martin say something that could have given up the plan? While Bryant was calmly talking to police by telephone in the cottage during the ‘siege’ (and the conversation was recorded,) someone else fired an SKK rifle 20 times. In the transcript the gunfire is recorded as ‘coughs’ but an electronic analysis of one of the ‘coughs’ shows that it was an SKK shot.There was someone else besides Martin with a gun in the building.
footage that incriminated Martin Bryant

There was no way Martin wanted to plead guilty because in his simple mind he insisted that he had not even been to the Port Arthur historical site on that day and why should he plead guilty to something that he didn’t do?

At his hospital bed he was charged with only one murder that being of Kate Scott. He was confused and denied the charges. However in a strange twist, during the interview with Paine and Warren, he believed that he had used a gun to stop a Gold BMW at the corner of Fortesque Bay and Palmers Lookout. He said he wanted to go for a joy ride in the car and told the woman and a child to get into his yellow Volvo and the male driver to get into the boot of the BMW. He said he needed a hostage in case he got into trouble for not having a driver’s licence and First chopper in and a mysterious black van disappears despite lock-downhe was worried about the man driving off in his car and going to the police. Then he said he drove to the Seascape Inn to visit the Martins because he missed them when he visited them earlier in the day. However his knock on the door was unanswered yet again. For some reason, he says he can’t explain, he said he took petrol out of the BMW (that he kept in his Volvo because the gauge didn’t work) and he poured the petrol all over the BMW. He said he wasn’t sure whether he set the car on fire or not but there was a huge explosion and that’s how he thinks he got burnt. He said that he thought the reason he was being charged with murder was because of the man in the boot of the BMW who must have died in there, and he thought he was responsible for this man’s death. Survivors at the Fox and Hounds watched a BMW set alite on TV and screams were heard coming from the car. Yet the man who was taken hostage was said to be handcuffed to the stairs in the remains of the burnt Seascape and the Martins were supposed to be dead. So who was screaming in the car while it burnt on TV?

Now here’s another version of what really happened. No one died in the boot of the car. It was the real gunman who stopped the BMW at the toll-booth of the Port Arthur convict site (klms away from Palmers Lookout) as he was exiting the site and he shot the four occupants in the car. Then he dragged out their bodies and drove off in their Gold BMW. When he came upon the white Carolla he slowed down and shot the woman driver and kidnapped the male passenger putting him in the boot of the BMW and then drove on to the Seascape Inn. When he got there he took the hostage out of the boot and into the Inn where he handcuffed him to the staircase rail and that’s where he was burnt to death in the house fire and not in the car. The gunman might have tried to relate this story to Bryant and, perhaps because of his mental capacity, he got it all wrong because he didn’t have a clue about what really happened or what he was supposed to say.

Why would Bryant make up this story of taking the BMW for a joy ride and burning his hostage in the car fire where he believes he also got burnt? If he gave himself up for what he thought was a murder, then why didn’t he admit to other murders? Or at the very least tell some equally fanciful story about that part of the day? He couldn’t have been in any more trouble. However, no matter how hard they tried to get him to say something about Port Arthur Isle of the Dead where it is thought was the original site for the massacrehe adamantly insisted that he was never at the convict settlement on that day. He said he only had $15 and couldn’t afford it. When asked how his Yellow Volvo got there he said that he didn’t know and that perhaps the woman he let go from the BMW must have drove it there. He showed genuine remorse for what happened to the man in the boot of the BMW but he also thought that this was the reason he had been arrested and was facing jail. He was clearly very worried about this incident. Far more than any of the accusations against him for the murder of another 35 people because he believed he had killed his hostage in the boot of the car and would go to jail for it. However all of the other instances were non events to him because, as he said, “I didn’t shoot anyone”.

There were other occasions when he was said to have uttered strange things that would have incriminated him but if he did say any of the horrible things that his lawyer John Avery told the press he had, then it is obvious to any reasonable person who knows anyone with Aspergers like Martin that he would say anything to keep a conversation going. He was a lonely person and an attention seeker. After months of solitary confinement it’s more than likely that Martin would have said anything at all just to keep someone interested in him enough to keep him company. He could also have used this childish ploy to be aggravating and annoying. He was obviously being pressured into admitting to something that he didn’t do and could have lashed out with things that he thought Avery wanted to hear. The shock value would have been entertainment for him as prison confinement would not have been easy for him to endure without psychiatric help.

Bryant not long before the massacre with short hairgunman photographed wearing a long wig

In an interview with Avery for the Bulletin by Julie-Anne Davies she wrote that, quote “Avery also needed to persuade Bryant not to press with his not guilty plea.” unquote. Avery told her, quote “I had very little I could offer him in terms of legal solutions.” unquote. That’s probably because he didn’t even try to build a case for Martin. Even with all of the evidence he should have had at his disposal to prove Martin innocent his only plan was to get him to plead guilty so everyone could go home and forget about him.

