This Should Raise More Questions: Health Experts Slam Anti-Vaxxers’ Zika Virus Conspiracy Theory As ‘Absurd’


HEALTH experts have slammed claims made by Australian anti-vaccination advocates that a popular vaccine administered to pregnant women causes the Zika virus, arguing the “absurd” claims have “no scientific basis”.

Members of the “Anti Vaccination Australia” Facebook group, which has almost 3,000 members, say it’s no coincidence the Tdap vaccine used to prevent diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) in pregnant women was introduced in Brazil just months before the Zika virus outbreak.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr’s mother Therese, who made headlines last year when she revealed her typical ‘Day On A Plate’ and is a known anti-vaxxer, supports these claims.

On her Facebook page, Kerr shared a story from titled “TDAP Vaccine in Pregnant Women ACTUAL Cause of Zika Birth Defects? (You Need To Read This)”, which used the image below to sell the story.

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