December 5, 2023

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“PODCAST” The World Is A Business But Do Truthers Have A Plan For A Way Out

“Howdy Members” A Chat with Corey about his incredible research on is the World A Business and if it truly is ran as such, is there a way out of this business and/or how to navigate the business we are part of. We discuss the major paradigms that concern most truthers which are 1) Government – Candidacy Of Oath Forms 2) Currency / Debt / Interest 3) Tax System 4) 5G / Cell Companies 5) Fluoridated Water 6) Food Producers / GMOs 7) Vaccines / Big Pharma 😎 Media & All Books / History 9) Legal System.

Over this almost 2 hours we discuss is there a solution to change any of these major paradigms from a macro level. No real truther channel presents a step A to Z solution and we ask the question why and we try to entertain workable solutions to each of these major problems to see if we can positively effect change or determine is the change truly starting and ending with the individual.

Corey & I do welcome true solutions and if you have a solution, please post it in the comments and we can maybe do a show on it and break it down to help others get involved in positive change. Thank you to all for giving Corey & I the opportunity to maybe pass on information that can give you a most positive vision on the Matrix we all inhabit. 




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