December 5, 2023

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TOTT News Member Circle: Control Structure

Human society has been systematically engineered to center around a methodology of keeping all populations in a permanently autistic-like condition, through means of television, social media, genetic manipulation, cultural indoctrination and more.

This system, executed by preeminent scientific and technological institutions, is following a blueprint written by some of the most notable dystopian authors of all time — many of which were part of this collective themselves.

What are some of the most important links and questions surrounding this structure of control?

On the latest Member Circle Podcast, Ethan and Adam  from crazz files discuss a number of pressing topics, including living in a world of deception and lies, the emerging technocratic state, George Orwell and the Huxley family, social conditioning and much more.


7 thoughts on “TOTT News Member Circle: Control Structure

  1. Human society has been systematically engineered to ….

    HOW ??
    In that the few – when we consider the size of the global population – control the MONEY SYSTEM ??

    Today we can print copious amounts of money without their assistance, approval or knowledge
    Patience is a virtue –
    These are early days – we the people – are just becoming proficient with the role of leader.

  2. It Shall Come To Pass
    Are the most powerful words in the world.
    Money in the right hands make all the difference.
    Surely you can see that we are on the brink of doom.
    The universe will not allow the few to decimate an eternity of creation.

  3. Guess what happened to me last night ??

    We went to dinner with friends & met & made new friends – from abroad no less.
    We then made our way to a house with a carpark.
    Who in God’s name can afford a car park of their own !!
    There were more new people to befriend, we had drinks, chatted, them made our way to a room with a large table, candelabras with lit candles & the scent of bergamot & lemon oils.
    Yes folks, we were to participate in a seance.
    Needless to say that snap, crackle & pop happened.

    As my escort & I walked to the car, we were enchanted to discover that we were being followed by
    * 3 ghosts
    * 2 demons
    * a gaggle of goblins
    * numerous pixies
    * a witch.
    We arrived at the car & my escort whispered, “Tell them to go back.”
    “It is very cold outside, you really should all go back inside.” Me.
    They just looked at me.
    “Let’s get into the car & go,” was his suggestion as he stuffed me quickly into the front seat.
    We looked & they were gone.
    The car was making funny noises ??
    No it wasn’t.
    Determined, they had accommodated themself in to the boot of the car.
    It was the wee small hours & the neighbors sleep at night.
    Or they would have seen the parade that has come to stay.
    Obviously to be of assistance, otherwise they are otherwise occupied with their own business.
    It’s showtime again.
    Will the next contestant come on down.
    Yes, yes, that’s you.
    Oh yes it is.
    Come now, don’t be shy, we’re going to have so much fun
    Just you & I.

  4. I read something funny the other day.
    And I forgot to say.

    Due to the global internet connection.
    News has got about that child Vaccination is designed to damage the infant.
    Henceforth in underdeveloped nations & locations, it is deemed that INTERNATIONAL AID providers are the carriers of this technology & are KILLED on sight.
    The UN
    Medecins Sans Frontieres
    You name it, it is considered a pariah & shot on sight.
    And not before time either.

  5. Poor Annie. Annie, beloved of Mountain Man
    Is going BLIND.
    Now, now, dear.

    It is not her eyes that are at fault.
    It is that the mechanisms within her brain.
    Which allow the brain to decipher & orchestrate correct vision.
    Have fallen out of synchronicity.
    Alas, for poor Annie, Annie, beloved of Mountain Man.
    The Medical profession has no capacity to understand, let alone fix poor Annie, Annie’s condition.
    It won’t be too much longer before Poor Old Annie, Annie, beloved of Mountain man will be permanently & needlessly blind.
    I did read that somewhere in Russia there was some interest & experimentation happening.

    Of course it is easily fixed, if one knows how.
    It requires the programing of that particular function in the brain.
    Simple an act, although somewhat time consuming.

  6. Why are you re-directing to web page TOTT News and it sates: This content is for Membership accounts only. Are you trying to get others to join this site WHY????????
    Doing this is a con job and I will have nothing to do with people that do this to their memebrs.

    1. I was a guest on TOTT news so thats it!!! I am simply leaving the link to where that show is & has nothing more to do with me at all. If people want to join up on that site then thats up to them so no dark agendas here, mate.

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