The Victorian State Government in Australia is planning on “locking out” the unvaccinated from medical care.

This disgusting and compromised criminal makes me sick in the stomach but we as Australians keep putting up with this madness so it’s only going to get worse, much worse. 

The bastard states that this is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated but how can unvaccinated Australians be a threat to vaccinated Australians if the COVID jabs work? 


2 thoughts on “The Victorian State Government in Australia is planning on “locking out” the unvaccinated from medical care.

  1. This is completely disgusting. He is a true dictator. What right has a government got to say or do this? At least I know what is on this wicked man’s mind. I live in Melbourne. I won’t get the blood clot shot, so under Andrew’s regulation-to-be I won’t be able to get medicine for asthma or atopy. If I need emergency care – I’ll be left out in the cold. Yep, the jab doesn’t really protect, by their own admission, yet they want everyone to take it. They’ve even admitted the jab doesn’t stop people who have been jabbed from spreading it to others. So why is that fool Andrews talking only about unvaccinated people spreading a virus? And if the virus is so harmful, why are the unvaccinated happily and healthily still walking around? How are they spreading something they don’t have? How do they have something they don’t have symptoms for? And where is the evidence of this virus and these new strains anyway? It is the “vaccinated” that will get the symptoms and be prone to illness – and meanwhile those that don’t get the jab will be seen as dirty. In Andrews mind, those that don’t accept his beast system are dirty and filthy – full of Covid.

    1. Agreed! This is monstrous. Can’t believe Australia has devolved so much. We need to get rid of these thugs. No one has isolated this virus to date. They have censored all treatments which cost pennies so that they could get the vaccine out, which I suspect not only does damage to the body but may or later be used to control a person. What is to stop them putting all sorts of dastardly things in these jabs. We would not know. The only reason for a vaccine passport is for tracking and control, plain and simple.
      This is worth a watch

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