October 2, 2023

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Vaccine passports transform society into a dystopian NIGHTMARE, forcing unvaxxed to live like FUGITIVES


Vaccine passports turn every society into a dystopian nightmare, forcing unvaccinated people to live like fugitives, unable to buy groceries, fuel, medicine or even clothing, due to being banned from almost every retail establishment. They are also banned from banks, libraries and universities, denied access to financial services and higher education.

A shocking eyewitness account of life in Lithuania — under covid passport rules — has now surfaced thanks to a courageous individual reporting there. The full thread is available at this link:


Here are some excerpts from the thread:

Increasing punishment: ever harder to get food,medicine,car fuel
Undercover police raids
Media censorship,intimidation

Here’s the authoritarian future inevitably facing all countries which impose a Covid Pass regime:


Lithuania is Europe’s strictest Covid Pass regime. It’s week 8. There’s no end planned. And it’s getting stricter.

With no Pass, my wife and I may only enter small shops which mainly sell food, pharma, optics, or farm/pet goods.

We’re banned everywhere else.

Without a Pass, we are banned, by law, from every clothes store.

Fashion, sports, kids’, punk, wedding dresses: all clothing stores ban us.

Even second-hand stores must enforce the banishment. No one may buy or sell without the Pass.


Until mid-Oct, the law allowed us to buy food and medicine in small shops.

Bureaucrats decided this was too lax. Two weeks ago they imposed a new restriction on small shops:

Either limit capacity to 1 shopper per 30m2

Or ban people without a Pass.

The result: in many areas, there’s no longer anywhere to buy food without a Pass.

Supermarkets already banned us since Sept. Now small shops also ban us.

So how to buy food?

Online. Outdoor markets. Or travel to one of the dwindling number of shops which don’t *yet* ban us.

Most pharmacies chose to not ban people with no Pass. Given their small size, this decision means only one client may be inside at a time.

The result: clients wait outside in the cold. Or leave without medicine.

At pharmacies which require the Pass, clients enter as usual.

For gas (petrol) stations, the increasing coercion has resulted in a mixed system.

2 out of 5 stations decided to completely ban people with no Pass.

About 1 out of 5 still allow full access.

The rest ban us from entering inside, but permit us to fill up and pay outside.


In a few cases, the law doesn’t banish us completely. Instead it allows us restricted service.

At banks, those with the Pass receive all services.

But for those without a Pass, the law only permits us “essential financial services” for a maximum of 15 minutes.


Undercover plain-clothes police now raid supermarkets and shopping centers, stopping people to check their Covid Pass and ID to verify that it’s a valid Pass belonging to that person.

The police give press conferences about the raids:

The size of the police raids is staggering.

One day last week, 200 officers in plain clothes raided stores and malls. That’s 2.5% of all officers in the nation.

They conducted surprise investigations on 11,700 people. That’s 0.4% of the entire population.

In one day.


You’re in a supermarket, pushing your cart through an aisle. A person in normal clothes suddenly stops you and demands to see your Covid Pass and ID.

If anything is not in order, you’re thrown out and face a fine of up to 5000 euros and jail of up to six years.

Governments have become terrorists, doctors have become murderers, and vaccine advocates have become death cult worshipers

The covid plandemic is a global extermination plan against humanity. This is why no government cares about human rights or human survival, since their ultimate goal is mass extermination anyway.

They have abandoned the rule of law and thrown out civil rights, human rights and human dignity. Those who disagree with experimental spike protein injections are now being branded “criminals” by the CEO of Pfizer, who insists anyone who disagrees with his product should be arrested and imprisoned.

The people who take the jabs are turning into vaccine zombies, exhibiting bizarre behaviors rooted in aggression and anger. They are losing higher cognitive function and devolving into “reptilian” brain stem beings, incapable of rational thought.

As government bureaucrats take the shots themselves, they are also being turned into vaccine zombies with no capacity for empathy. They now see the world from a reptilian point of view — predators and prey — and we are the prey in their eyes.

And they absolutely will not voluntarily stop until every last human being is dead or dying. The only way to save humanity is to end the government terror and the Big Pharma genocide. End the CDC, the FDA and the deadly drug cartels. Dismantle the Big Media propagandists and shut down Big Tech censorship schemes. Prosecute all those who pushed the plandemic, the vaccines, the fraudulent science and the merciless lockdowns.

To free humanity, we must now fight for survival against a global death cult that no longer qualifies as human.

Get full details in today’s Situation Update podcast, via Brighteon.com:


Source: https://genocide.news/2021-11-11-vaccine-passports-transform-society-into-a-dystopian-nightmare-forcing-unvaxxed-to-live-like-fugitives.html


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