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Vaccines And Censorship Alive And Well In Australia


Yup, censorship and extremely narrow-minded thinking is alive and well in Australia!  Those old enough will remember Dr. Archie Kalakeranis who, in the late 1960’s and throughout the 1970’s, linked SIDS to extreme vitamin C deficiency, also known as scurvy.  The grief he took for over 15 years is not unlike the grief that has fallen upon Dr. Andrew Wakefield today in Britain!  If one were to read his 1998 Lancet paper carefully, they would note that he only suggested “further investigation of the M.M.R. is necessary” (w/regard to GI troubles in children).  In other words, he wasn’t an “anti-vaxxer,” but just someone who was doing what any good clinician would (and should) do: Investigate and report on what they see, not just what they’re “suppose to see.”

Yet, if someone wants an honest investigation of vaccines and their link to this or that health challenge, they, (like some ardent vaccine advocates in Australia claim), suddenly become “anti-vaxxer’s!”  This is really ridiculous and it’s like me becoming “anti-running,” because I might sprain my ankle while running or being anti-Frisbee, because it might hurt if it hits me!

As explained in Anne Dachel’s book, “The BIG Autism Cover-up,” the media has been covering up the environmental causes of this epidemic for decades now in the United States.  This censorship also clearly exists in Australia as illustrated by sad efforts to censor the filming of VAXXED in various towns there.

Censorship can be active or passive.  It is active as is happening now in Australia in efforts to STOP the showing of VAXXED, which has had record screenings in a number of locations.  In other cases, the censorship is more passive (as proven by Dr. K’s experiences four decades earlier):  A clear indication that vaccines can precipitate SIDS was simply ignored entirely by the medical profession and this censorship and cover-up has continued to this day, year 2017.

So ask yourself if you knew that SIDS is primarily “infantile scurvy” often precipitated by a mere vaccine &/or a “mild cold”?!  So if public health officials can ignore that a “mere vitamin deficiency” can precipitate a death of an infant, is it NOT much of a stretch to say they could routinely ignore that vaccines can cause various health challenges in children?  Not at all!

In short, even when facts are /right in front of our faces, the medical profession might (and often will) ignore them or cover them up for various reasons.  Yet, with some 54 percent of our children (in America) suffering from some chronic condition, (much caused by vaccines), how much longer can we “keep our heads in the sand that vaccines might have something to do with this?  When it’s 75 percent?  85 percent?  Worse?  Isn’t over fifty percent of our children suffering from asthma, allergies, ADHD, depression, learning disabilities, auto-immune disorders, repetitive behaviors, seizures, and Autism…. enough?

Whenever we’re in conversation with someone who loudly asserts “the truth” on vaccines (or any other controversial topic, for that matter), perhaps we should ask him or her, these two questions:

  • How many BOOKS on the subject have you read?
  • How many DOCUMENTARIES have you seen?

If the answer is “None” — how can someone who bombastically proclaims that “vaccines are safe and effective” also be considered to be “educated” on the topic at hand?!  Answer: They can’t!

John Stuart Mill states in “On Liberty,” (1859), that you can NOT know your side well, IF you don’t know the arguments on the other side.  Yet, one does not study both sides of the story to learn “both sides” but to learn the essence or truth of the entire subject at hand!  And yet, the truth is NOT an “average” of the two sides!  That would be like saying maybe Aluminum and Mercury are mildly neurotoxic, not severely!

We come to the truth by asking ourselves difficult questions such as “Why are pregnant women to avoid eating fish (containing mercury/Hg) but flu shots (w/Hg) are ok?  Why are vaccine damages paid out for vaccine induced encephalitis, but NOT if the word Autism is used for the same symptoms in vaccine court?  How can six shots at one time be considered “safe” when such usage has NEVER been tested on even one child in a clinical setting by the drug companies, before their drug/vaccine was licensed?

Some more examples of how to seek the truth on this question: If vaccine proponents say, “Vaccines are safe and effective” we need only respond:

  • We believe you! Show us the studies indicating that they’re safe in the doses they’re used TODAY, in the bloated schedule they’re used…TODAY!
  • Ask them to explain the package inserts that cite otherwise!
  • Ask them to explain over $2 billion paid out through the NVIC program over the past thirty years!
  • Ask them to explain a 14,700 percent increase in Autism since 1980 (1 in 10,000 v. 1 in 68 today)!
  • Ask them how Dr. Poul Thorsen falsified data in a 2004 Danish study on Autism and vaccines and then absconded with about a million dollars afterwards! Ask them if they knew that upon the basis of this (and other) fraudulent studies, 5,000 cases in the U.S. vaccine court were summarily….dismissed!
  • If they bring up Dr. Wakefield and how “he’s been discredited,” ask them, “That’s interesting, have you viewed VAXXED?” or ”Have you read, “Callous Disregard, (Autism and Vaccines—the Truth Behind a Tragedy)”? He’s the one being vilified, would you not want to hear “his side of the story”?

