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Vicious Labor femocrats sink to Orwellian depths with ‘Secretary for Men’s Behaviour Change’



SECRETARY for Men’s Behaviour Change? Yes, that’s the recent appointment by Victoria’s Madam Mao, aka Premier Jacinda Allen, who quite capably filled the jackboots of disgraced dictator-premier Dan Andrews, notorious as one of the provincial hatchet men for the global pharma cartel’s Covid bioterrorism attack on the Australian people.

Allen is a militant feminist, pushing the neo-Marxist, New Left agenda on to the people of Victoria. Their latest campaign involves declaring, like their Climate Clown comrades, a “national emergency” in relation to fatal violence against women.

More accurately this campaign is a subtle divide-and-conquer war against men who are all being held guilty of “toxic masculinity” and being inherently violent, especially against women in domestic situations. Allen and company think the solution is to appoint a special Parliamentary Secretary to run propaganda campaigns telling men how to “behave properly” and informing the public on the alleged toxic nature of male behaviour and its threat to women and children.

There are already numerous national welfare agencies offering counselling to families afflicted by violent relationships such as Relationships Australia, Full Stop Australia, 1800RESPECT and so on. Men in Victoria don’t need some wimpy government male bureaucrat on a feminist leash telling them how to change their behaviour.

John Cadogan, who has demolished government claims about a national crisis in domestic violence.

As noted by YouTuber John Cadogan, this claim that domestic violence against women is at crisis proportions and out of control is a total lie, directly contradicted by the Federal Government’s own statistics from the Institute for Criminology.

Cadogan, whose usual output is humour-laced rants about the automotive industry and its products, felt so strongly about this topic, he did a special broadcast, employing his journalistic skills to get down to the actual facts behind the matter. Cadogan doesn’t buy into baloney around vehicle marketing and is no less disposed to dealing with government propaganda campaigns.

Cadogan maintains that the statistics show Australia is actually a safer society than 30 years ago, with intimate-partner homicides falling dramatically over the past few decades. He describes PM Albanese’s statements on this issue as “complete misinformation”. “He’s either an idiot, a bullshitter or both,” said Cadogan. “Facts simply do not support this contention.”

A sinister element of this Labor feminist campaign is that it strongly advocates more censorship of social media. The Victorian Government announcement of the new Secretary for Men’s Behaviour Change job noted: “The Government has announced a program to crack down on toxic male culture, and help young men develop ‘positive masculinity’. It follows concerns about the influence of misogynistic online personalities, such as Andrew Tate, who has perpetuated violence against women.

“A recent survey of high school students in Victoria and NSW found 25% of teenage boys look up to Tate, who had his Instagram shut down by Meta in August 2022.” Oh dearie me, fancy boys looking up to a ring fighter who promotes masculinity. And of course, the vapid little wimp Zuckereberg, who runs Meta, shut it down when the femocrats knocked on his door.


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