October 2, 2023

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Transcending Times With Tony Sayers

Welcome everyone, my name is Tony Sayers. For those new to my work and website I am an author, public speaker, and primarily an activist. I care deeply about the state of our Planet and this website is a correlation of research I have looked into over the last five years, ultimately culminating in my latest book ‘Are you living or just existing?’ Which is available for purchase in the ‘books’ section or by clicking this link https://transcendingtimes.org/books/

Through years of research I came across what true alchemy is, and that is if we are to progress in anything in life and better ourselves either both individually or collectively its important to face the negatives square in the face, and then TRANSCEND them into positives. Im not saying dwell there, that is counter productive. But like true warriors face the challenge head on, no matter how hard the road looks. Only then will we see permanent, long lasting change. And it is so very achievable. Its a great time to be alive, there is more change happening on the Planet now than ever before as we move into these ‘transcending times’.

You may find some of my views quite challenging, and they are meant to be. But know that at all times I have the best interests of a brighter future behind my views. Enjoy the site and I’m open to any feedback that you may think might help to improve it. Take care, much love to you all. Keep up the good fight fellow warriors!

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