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The War On You With Robert Deutsch

Robert Deutsch

Tell it like it is Robert?? …Chem Bombs absolutely suck! We are being poisoned by Chemicals in our skies, Fluoride in our water and Vaccines directly into our bodies!…..What could possibly go wrong with that? How is everyone feeling today? I know I have been dealing with a migraine for 72 hours!

Please share this video to educate the blinded sheep that are going to take us down with this sinking ship we call humanity if we do not get off our arses and educate them!? What will it take for you to act?
Would you like us to share a flyer in pdf so you can print it off to hand out to people like I have done with “What’s in a Vaccine flyer”? We would be more than happy to assist with such an important tool for you all…People must know what is going on in our skies and flyers are a fabulous way to make them question all the lies we have been fed.
Lead them down the rabbit hole of betrayal…it is our duty as the awakened to save humanity and our beautiful home… planet earth…



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1 thought on “The War On You With Robert Deutsch

  1. Not that I believe the the Australian census is true & correct – at any time – but especially this time it is so shonky that it reeks.

    BUT – according to the last “botched” census – 1/6 of the Australian population is over 65 years old.
    * The population of Australia is … 24.641.662 divided by 1/6 equals … 4.106.910 remainder 2.
    (I did this without a calculator – hey)
    That leaves 20.534.752 aprox: of the Australian population younger than 65 years old.
    How old is old ?
    How old do you have to be to be considered a burden on the Australian society.
    One of the HOARDS OF THE AGED who will decimate the Australian Economy to come ?
    1/6 of the population being over 65 years does not constitute a threat to the economic stability of Australia – 1/6 of the population being over 65 / a PENSIONER – is not going to decimate the Australian Economy.

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