Ten years later Avery discredited himself and was disbarred after revealing confidential interview tapes between himself and Bryant which he said he believed the public should be made aware of. However although, on the face of it, Bryant admits to the killings on the Avery Tapes, it is blatantly obvious by the way he has to be led into each admission and by the contradictions that Avery helps him ‘get it right’ for the records, that Bryant does not have a grasp on what he thinks he’s supposed to say. His eagerness to please and do whatever was required of him only serves to further empathise his Martin's lawyer was a crook and did what Bryant first lawyer refused to doignorance and absence of intellect. On several occasions Avery was on one train of thought while Bryant was on another and Avery took advantage of Martin’s ineptness. He admitted to things that didn’t happen such as shooting Mrs. Martin who was not shot at all but bludgeoned to death or knocking on the Martin’s door when he was supposed to have already shot them previously or not knowing the magazine capacity of the rifle he was supposed to be so expert with.

The communication levels continuously moved in only one direction and that was to get Martin to plead guilty. It was also obvious that Martin’s coercion had begun long before Avery had got to him. He had already been instructed on what he must say and why. As the tapes show Bryant’s main concern was how long the court case was going to take and anything that he could say to get it over with sooner. He was convinced that if he said and did the right things that there might not even be a court case.

In his initial interview with Detectives Paine and Warren Martin confessed to killing a man who was trapped in the boot of the BMW when he thought he set fire to it. He neither set fire to it or killed anyone in the car. the only crime committed here was the burning of a car - not murderThe man he thought he had killed was found burnt in the Seascape Inn. He was obviously told what to say and got it all wrong. He had no idea at all what he was being charged with and probably still doesn’t know. Martin Bryant should have received professional help years before he was incarcerated. He saw his first psychiatrist when he was only six and it was obvious from that time that he had a problem. The authorities were aware of his inability to take care of himself but they didn’t have a place for him to go where he could get specialised care. His father retired early to look after him but when he died the only other person who befriended him was the woman who took him on as a gardener and left him her fortune when she died. He lived alone to fend for himself in a huge mansion with a generous income. His mother and sister loved him dearly but they were not as able to “put up with him” as his dad did and they suffered the indignity of his imperfections as much as anyone else who had anything to do with him.

People in the mental medical profession see this kind of condition all the time. I know at least 2 people with varying degrees of the same characteristics The Broad Arrow Cafe showing the exit door that jammedbut because someone is a little weird, stupid or attention seeking does not predispose them to committing mass murderer. In fact the very reason Martin can’t be the Port Arthur shooter is because he’s all of the above and it would have been impossible for anyone to have trained a man with his lack of intelligence to be a combat shooter.

Who ever planned the Port Arthur massacre did not make a good choice when they selected Martin for the patsy. If the real killer wasn’t such a show-off and Martin’s IQ was at least double, the differences between the two might have been less obvious. It would have been easy for the gunman to portray Martin by donning a blond wig and acting a bit peculiar but for Martin to be mistaken for a combat shooter is ludicrous.

Obviously the authority’s plan to put Martin away with a minimum of fuss would not work unless Bryant pleaded guilty because a jury trial was the only other option. It was also apparent that the authorities were nervous about witnesses not being able to identify Martin seeing him up close in the witness stand so they must have put a lot of work into getting him to change his mind. They could have used torture of some kind (some investigators referred to his solitary confinement as torture) but bribery is most likely since his child-like mind-set would be easily enticed by offers of fair play and a comfortable confinement.

Whatever they did it worked to a certain extent since his lawyer was convinced that he had talked him into pleading guilty and they went to a sentencing hearing with this in mind.

However, surprise, surprise. When the judge finally asked Martin how did he plead? He replied “not guilty”.

I would love to have seen the look on the prosecutors face, or, for that matter, even the lawyer’s face, since he was the one who would have worked so hard on that answer to be “guilty”.

scene of a massacre - the next dayThe ‘not guilty’ plea was not accepted. The hearing was suspended. Everyone packed up and went home to start all over again. A ‘not guilty’ plea was not part of the plan and Martin Bryant was sent to solitary confinement until he agreed to co-operate. Never heard of before! Finally, in another hearing, he did plead guilty as would a little boy playing a game. He knew it was silly for him to be doing this and he laughed and snickered though all 71 counts of guilty, probably because he felt foolish telling lies.

This action was reported by the ever ravenous press as being insensitive and cruel, something that I didn’t believe for an instant. I remember when I was 11 and I can only imagine how ridiculous all of this must have appeared to him. He had no one to defend him or listen to his side. His lawyer didn’t make any attempt to investigate a case for him and didn’t appear to be helping him. From a humane point of view he shouldn’t have been subjected to a hearing in the first place because of his legal mental status. The whole thing was a sham designed to quell the anger of a nation stirred up by the press doing their dirty work for the anti-gun nuts who couldn’t even find a very convincing patsy, or maybe they didn’t know how good their shooter was going to be.

What did they offer him that was so attractive? There was no way that he was going to go free and they must have told him this. So, what do you offer a man condemned to prison for the rest of his life? A colour TV set?

Anyone can judge Martin’s mental ability by reading his “psychiatric report on this site” and having done so you can deduce that the simplest of pleasures might have appealed to Martin. Things such as a colour TV in a very comfortable cell where he could play computer games and order any videos he liked. What else is there in the life of a simpleton but endless entertainment in your own little realm rather than have a very bad accident and perhaps not survive.

