The typical cigarette filter is made of glass “wool” fibers that cut your lungs to shreds over time

Why do you think the cigarette filters or “butts” that you find on the ground outside take up to 15 years to disintegrate? Do you know why? That’s not just some sponge wrapped tightly in paper, no, that little heat screen is made from glass wool that is VERY SIMILAR to the fiberglass insulation used for your attic. Ever get that stuff on your skin?

Imagine what these fibers do to the epithelial (soft) tissues inside the lungs. MDs don’t talk about the pool of glass shards at the bottom of your lungs that looks like a ground up glass pile–when they light up those x-ray boards, now do they? We here at don’t wonder why. We KNOW why. The reason these fibers are used in a cigarette filter is because they keep your fingers cool so you can suck back all that nicotine, good ’til the last drop.

It’s the ultimate nicotine delivery addiction machine–that little bleached white cancer stick engineered with ammonia-cooked nicotine so juiced up it HITS the BRAIN and HEART within three seconds, coming in as a vapor and the third most addictive DRUG on planet earth.

Fiber glass shards shred your lung tissue, fueling emphysema and chronic congestion

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is the same thing as chronic obstructive lung disease or “airway” disease or chronic bronchitis–heck–they’ve got all kinds of names for when tiny shards of glass rip apart your membrane, then get charred with toxic chemicals, including insecticide and herbicide weed-killer, and then stick to the scar tissue inside little tar sacs that contribute to poor airflow, which worsens over time and includes shortness of breath, extreme coughing “hack” fits and SPUTUM production.

Even Yahoo “answers” admits the fact that all cigarettes made today that have filters have fiberglass in them. Oops: here’s that:

tiny shards of glass

tiny shards of glass packed tight

Fiberglass insulation is what insulates most attics and keeps them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It’s made by grouping millions of tiny glass fibers, which are tiny rods of glass nearly too small to see individually, like glass wool. There is a reason why cigarette filters (butts) take up to fifteen years to disintegrate. They are made of glass wool, and that is why a smoker’s fingers and/or thumb stay cool, even when they smoke the cigarette right down to the nub/filter.

When these tiny “shards of glass” escape into the mouth, throat, esophagus and lungs, they rip apart the epithelial tissue, the soft tissue lining the inside of those parts of the body. This creates damage not only on the surface but on the cellular level. Then the chemicals creep into the wounds, and that leads to cancer.

Notice part 12 stretched out in the diagram below:

cig parts map

When viewing X-rays of people exposed to asbestos or fiberglass, and even smokers lungs, ground glass opacity (glass fibers sitting in lungs) looks as if someone breathed in glass fibers and a pile of them are just sitting at the bottom of the lungs, like ground glass in a busted light bulb. Can this be filtered out of the lungs, ever? Can a person detoxify themselves from ground glass “syndrome”? (//

Here’s what a COPD lung slab looks like after being ripped apart by glass wool and tar-n-feathered with chemicals, ammonia, bleach and formaldehyde from the cigarettes:

copd lung (2)

More cancer-causing chemicals in tobacco smoke:

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  1. The filter costs more than the price of the cigarette:
    So how are the cigarette manufacturers making money … ?

    Don’t tell me that the cigarette companies are yet another Global Corporate Body being subsidised from the Public Purse.

    NEPOTISM – the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends – especially by doing –

    Ladies & Gents the system is rigged.

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