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UK Govt to Give Private Junior Schools LGBT Lessons Opt-Out


The UK government is reportedly set to give private primary schools an opt-out on controversial requirements meaning young children have to be taught about homosexual lifestyles in a bid to encourage “tolerance”.

Since the Equality Act was passed in 2010, the “active promotion of respect” for sexual and ethnic minorities has been mandatory in all state and independent schools across England and Wales in order to meet inspection standards.

Following a consultation regarding regulation and standards of private schools, launched by Education Secretary Damian Hinds in March, the requirement that young children be introduced to alternative “families” and same-sex marriage will be watered down for independent institutions, according to the Sunday Times.

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

Proactive Transgender agenda established in British schools by government 

Primary Schools Told to ‘Celebrate’ Transgender People, Block Complaints Which ‘Interfere’ With…

Primary schools should stock books which “celebrate” transgender people, states Government-backed guidance aimed at fighting prejudice.

While the government’s response to the consultation is yet to be published, The Timesreported “civil servants are understood to have made it clear” that inspectors should no longer fail private schools on the basis of neglecting to meet sexual diversity requirements, which include making children aware of issues such as “gender reassignment”.

Ofsted, whose leader Amanda Spielman has demanded schools place “liberalism” at the “heart of the curriculum” while insisting that institutions with “cultural conservative or religious values” should be “exposed”, said the standards should remain in place, with a spokesman saying the watchdog believes it “appropriate” that all primary school children are taught to respect LGBT lifestyles.

The Department for Education said: “Independent schools, like all schools, have to promote respect for other people with particular regard to the protected characteristics under the 2010 Equalities Act.”

News of the move, which was deemed as a government U-turn by left-wing opponents, followed what The Times characterised as intensive lobbying by faith groups after reports that schools were being downgraded over teachers’ failure to explicitly highlight LGBT issues during class-time.

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

Government to Crack Down on Homeschooling over ‘Extremism’ Fears 

Government to Crack Down on Homeschooling over ‘Extremism’ Fears | Breitbart

The government is set to crack down on homeschooling amidst concerns that some settings are failing to promote “British values”.

Failing a private Jewish girls’ school for the third time, Ofsted claimed that pupils at the north London sch0ol for children up to the age of eight were being denied “a full understanding of fundamental British values” because they were not given instruction on homosexuality or gender reassignment.

Buckingham University’s Professor Alan Smithers told The Times: “Whether or not young children should be taught about LGBT issues and gay families in schools has been a battleground for ages.

“This looks like a government U-turn. Jewish, Christian and Muslim groups have bitterly resisted the requirement to teach alternative lifestyles, with protests and placards. If this loophole is granted to independent schools, there will be a big push for this in state primary schools too,” he added.

The news came after backlash on social media to a video which shows 6-year-olds at a state primary school in Manchester being tasked with writing homosexual love letters from a fictional ‘Prince Henry’ to his manservant, ‘Thomas’.

In the footage, which was originally uploaded to the Facebook page of BBC Radio Manchester, the public broadcaster approvingly explains in subtitled commentary that Bewsey Lodge primary school “teaches children about LGBT relationships from an early age”.

Named as Sarah Hopson, the teacher featured in the video insisted it was necessary to promote homosexual and transsexual lifestyles in a primary school setting because “the more they can be accepting at this age … the children will be accepting now and will be accepting this diversity around them.”


3 thoughts on “UK Govt to Give Private Junior Schools LGBT Lessons Opt-Out

  1. The teacher in the video sounds great, doesn’t she.
    Quick & Simply answers to sexualising children for the adult sex market, is to force them too.

    Below Replacement Fertility is a reality all over the world.
    In conversation with Maxi Taxi cab drivers who, so far, have mostly come from India, they tell that pollution from the factories is a massive problem, there are no laws governing toxic waste disposal, as a result the rates of CANCER are extremely high.
    I asked about birth rates & yes there are many children born,
    But I know this is changing & I bet that one reason is INFERTILITY.
    It will not be today that no children are born in India, but it is happening, the next generation & the one after that ….. it sounds like years & years from now, but that’s not true, the average age of first pregnancy in India is 24.
    Every day in India a female turns 24, the wait for below replacement fertility to set in is not a long one & once it does it is a downhill slide from there.
    This is true in Africa, the Middle East, everywhere – the rant that “oh, they breed like rabbits, them lot” is most certainly not true & especially today.
    When we see a TV news clip of a MOM in India or Africa with 10 kids – it is propaganda to keep us WHITE MEN & WOMEN in line & still RACIST.

    Today, lucky is the man who can father 10 children.

  2. IVF is a FAILED INVENTION – they do not have The Secret Of Making.
    GENETICS is the biggest load of bullshit – only second to man having gone to the moon.

  3. Here is an article you might want to have a look at:

    The Guardian
    Evangelical Christianity

    Under Trump Americas religious right is rewriting its code of ethics by Randall Balmer.

    The religious right’s wholesale embrace of the Republican Party & of Donald J Trump, both as candidate & as president, has necessitated a rewriting of evangelical ethics. Here’s a summary with annotations.

    * Lying is alright as long as it serves a higher purpose.
    * It’s no problem to be married, well, more than twice.
    * Immigrants are scum.
    * Vulgarity is a sign of strength & resolve.
    * White lives matter much more than others.
    * There’s no harm in spending time with porn stars.
    * It’s alright for adults to date children.
    * The end justifies the means.

    ABC News
    Submit to your husband’s:
    Women are told to endure domestic violence in the name of God.
    Research shows that men most likely to abuse their wives are Evangelical Christians who attend church sporadically.
    Church leaders in Australia say they abhor abuse of any kind. But advocates say that the church is not just failing to sufficiently address domestic violence, it is both enabling & concealing it.

    Geoffrey Robertson mentioned that – at the global level, we see Iranian mullahs Rafsanjani breaking bread with Sunni fundamentalists such as al Qaradawi & they are making common cause with the Vatican & with American white Evangelicals & Mormons ….. TO COMBAT THE SPREAD OF FAMILY PLANNING & WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS IN THE UNITED NATIONS ….. again we see that groups which are theologically opposed, can get together very nicely when it comes to issues that they care about, “moral issues” we are told.
    But is this true ??
    Organised religion across the board have a well earned reputation for child abuse, psychological, physical & sexual & even child killing.
    The global drop in the supply of children will definitely put a big & uncomfortable crimp in the lily white YFronts of enthusiastic connoisseur child abusers.
    How to get around this is the big think of the day.

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