The most insidious police ploy was to talk Martin Bryant’s mother into convincing Martin that he should plead guilty for the sake of the family. Not knowing the facts at that time this poor tormented woman believed that Martin would be treated better if he did as she asked and this ploy would also have been an incentive for Martin to plead guilty at the second inquest. I can’t imagine how she felt when she eventually learned the facts that prove her son was innocent.

Media generated hatred akin to a Salem witch hunt incited the public to approve of his death but attempts on his life would have shone a light on him and reminded the public of a massacre they were determined to forget. There has never been a follow up story about the Port Arthur massacre. No documentaries, no movies, no Current Affair or Today Tonight reports, no 4 Corners. Even channel nine’s Sunday would not have a bar of it at my own personal request. They knew the truth would only implement themselves by overturning their own bias reporting.

They may even have uncovered some of the truth about Martin’s inability to have committed the crimes he was accused of. Much safer to let sleeping dogs lie and keep Bryant silent in his “Iron Mask” behind closed doors forever.

The seascape fire was started when the police fired a flare into the building and it smoldered for a length of time before it caught fire. During this time the fire trucks were available to put the fire out but were told not to resulting in the building being burnt to the ground. (See the burnt out BMW, Seascape Inn and fire trucks near the building.)Fire Trucks At The SeascapeThere were at least three people known to be in the building when it was fired and only Bryant escaped after being badly burnt on his back, hand and side indicating that he was lying face down when the heat hit him. Perhaps this is what woke him up and enabled him to escape. But, why was the building fired on when at the time it was not known if the Martens and Pears were dead or alive in the building? Or did they know, since the real killer had already left the building. And why were there weapons found on the roof of a nearby shed and in adjacent bushland.

It is especially easy to keep things quiet in the present climate since the public seem to accept the silence generated by the media on this subject. Absence of any updates and ongoing hush hush about the subject keeps the peace and life goes on. Nothing is said “out of respect for the dead” and Martin Bryant’s name is never mentioned. The authorities and the media have convinced the general public to forget the man accused of Australia’s worst crime. He is behind bars and that is the end of that.

Those of us who take everything the media tells us with a grain of salt have heard a different story to the official one. So many blatant anomalies should aggravate even the most skeptic of us and anyone who has read the unofficial versions on the Port Arthur massacre can’t help but be curious about questions that the government won’t answer and the media refuses to report.

So what do the people of Tasmania think? In particular those who live and work in the Port Arthur region and may even have been there on the day?

Listen To This Amazing Young Tasmanian Rapper
Apple Isle Rapper

Rap by MC Greeley




Broad Arrow Cafe Memorial


I thought the best place to start asking questions was at the Port Arthur historical site, which these days is a far cry from the attraction I saw about 15 years ago on a previous visit to Tasmania.

The park must attract a larger amount of people these days since the four plus car-parks indicated the expectation of enormous crowds. A huge and very modern administration block complete with dining area and gift shop also houses miniatures of the site and interesting informative entertainment areas to inform the visitor of the original penal settlement. The lives and woes of the tortured souls who did their time at Port Arthur are depicted in print, video and mannequins throughout the center ensuring that the visitor is informed of our early past and our early inhabitants to this area.

At night there is a ghost tour that takes visitors on a somewhat eerie exploration of the site and the guides joke about the spirits of the dead convicts that presumably still inhabit these ruins.

At the end of this tour I thought that this might be the perfect time to ask if there might be some “ghosts” remaining after the 1996 massacre and my question was met with astonishment. However, more than half of the tour stayed behind to hear the answer.

“No, there are no ghosts of the massacre,” I was told.
“Why do you think that is?” I asked
“I don’t know,” was the reply.
Ghost tour“Do you think it’s because the people who died in the massacre might be from a more enlightened age and have moved on?” I asked.
“It’s because we had a cleansing ceremony to give the massacre victims closure,” someone else answered me.
“And you didn’t have a ceremony for all those poor tortured convicts?” Someone snickered with amusement behind me and I knew I was being pedantic but I was annoyed by the hypocrisy of the pretence to have respect for one kind of spirit and not another. These convict ghosts were raking in millions for the Tasmanian government and the more recently murdered were not even given a mention.

Earlier I had asked one of the staff behind the ticket counter as I was buying tour tickets for the day if there was a tour conducted about the Port Arthur massacre and I got much the same response. They acted as if the question was insensitive and inappropriate.

A very rude and obviously annoyed man listening in on what I had to say told me, with attitude, that “people down here don’t talk about the massacre,”
“Why not?” I asked, “the massacre is as much a part of our history as the convict settlement and to try and hide the facts of what happened only makes the event even more sinister. And why are you all so angry about predictable curiosity”
“We’re not angry, just don’t talk about it and we never mention the killer’s name.”
“Some of the staff here are still very sensitive about what happened and out of respect for them we don’t mention the murders.”
Same old story, even after ten years. Don’t mention the massacre and no lies can be told.

