September 22, 2023

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Exposing the Dark Truth of Our World

Unlocking the god codes of the matrix and re-establishing Sovereignty With Arno Pienaar

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i chat with researcher, Arno Pienaar who i last connected with back in 2016. Arno has since been on an incredible journey of rediscovery & is back to break down the nature of reality & system around us. 

Arno Pienaar, age 28, has been a pioneer in the conscious awakening movement for almost ten years. His writings since the early age of nineteen has shifted perspectives for thousands of readers.

Arno Pienaar

Born in South Africa, his search for gems of nature has taken him tens of thousands of kilometres throughout all of Southern Africa.

Currently residing in Malawi in the Great African Rift Valley, Arno is now establishing platforms to allow people to experience the gifts of nature in safety and security.

Through Wild Camping Adventures Arno is establishing therapeutical nature tours for the minimalist, to various unspoilt locations near and around the Great Lake of Malawi.

Some of the topics discussed and we will be covering on future podcasts. 
1. Deprogram the matrix and Numerology. Unraveling the Hidden numerology in words to see how words structure and program a reality. We can run through correlations regarding the infamous number 911, as well as 62 & 26 which both contain the root number of 8, the number of infinity.
2.  Explanation on the relativity of the mind.
3. Why technology detroyed the ether upon etiology, and what is the ether? The ether represents the connection we have to the entire cosmos…
3. How love is used to keep Electromagnetic attractions active which basically keeps the mind occupied by the 6 senses.
4. Lets ask again, what is the singularity? And how technology has served to bring about this event in our lifetime.
5. Exploring the feudal age and medieval Europe to see how present day society and culture functions the way it does.
6.  2020 visions. What can we expect to happen in the coming times, and why sovereignty should be your biggest mission now

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