December 5, 2023

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UN Migration Pact: Europe & Ireland

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The UN Global Migration Pact is set to be signed in Marrakech on 11-12 of December. Several nations have chosen to withdraw from it to protect their countries. Please see the information below and sign the petition for your country.

European countries back Australian resistance to UN migration pact
Here they are, the national petitions against the UN Migration Pact – Did you sign?

2 thoughts on “UN Migration Pact: Europe & Ireland

  1. Legalisation of mass migration – one aspect of the definition of the extension of hate speech – the agreement wants to criminalise migration speech – criticism of migration will become a criminal offence –
    The compact for migration is legalisation of mass migration – it’s declaring migration as a human right –

    What I see here is that people will be moving around the planet
    And they will be hard to keep track of
    The many of them may disappear … just like that

    [ Migrants Vanish From Popular Aegean Island Crossing Point] March 2017 – 500 migrants VANISHED without a trace – never to be seen again.
    This is not the only story of large groups of people disappearing.
    This is why it is NECESSARY to CRIMINALISE speech about migration
    To protect the MURDERERS
    I guess we could call this THE FINAL SOLUTION – hey !!
    NAZI Germany never died after all.

  2. Interesting Article –

    There are no sunglasses – The 2nd US/British was on colonialism..this time The colonies are in the Middle East.
    Britain, America & the battle for the Middle East by David Gardner November 30 2018

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