Regardless of who I spoke to I was put off with statements such as, “we don’t talk about what happened because some of the staff who were there on that day are still upset about it,” or Why would we want to talk about something so upsetting to most people?”
“Most people are interested in what happened here.” I told her, “and the Port Arthur massacre is an important event that should be told because to this day it has not been fully explained and we’re being told that no one wants to talk about it out of respect for the dead or the sensitivity of the survivors. I would have thought that the loved ones of those who died here would be, at the very least, eager to have a proper trial to reveal what really happened to their friends and family”

“Have you ever has a tragedy in your life?” was put to me. If they only knew that in my business the amount of people you get to know are so many and dear that almost every month we celebrate another funeral. Celebrate? Yes, because I believe in a soul that lives forever. Most people accept tragedy and get on with their lives because grief is a personal pain, not something to be used as an excuse to keep quite. We learn by our history and we require that the truth be told so that we are not doomed to repeat it.

We can’t suppress what happened at Port Arthur for fear someone doesn’t have a grip on their own feelings. We can’t think about upsetting people by telling the truth. That’s what happened in the first place and grief was used as an excuse not to pursue a trial with all of the explanations that could have alleviated a lot of pain and made closure for the victims left behind.

“But, it was the way they died.” the attendant said sadly.

Most of the victims were killed instantly with shots to the head. I should be so lucky to die so quickly. These people were not mutilated, tortured, hacked up, buried alive, stabbed or beaten to death. They were not raped or humiliated in any way. They were executed by a professional killer who knew what he was doing and had the expertise to accomplish his mission with the maximum amount of terror. His aim was to put fear into the hearts of ordinary people and make way for an even more sinister plan – the disarmament of a nation.

As an example I went on to tell them about the two little girls on the Gold Coast sand dunes who were raped and tortured for hours before being clubbed to death with a lump of wood about the same time as the massacre and didn’t even make front page news because the weapon used to kill them was not a gun. I found myself being ignored.

To believe that the way these people died is any worse than the way other people die is what I call insensitive. It’s not the way they died that makes me angry. It’s the fact that they had to die at all. These lives were taken needlessly but not thoughtlessly or in vain. They died so that Australians can now live without the fear of all those other non existent mass murders we have never suffered in this land of terror. Without the deaths of Risden Prison where Bryant was sent to rot and proably doesn't even know whythese innocent men women and children this country would be over-run with rednecks and gun nuts going on endless killing sprees. I’m not trying to be funny here. I’m trying to empathise the audacity of these slimes to use the lives of so many to save no one because the homicides in Australia have only gone up since the gun confiscation. Why? The bad guys didn’t hand in their guns and most murders are committed with fists, knives, lumps of wood and anything else handy at the time. So the whole exercise was just a horrible waste. These people died for nothing.

Finally, I asked one of the Port Arthur staff if she felt comfortable with Martin Bryant being convicted without a trial and the response tone was again one of annoyance.
“He has had a trial; they found him guilty here in Hobart.”
“Actually he had a sentencing hearing, not a trial as is the right of every Australian citizen,” I tried to inform her but she wasn’t listening to me.
“He did so get a trial, he’s as guilty as sin and he can rot in hell.”

Almost word for word what the Mercury had published in bold headlines to convince people that justice had been done and to this day these people were sticking to the printed word of the media. As far as anyone I tried to talk to was concerned the deed was done the killer is in jail and we don’t want to talk about it any more.

The people of Port Arthur, choose to ignore further investigations in order to forget. Ignorant of the facts, the hint of suspicion does not prompt them to take a second look and make sure that those they mourn get the justice they deserve. One would think that out of respect for the dead that they should want to make sure that an innocent man did not take the fall and do the time for the real killer. But it’s as if they are not really interested.

Hours later it occurred to me that the Port Arthur staff might not talk about what happened because they really don’t know. They may have been there and some may have seen dead bodies, bandaged and comfort the wounded and perhaps cleaned up the crime scenes afterwards but because no proper enquiry has yet pieced together all the clusters of confusion on that day I think it would be hard to make sense of it all.

The gunman did his job too well to be believable but he fulfilled his mission to inflict the maximum amount of fear and confusion so that no one person would ever really know what went down that day. The fact that these people had to wait over 6 hours for the police to arrive would be terrifying enough because no one knew where the gunman was or if he was coming back. Hundreds of statements were taken and yet to this day no one, not even the people who were there, know what, why or even how this terrible thing occurred, especially at a place like beautiful Port Arthur.

The shooter’s brazen, deliberate and quick execution of his assignment had the desired affect on the public and that was to incite hatred of the weapons used in the killings.

However, I’d like to make it clear that, as with most parts of Australia, the further away from the big cities you get the more genuine people become. In the back blocks of this beautiful state and at places where fewer tourists find their way we met some really wonderful people who took us in like family and didn’t mind talking about Port Arthur at all. Trouble was I couldn’t tell these guys anything. They’d had it all figured out years ago and for a while we relaxed in the company of real Australians who are used dramas that would curl your hair but the difference was that these people knew how to cope with the hard times without complaint or expectations of sympathy. So to all those fabulous “devils” we met here and there, especially the Lake Leake Fly Fishing Club at the Lake Leake Chalet who were not fooled about Port Arthur for an instant, thanks for the free camp and outstanding laughs fellows.


