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Produced by Anton Karamanutsa. All credits to Wes Penre: “After a while, however, it was time to be recycled again. The Sirians and their helpers, residing in this dimension, and whose job it was to manage these ‘in between’ spirits, had to block the memories of their victims before they were shot back into a body. So the souls who were about to be recycled received some heavy-duty implants before they were ready for their next lives. They were put in a chair and were spun around, while bombarded with images in a rapid speed, telling them to obey their masters, and to forget about previous lives. Some of these implant stations were located on Mars, others in the Pyrenees[13][14]. From there, the soul was then shot into a new body with all memories erased, and so it went on, life after life, up to this very day. Very little has changed. The only thing that apparently has changed over time is that some souls who have been heavily implanted over time, appear not to need the amnesia treatment anymore, and will automatically take a new body when one becomes available; they don’t even have to go through the Tunnel of Light at all.”… Chris Gaylord:…

3 thoughts on “THEY RECYCLE YOUR SOUL by Wes Penre

  1. If reincarnation is fact then it postures the question of memory….. why don’t we remember our past lives.
    After all, as we have been likened to the digital 0’s and 1’s that run our computers, then is not it possible that these 0’S and 1’s could be programmed and that our reality is merely an App?…. yes the same shit you download onto your iPhone!
    A little disturbing if you are religious and believe in a maker but as our science just cannot explain reality then it’s up to you…… Gus

  2. If we were physical manifestations of the memory of the universe.
    According to physics, energy cannot be created, nor can it be destroyed.
    Which means that each & everyone of us were here at the beginning.
    And we will still be here at the end.
    Eternal life.
    Maybe it would tarnish the experience of a new experience for the universal memory.
    Maybe our physical presence would burn out with overload.
    Maybe our consciousness is not vast enough to hold all that data.
    Maybe, as a result, we wouldn’t enjoy sex .. that would be a big pile of poop on our new life, n’est pas.

    1. The British TV series Torchwood:
      series three – Children of Earth .. Aliens feed off earth children for a hit & maybe that is how the universe feeds off us (?)
      Interesting series to watch.

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