December 7, 2023

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The Truth Behind This Growing CULT Of CREEPY CLOWNS

4 thoughts on “The Truth Behind This Growing CULT Of CREEPY CLOWNS

  1. Children, for the most part have a natural dislike for clowns, some children fear them.
    It is we, the adults that have foisted these ridiculous creatures upon them.
    Mind you, as an older child I loved clowns & the brilliant old circus routines to the music of Strauss
    Radetzky March
    Voice of Spring Waltz
    Chit-chat Polka
    Viennese Blood Waltz

    1. someone needs to put a bounty on one of these buggers & well see how quickly one of the will be caught .. money talks.

  2. ive always had a fear of clowns ever since i was a small child because i had a night terror about one i heard the laughter through my house it got closer and closer until a bloody clown appeared in my doorway holding a knife i tried to scream but it wouldnt come out now this whole clown cult thing isnt helping it just started spreading into my town this is really creepy

  3. I was driving home from the gym one night and spotted a “creepy clown” on the grass bank, jumping out at traffic. I turned around and drove straight at him, and of course he jumped out the way. I had a bit of fun with this moron as I chased him around off road in my Ford Explorer, while he freaked out, squealing like a girl as he tried to doge me. After a few minutes I drove off, parked up and called it in. The cops showed up and arrested him. Guys, if there is more than two of you, don’t run away from these freaks. chase after them and show them you are not afraid of their stupid antics. Believe me, they’ll soon change their minds about pulling their moronic stunts next time!

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