Almost immediately after the killings semi-automatic rifles were banned in Tasmania, the most peaceful and safest state in Australia with the lowest crime rate. Influenced by the Liberal government and the media push to have guns banned ordinary Australians were branded rednecks and gun-nuts and forced to hand in their weapons all over the country. It was Nazi Germany all over again. Prime Minister Howard dramatized the event even further by wearing a flack jacket in public because he was afraid that these, so called, gun nuts might try to shoot him. Hundreds of thousands of people, not only gun owners, marched in protest all around the country against the introduction of the laws but because the media gave them little or no coverage the public outcry was largely ignored and the gun laws were passed without a referendum.

A tiny plaque tells the story


On Sunday 28th April 1996, the Port Arthur Historic Site was the site of a devastating violent crime.
In this area, and at other locations nearby, a single gunman killed 35 people and injured dozens more. Staff from the Historic Site were among the victims.
Twenty people died inside this building.
Immediately after the shootings, there were many acts of bravery and compassion around the site, as rescuers tended the injured, not knowing whether the gunman was still in the area.
A man was captured next day, not far from the Port Arthur Historic Site. He was tried, found guilty, and sentenced to imprisonment for life with no eligibility for parole.
The crime, which was reported around the world, caused widespread shock, outrage and grief. Many people still suffer as a result of the events of 28th April 1996.
It was agreed that a memorial garden incorporating the shell of the Broad Arrow Cafe, would be established as a place of quiet beauty and calm reflection.
Open to the wind, rain and sky, this garden and these bare walls are touchstones for people’s thoughts about what happened here.

I took the tour of the convict settlement grounds which did not include a visit to the Broad Arrow cafe or any mention of the massacre. Having previously been these 15 years earlier I knew the general position of it but nothing could have prepared me for what they did to the building in an effort to obliterate all evidence of the shootings. The remains are now little more than a few stripped walls exposing brick-work reminiscent of the convict era. Were it not for a small plague in the garden surrounding these remains visitors would be unaware of what happened at this and other sites in the area.

A wooden cross overlooks a remembrance pool at the back of the building out of sight until you walk towards the cliffs in the background and the remains of the Broad Arrow is insignificant in it’s present appearance. The area where so many innocent people lost their lives is not part of the regular tour and easily missed behind a garden obviously planted to keep the area remote and isolated so as not to bring attention to it.

At Port Arthur there is no mention of the massacre as if it never happenedI spent some time in this area and listened to the conversations of those who had found the ruins and knew what had happened here. Their tones were solemn but so many questions asked that were not answered because unlike the other buildings where attendants greeted visitors and explained the history within the walls, there were no guides at the old Broad Arrow. For many visitors a short inscription on a lonely plague was the only clue to explain the awful events of that fateful day in April 1996.

Ask why the building was pulled down and you get the same response. Why were any of the buildings pulled down? To hide the shame of the events that took place there? As the convict buildings were once demolished to erase the events of that day so too was the Broad Arrow Caf? torn down in a futile effort to eradicate history and hide forever the evidence.

The cover-up continues even as new evidence peels back the tarnish of deception. I have read the evidence that has since been raised in at least two independent investigations and I have asked the authorities to prove this evidence wrong. We have been pushing for a Coronal Enquiry now for over 9 years and we get nothing. As time goes by, witnesses die, buildings are torn down and people are fed the same emotional drama designed to take attention away from the real story.

A man is locked up for the rest of his life for something that he didn’t do. Well, believe it or not, it happens all the time. But there are some people who don’t even want to know whether Martin is innocent or not. They hate him so much they won’t even speak his name. Despite the more recent investigations they prefer to believe the media? Afraid to speak out they silently convince themselves the media must be right. Perhaps the fear of the truth is more terrible than they can bear because if Bryant didn’t kill all of those people that means that the killer is still out there and that is something to be afraid of.

Our legal system can hardly be a system of integrity if our courts sacrifice justice for fear of upsetting witness’s feelings? Where is the fairness in that?



Besides publishing Bryant’s photos, altered into all kinds of demonic looks, the media concentrated on giving themselves credibility by suggesting that the killer was seen going from victim to victim on his murderous rampage and to this day people think that hundreds of people could identify Bryant because he was seen by so many. The propaganda is ludicrous since even the toughest of vets automatically hit the deck at the sound of gun fire and anyone who looked a little curious or uncertain were tackled to the ground. It is true that, at first, people just heard shots and thought it might be a re enactment of some kind but when it was clear that a dangerous situation was in progress there was no one who got a good enough look at the shooter to identify him. You have only to look at the only photos rescued from that day and they are very blurry. It is impossible to identify anyone from them. So anyone who saw the shooter would only have got a glimpse of him at the most because most people were so terrified they were afraid to move, let alone have a look.