If the reader hasn’t deduced by this time, that there is now worldwide a kind of contempt for clear thinking and logical reasoning on the vaccine topic, they should.

Oh yes, you can ask a lot of questions of those that “know everything” about vaccine safety and efficacy and there is a real solid reason for doing so:  You’re basically trying to determine if this person is “open-minded” or not.  Yet, in almost no cases, can they give you a straight answer—if they stick around long enough to have a conversation at all.  Instead they have to resort to name calling or quoting talking points.

Too often I’ve learned that virtually all pro-vaxxers know NOTHING about the arguments against vaccines, don’t know the ingredients in them, (many might be pro-life, but would be shocked to learn that many vaccines contain “aborted fetal tissue”), and don’t know the kind of “placebo” used in vaccine studies is a potent neurotoxin called aluminum!

But in the case of the most common type of propaganda, it is NOT a discussion of the scientific merits of our discussion or the arguments over our viewpoint.  Quite the contrary, it boils down to a much more sinister act: ignoring the truth completely and doing all we can to avoid discussing it at all!  This is what happened to Dr. K down in Australia over forty years ago: Authorities simply IGNORED his brilliant work!  And far from being “an exception,” close-minded people have always sought to either ignore the truth or disparage or ridicule those that speak it.

But sometimes, we do get to discuss facts but how it comes out is rather childish and stupid.  An example is when some obstreperous critics of vaccine skeptics call ANYONE who questions vaccines safety “anti-vaxxers,” as if knowing a talking point makes them sound smart.  And some of these same critics want to prevent us from being able to view VAXXED in towns across Australia!  Unbelievable!

Back to John Stuart Mill…in his On Liberty, where he states that:

“No one can be a great thinker who does not realize as a thinker, it is his first duty to follow his intellect to whatever conclusions it may lead…. Truth gains more even by the errors of one who with due study and preparation thinks for himself, than by the true opinions of those who never suffer themselves to think.”  It goes on for a while, but you should get the gist:  Do you think for yourself OR do you have others think for you?

Vaccines can cause Autism—most certainly a large majority of cases.  You don’t have to believe that, but after studying the issue by reading as many books as possible, viewing as many documentaries as possible, reading some of the scientific literature if you’re so inclined and listening to the other side of the story as often as possible (with an open mind, that is), you’ll come to the truth on this topic.  Yet unless you can eloquently explain your position, without resorting to name calling or calls for censorship, you must do what John Stuart Mills would recommend: Suspension of judgment until such time as you can argue fluently for the opinions of BOTH sides of the story!  And according to Mills, you can’t do that if you don’t even know what both sides are!

So yes, I’m for a screening of VAXXED in every town in Australia!  EVERYONE should see this film and demand that the censorship that has kept so many folks in the dark on this topic end.   Anyone who has read the publications of the “Censored News Project,” knows that censorship, on many topics, is alive and well in the United States.  It’s also (apparently and sadly), alive and well in Australia.

Learn The Truth About ‘Herd Immunity’ Now

Most home owners don’t like their school taxes going up and up and up to pay for our ever-increasing “crop of children” with speech and language difficulties, severe ADHD and Autism to give a few examples.  And yet, they seem to be unable to ask themselves “WHY are the incidences of these troubles ever-increasing, year after year, after year”?  UNLESS YOU ASK THE QUESTIONS, YOU CAN BE SURE TO NEVER GET THE ANSWERS!  And smart (curious) people ask questions.  One way to get answers is to view films like “VAXXED,” which surely contains some answers!

What’s happening in Australia is a clear indication that NO ONE knows about the work of Dr. Archie Kalakeranis about forty years back and the provincial thinking illustrated by his terrible treatment by the medical profession whose answer to the fifty percent infant mortality in the aborigine children he was caring for, was just more anti-biotics and vaccines! Dr. K’s interventions reduced the infant mortality to near zero!  And guess what? The C.D.C. was contacted three times by Dr. K and his colleagues about sharing their findings and they weren’t even interested in learning about their work!

