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Think the government doesn’t spray citizens with chemicals and pathogens?


It is perhaps one of the oldest of all conspiracies: Your government is conducting a wide range of experimental research on various populations without their knowledge, much less permission – research that has come with consequences to health and well-being.

For its part, Natural News has regularly reported on the phenomena known as chemtrails, lingering cloudy streaks left in the wake of some aircraft that are replete with heavy metal toxins like aluminum, barium and strontium.

Others have dismissed this as absurd, despite some regional testing by independent labs – and other government-sponsored initiatives such as the Air Force’s 1990’s initiative to control the weather via modification by 2025, which could be accomplished by “cloud seeding,” which is already a commercial venture.

Well, whatever you believe, a new report reveals that the U.S. government actually has conducted biological and chemical experimentation on some of its citizens.

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