“Another hero on the day was Jim Laycock, co-owner of the Port Arthur Motor Inn and one time owner of the Port Arthur, witnessed the events at the tollbooth and service station shooting when the gunman left the Historical site. He had the guts to retrieve his .22 rifle and attempt to stop the shooter but the Draconian Tasmanian gun laws, which decreed that bullets be locked away separately, meant his attempt to stop the shooter was hindered. He described the gunman as being in his low twenties and with a woman’s hair. Laycock in fact had known Martin Bryant in earlier years and said he did not recognize the man as Martin Bryant.” Ian McNiven – PAM investigator.


Somewhere there are people who planned a massacre and blamed an unfortunate intellectually handicapped man for the terrible crimes that took place in one of the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth.

I have gathered innumerable pieces of information and facts which substantiate a cover-up of immense proportions Mortuary Unit for Tasmania's massacre
over the past ten years and I am even now still uncovering more and more information. There is so much of it that it never ends. For instance we know that a Mortuary truck with 22 body racks in a refrigerated unit was built before the massacre and sold afterwards. Why would Tasmania need a Mortuary Unit designed for a disaster of at least 22 people.
Another example was the photo taken of a black van that somehow arrived before the ambulances and certainly the police and parked in front of the Broad Arrow Cafe where 20 people lay dead and others were wounded. This van was never mentioned in any reports and never seen again.Mortuary Unit sold soon after the massacre

The frustration of rejection is a hard pill to swallow and the willingness to stand up and be counted is becoming a more and more thorny path to walk. One day it will be too late. People will forget and move on but worst of all history will be written with the lies and deception of the winners as it usually is and those who deny the truth will be co-conspirators.

In a way I understand the apathy, after all, what is the point of complaining if the people you’re complaining about are the ones you must complain to. It seems that it is just so much easier to let Bryant rot in jail and forget about what is right because the real killers will never be brought to justice and the truth will never be admitted. It’s too hard.

However I know that, as naive as some people may appear to be, there are still some with a bent for fair-play who surface now and then to give me hope. I heard a radio talk-back host recently interview a correspondent who rubbished Oliver Stone’s movie JFK. The guest insisted that the movie was not about what happened in Dallas that day but instead was just a conspiracy story made up by Oliver Stone and made into a movie for entertainment purposes.

Not what really happened? I was flabbergasted and angry that this usually intelligent person had the nerve to dismiss the investigations of one of America’s bravest men, Jim Garrison, who as Attorney General of Mississippi put his career on the line to bring the truth to the American people in the same way many people are doing now for the victims of the Port Arthur massacre.

However, the host came back with an awesome comment when he asked his guest if the official story, that came from the government, could not also be regarded as a conspiracy considering the lies that can come from even the highest echelons of government using George Bush as an example. Are not these people also capable of creating conspiracies? Are they not in a better position to tell lies than most and follow them through? They have endless departments on their pay-role to cover for them and their greatest asset is the fact that most people are reluctant to accuse their leaders of any wrong-doing. It is much easier to accuse a lone nutter than an organisation of people who are powerful and capable of orchestrating events to make sure that things go their way.

Howard got his wish and got our guns
Anyone who believes that the patsy did it in both of these murders is not living in the real world. When you can’t get your head around the idea that a terrorist attack happened on our own soil and that our own countrymen were influenced into giving up the very weapons they could have defended the innocent with on that day, then you’re in denial.

Why wasn’t a weapon produced in defence on this day? Simply because this kind of incident had never happened in this country before unlike the propaganda which made out that this was a common thing and it was time to do something about it. All lies.

President Obama has the hide to say that the gun laws introduced into Australia have prevented more mass murders. What a crock! We didn’t have anything remotely on this scale to begin with. They had to conspire to commit a massacre killing men, women and children in a blood bath so horrible that Australians would be shocked and outraged in order to get the gun bill passed. They tried to scare the hell out of Australians making them feel guilty about owning a gun and forcing them to give them up. Hopefully Americans will see through the push to do the same thing in their country. While ever your country is armed by the people it can never be taken. We know this from our history which, if we keep heading in this direction, we are doomed to forget.









Dear All,
Today is the 18th anniversary of the Port Arthur Massacre, attached is an article from the Mercury in Hobart. When you consider the large amount of people who were killed and are permanently still carrying scars from that event what a shameful performance by the Mercury newspaper, but it was more than the Examiner did. The issue of Gun control was the only reason it was given any publicity at all. We were in a war zone that day too, the same as the war veterans only problem is we weren’t armed to fight back and we had no training at all. We scampered around like scared rabbits.
Some Vietnam veterans present on that day were so very helpful to us and after it was all over we were always able to talk to the local veterans when the PTSD was becoming almost too hard to live with.
I can never thank these men enough and they deserve all the accolades given to them.
Our war veterans not only had wall to wall TV coverage on ANZAC day the newspapers were full of it. Whilst these men deserve to be remembered, I am amazed to read that the victims of Port Arthur were only given 2 lines in the article in the Mercury, surely they deserved more than that.
I ask, what are they hiding??????
I haven’t forgotten them.
My kindest regards to all.