In conclusion, what’s happening in Australia is a clear indication that many people simply don’t know how to think.  Period.  This is not just about vaccine-safety questions, (and there are hundreds), it’s also about how and why folks have allowed others to do their thinking for them.  Stop it—this is what makes tyrannies survive and grow!

Folks that are lazy thinkers are quick to quote Dr. Wakefield’s “research fraud”—yet, few if any of his vocal critics have ever read HIS side of the story as illustrated in his book “Callous Disregard,” (Autism and Vaccines—the Truth Behind A Tragedy), or his documentary, VAXXED.  I met Dr. Wakefield exactly six years ago when his first book came out, and can tell you he DOES have a story to tell.   Why are so many critics unwilling to hear what he has to say?

There are a few lessons here and one is that people have always been close-minded and do NOT want to entertain thoughts that might contradict their own viewpoints.  I earlier indicated the censorship of the amazing work of Dr. K in Australia as but one example.  There are hundreds of others for those of you that study the history of science and medicine: Galileo, Semmelweis, Funk, Hoffer and Pauling most immediately come to mind.

If you ARE for the censorship of this film, VAXXED, go to my website (, and ask yourself how many of the documentaries listed on this site you’ve watched.  Also, ask yourself how many of the listed books you’ve read.  Your answer will tell you how open-minded you really are.

Dr. Archie K. would be rolling over in his grave if he learned that folks are just as close-minded now, as they were when he took the infant mortality of his aborigine children (patients), from an awful 50 percent (yes HALF!), to near zero by just withholding vaccines and giving large doses of vitamin C!  Perhaps you forgot that the scorbutic sailors during the voyages of James Lind would ALSO drop dead in the middle of the afternoon (from scurvy). And even then the British navy took over forty years before providing lemons to all their sailors.  See? Provincial thinking, yet again!

I sure hope it won’t take another forty years for people to open-their minds, because if it does take this long, autism will afflict one in two children and the medical profession in both the United States and Australia–closed minded as they are on vaccine dangers, will be guilty of crimes against humanity.

It’s the persistent repetition of this provincial thinking that epitomizes the ongoing tragedy that is our ever increasing incidence in vaccine-injured children.  And just as the simple solution to SIDS was ignored by the medical profession forty years ago, so too has the simple claim that some vaccines can cause GI troubles in susceptible children (and other health challenges or disorders, as well)!

The Viennese physician, Dr. Ignas Semmelweis, asked physicians to wash their hands before delivering babies, to prevent the mothers from dying from puerperal fever—so endemic at this time, year 1846.  While his actions saved thousands of lives, and got the medical profession to change their ways, at the time, the good doctor was viciously ridiculed!  This is the same type of treatment that has been metered out to hundreds of others with “different viewpoints” that challenged conventional thinking.

This provincial thinking and bias towards new ideas is very much alive in how we view the question of vaccine safety and it’s also illustrated in how we view the question of whether vaccines can cause Autism.   A good way to learn more on this topic is to see a good documentary so go view VAXXED as soon as possible, if you’ve not seen it already!  And if you’re a tad skeptical and hesitant to see this documentary, consider what J.F.K. had to say before the Yale graduating class back in June of 1961 on the question of “thinking”:

“As every past generation has had to disenthrall itself from an inheritance of truisms and stereotypes, so in our time we must move on from reassuring repetition of stale phrases to a new, difficult, but essential confrontation with reality.

For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie—deliberate, contrived and dishonest—but the myth: persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.  Too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forbears.  We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations.  We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”

The point here is twofold: First, thinking—really thinking on any topic, is difficult!  Second, if people in America (and around the world for that matter), REALLY thought through these issues carefully, we wouldn’t be in the awful mess we’re in now!  THINK—it’s better than that alternative: An ever-increasing crop of severally vaccine-injured children that will destroy both countless families and most major economies, around the globe.

Oh, and I did have a point: to learn why you might not know the whole story behind the work of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, go view VAXXED!

Tom Petrie,


REFERENCES:  Please go here for a long list: http://tompetrie,net/vaccines .  For a detailed discussion of SIDS and the work of Dr. K, read, “Every Second Child, 1980” or go here: http://tompetrie/net/SIDS .  Anyone who wants to help me get VAXXED screened in the Albany, NY area, please e-mail me at: [email protected].


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