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Tommy Robinson and the Zionist-Controlled Alt Right Media



Tommy Robinson is hailed as a courageous hero for the British people, but he is an agent of jewish supremacists doing everything he can to further their agenda.

Renegade Editor’s Note: This is from one year ago, but is relevant considering recent events. This commentator defends Muslims a bit too much for my liking and mentions “White supremacists” unironically, which is usually a red flag, but it seems he is referencing the old “bagel Nazis” who fulfill the jewish stereotype.



4 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson and the Zionist-Controlled Alt Right Media

  1. Is old Tommy Rot a Shill for the Zionist monsters.
    It’s the Zionist Jews, supported by Jews, that have insidiously promoted open immigration of diverse cultures into all Nations whilst forbidding this type of immigration into Israel.
    Flooding Nations with other cultures has proven to be nothing more than internal strife that can, eventually, lead to Civil war.
    This is what the Zionist Jews want and they promote this strife in each of the Nations that accept multicultural immigration via the Zionist lobby groups.
    Tommy Rot has been involved with the Rothschild organisations that promote this strife so it would be fair to say that Tommy is stirring the pot for the Rothschild/Zionist agenda.

  2. Hi Gus.

    Must, must watch: Love\Hate Series 3. Episode 1. Irish dramatic TV series.
    Series 1. Episode 1 & 2 – is a mind blowing introduction.
    Is this how the other half live?
    Is this – what – 10% of the EU mindset ? – 50% of the EU mindset – more – ?.
    My God !!!

  3. If this TV series represents only 10% of Irish culture & the illegal drugs & arms come from Spain – opium which originates in Afghanistan & Arms from who knows where channelled through Israel – the whole of the EU & is drug addicted & insane – equally the Middle East & the whole of Africa.
    ISLAM is a cover for that deviant lifestyle – the Middle Eastern ELEMENT that has migrated to the EU – will feel right at home anywhere throughout the EU.
    So – it begs the question – are the Males imported to The EU from the Middle East & Africa actually – thugs employed by competing Organised Syndicates.
    Have they gone over to the EU to take over the illegal DRUG – ARMS – & SEX INDUSTRY TRADE ???
    If so – who sent them ??
    Who has ambitions to take over organised crime in the EU ?
    Israel ?

  4. The promise of things to come:

    MUST WATCH – Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity – A Pentagon Video Youtube.

    This video is their GOAL & they will achieve it With DRUGS & GUNS.

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