FOOTNOTE Wendy Scurr was the triage officer who was first on the scene in the Broad Arrow caf? where most of the killed and wounded lay strewn around the shop.
She not only saved lives but endured the trauma of the most horrible carnage in Australia’s history. She has never been asked to testify to what she saw in any court of law. Martin Bryant was jailed without a trial, without evidence and without witnesses.



This is a documentary movie, filmed over a ten year period, of an innocent man in Minnesota USA who was imprisoned for 30 years for assault on a local woman and released after 18 years when it was proved that he was innocent. To avoid a huge payout for the loss of 18 years of his life the local law and judiciary plotted to send him back to prison for a murder he did not commit. Unlike Martin Bryant Steven Avery had many courtroom appearances including two jury trials and was still found guilty regardless of the evidence that any sane person can judge for themselves. Become a juror and follow the trial as you watch the actual court room scenes and actual interviews with the real people.



However the victims of the Port Arthur massacre might, at least, finally be granted a Coronial Enquiry to begin the process of seeking justice for the relatives and survivors of this dreadful crime……if only the Barristers of Tasmania would speak out and admit that a major miscarriage of justice occurred under their very noses and they did nothing. We didn’t even think about gun control because our gun crime statistics were very low compared to the rest of the world and so we were the perfect subjects to experiment on. After the Port Arthur Massacre the media did its job on us and pretty much convinced a lot of people that a gun caused 35 people to die at Port Arthur. In the heat of a media barrage and a distressful time (which is how these parasites work) they convinced readers and viewers that they would be better off being defenseless than risking another incident like this. Never mind that another gun in the right hands on the scene American Constitutioncould have saved lives if not have discouraged it at all. No, the media is very tricky about the way they sponge on the tragedy of others for their own ends. Cameras were glued to the flowers at the massacre site, every second story on the news was about some poor family who suffered on the day and the endless vilification of Martin Bryant who was never ever named as the “alleged killer” but was called “THE KILLER” for months on end before being sentenced without a trial for the murders. Everyone went into panic mode. Immediately after the massacre, Prime Minister John Howard began a gun buy-back that was supposed to rid the country of guns and rifles in civilian hands and prevent more massacres. Not all Australians buckled under the threats of Howard who was so afraid of the public that he wore a bullet proof vest to protect himself from the hundreds of thousands of protesters who took to the streets in every Capital city. However the only report from the media were the few hundred who turned up to the anti-gun rallies mostly attended by politicians and anti gun-conspirators.


“No action can really be understood apart from the motive which prompted it.” Arthur Schopenhauer. 1851.

With bi-partisan support from the Labor Party the bill was passed. Most guns were banned altogether. Strict laws made obtaining a weapon almost impossible and gun owners were subjected to regulations that made a lot of them hand in their guns rather than be subjected to stupid regulations. Many owner’s guns became buried treasure and others kept them illegally making themselves criminals overnight and of course there were the real criminals who didn’t give up anything. The same poll taken today will be the opposite of what’s above and yet we have more crime with guns now than ever before. Mentality towards guns changed almost overnight. Mention gun in Australia now and women suck in their breath in fear while men go weak in the knees so good was the job the media did on the citizens of this country.




There was a time before the WWW when the world was controlled by the media to mould us into whatever they wanted us to be so long as we gave into their propaganda. There is a group of megalomaniacs behind the media who are trying to convince people that they would be better off without guns. Gun owners say their firearms are used for sport and protection. However the anti gun lobby say that guns are killing machines in the hands of the wrong people and the best solution is to get rid of them all. We say “get rid of the wrong people instead” but the anti-gun lobby prefer to let the wrong people roam the streets saying “people will not shoot one another if we take away their guns”. The problem is that only the legal owner is punished and the criminal, who has no rules to curb his behaviour, can be the only one armed and the only one who suffers is the one who can’t fight back. Consequently the criminal is given incentive to take advantage of a defenseless society in the same way a dictator does and we have all seen the results of dictatorships in both past and present governments. If a killer wants to kill someone he can get an illegal gun anytime he wants and take on anyone who isn’t allowed to use force to protect their family or business. Is that fair? Well, the anti-gun lobby say, “call the police” after you’ve been robbed, raped or murdered rather than kill the perpetrator. The anti-guns say that if everyone has a gun there will be more accidents, suicides and emotional killing than ever but there are some towns that have laws requiring everyone to have a gun and have hardly any crime at all.


Since time immemorial people have used various methods of killing one another and for the same length of time people have had to devise ways to protect themselves from being killed. It doesn’t have anything to do with the weapon of choice but rather the attitude of individuals whether one gets killed or not. Here in Australia, until the Port Arthur massacre, the gun was nothing more than another piece of equipment kept in the home the same as an axe or carving knife. Then we adopted the multicultural policy and our country took on other cultures and we saw a rise in gun crime but hardly on a scale that could be described as endemic. Most of the crimes were gang related and besides the usual homicides that every community suffers only a minority of people were targeted. The Americans spawned the anti-gun control movement which became very powerful despite the opposition of the NRA, even though the American people can thank the NRA for the opposition that we didn’t get out here. There is little doubt that we were used as guinea pigs by the anti gun control movement to see how a horrible orchestrated massacre would affect the public’s opinion on gun control and to see if the outcome would change opinion. One of the factors to prove this were the polls taken here in Australia on gun control before the massacre, as seen in the following poll:-



March 3, 1994: Channel 7 offered a phone poll of “Australia’s Most Wanted” viewers.
Q: Should a citizen have the right to self-defense with a firearm when attacked at home by an intruder?
A: 13,414 ,YES……….315,NO……….97% in favour
March 24-25, 1994: The Sun Herald-Sun asked
Q: Should the Government ban keeping guns in homes?
A; 1427,NO……….51,YES……….96.5% against.
April 6, 1995: The Herald-Sun asked Victorians
Q: Do you think (Victorian) gun laws are tough enough?
A: 89% said YES.



Unlike Australia, Americans have a constitution written by honest, fair forefathers with an insight into the ways of the worst of men and knowing that people must be protected from dictatorial governments and anyone else who would threaten their freedom. Americans have the greatest reason in the world for not giving up their arms and they should fight for it. Yes, there will be more killings because you too have a multicultural policy that mixes so many cultures and inevitably causes tensions. And yes we will have these arguments all over again but in contrast to the loss of freedom and the power of criminals ruling your lives there are far more incidences of the guns saving what you cannot live without – your country, your home and your life.





With the latest developments about the Murdock News Media and their proven ability to influence people through lies and distortions in other stories of late, we hope to broaden sympathy for an inquiry into the deaths of the 35 people at Port Arthur at the hands of an unknown killer still at large.

It is not true that the Murdock corruption has not extended to this country. I have been aware of it since the Lindy Chamberlain trials during which the media refused to report aboriginal women’s evidence that dingos had taken their children too and so convinced the public that she had lied. Recent deaths of children being taken by dingos proves that the media were negligent in their reporting and contributed to the wrongful jailing of an innocent woman.

The two media magnates who were responsible for the reporting of the Port Arthur massacre illegally entered Bryants home and stole photographs from his kitchen table while he was in hospital and the house was marked off as a crime scene. They enhanced photos of him to make him look like a madman and then they were published before Bryant had even been interrogated by police. The Murdock and Fairfax press were relentless to defame Bryant while at the same time ignoring evidence and obviously displaying dereliction of duty in finding the real killer.





One of the original investigators into the PA massacre, now deceased. His in-depth report complete on these pages as written before he died.



Author Carl Wernerhoff
This writer went to his keyboard a skeptic and finished up writing one of the most comprehensive accounts of the Port Arthur massacre. You can read this informative book on line.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

GO HERE To Read A Condensed Version Of The Official Story From The Book “SUDDENLY ONE SUNDAY”.

This is the story that will go down in history but it was written in ignorance by someone who knew nothing of what really happened. Gives no clue to any motive and ignores the fact that there was barely an investigation to prove Bryant’s guilt. We had a link to a preview of this book for your comparison but it has since disappeared leaving you with with no option but to buy the book on line from various bookshops. This proves that those who support this publication are more interested in making money out of the Port Arthur Massacre than giving the public a serious comparison. Truth is not about the emotional aspects of a crime – in fact emotions can disrupt the search for truth as is evident in this book which focases on people’s feelings after the event. Justice is about investigating what really happened, the motives, the coronial enquiries, the trials to bring out the truth. None of these things were revealed about the Port Arthur Massacre because they didn’t happen. There was no Coronial Enquiry and no trial to reveal the timeline and witnesses accounts of what really happened. We can’t rely on the media to tell us the truth so a preview of this book would have given you some idea of the extent some people are willing to go to over-ride what really happened with emotional stories of how people were affected. Satisfy yourself about the truth.


The price of 35 livesIn Australia, guns never took so many lives as they did to get rid of them




An investigation from a different angle by ex policeman Andrew McGreggor who has investigated, researched, published a book and comes up with some very convincing material to reinforce my suspicions. His CD book contains Acrobat footage and Real Player sounds of some events.




Explains a theory on how Bryant could have been lured to the Seascape Inn to take the fall for the real shooter. In the 10 years since the massacre at Port Arthur, Tasmania, the authorities continue to ignore concerns that there is no hard evidence to implicate Martin Bryant as the gunman. Superb article complied from various sources and condensed into 2 parts to give the reader a snippet of the information available on this subject.




by Stewart K Beattie

One of the best investigations into the Port Arthur massacre was by a man who wrote some very informative books about his theories. Stewart Beattie gives insights into the killings from a gunsmith’s point of view and answers many other questions because of his immense experience with weapons.



by Noel McDonald

is available for sale on line and since it is a massive work of information it deserves some compensation.




“In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens it was planned that way.” Franklin D Roosevelt



A collection of information from different sources.

If you have the courage to seek an independent enquiry from the authorities please address your concerns to
P.A.T.S. PO Box 3 Newstead Tasmania 7250 to
Australian Federal Police, 16/18 London Circuit, Canberra ACT 2601 or
The Law Council of Australia GPO Box 1989 Canberra ACT 2601







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