Victorian bowel cancer patient charged with cultivating cannabis

A Victorian grandmother is set to face court charged with cultivation and possession of cannabis after she said she was using the narcotic to treat her stage-three bowel cancer.
Alice Burns said a lack of affordable medicinal cannabis led to her decision to grow her own cannabis, which she then used to make cannabis oil.
The 54-year-old was arrested and charged in June, after a police tip-off led to a search of her home in regional Victoria’s Otway Ranges.
“The local policeman knew that I had cancer and had been using it for that. I admitted to everything.
I said it was all mine, but they still charged my partner, who is also my carer, too,” Ms Burns told
Ms Burns was diagnosed with bowel cancer in January, after going to see the doctor about her extremely painful haemorrhoids.
“I thought I was just dealing with piles. I went to the doctor and said I want a stronger cream, the supermarket cream isn’t strong enough,” she said.
“And that’s when he stepped in and said there is something else going on here.”
Ms Burns underwent chemotherapy and radiation as part of her treatment. In August, she had surgery to remove the lower part of her colon and was fitted with a permanent colostomy bag.
Before her chemotherapy began, Ms Burns made the decision to try cannabis oil after researching about its benefits for cancer patients online.
The effect of the oil was almost immediate, she said.
“Within two weeks of being on the oil, I could sit again. It just took all the inflammation down. It was amazing the difference it made.”
“I know my pain dropped dramatically. I was able to cut out a lot of painkillers. I didn’t need Endone during the day.”

5 thoughts on “Victorian bowel cancer patient charged with cultivating cannabis

  1. A Police Tip Off.

    What CUNT dobbed her in
    & may they be BOWEL CANCERS NEXT VICTIM.

    And the COPS
    Who have been shown to possess the capacity to look the other way
    On so many precarious occasions
    Shit picking is a nasty habit.

    I was arrested once.
    9.00AM one morning 4 male police officers & one female police officer
    Knocked at my door
    I was in a dispute with my former employer who would not pay me out
    Approx: $400 in wages
    I sent him several emails
    None of which were abusive, but demanding of the monies owed me
    He called the cops & I was charged with stalking.
    They put me
    In the back of the divvy van
    Even though I suffered from claustrophobia
    & had arthritis in my knees & could not sit without pain in the divvy van
    Oh how triumphant they were in catching me
    For the HARD CORE CRIMINAL that I was.

    1. Joseph has wired rubber snakes on the apricot tree to keep the bird away.
      2 of the blokes went up the back to see what was in the shed & in terror, stopped dead in their tracks at the sight of the snakes.
      One arduous police officer donned rubber gloves & searched the freezer …
      “Why are you looking in the freezer?” I asked
      “Never mind,” he replied.
      By this point in time everybody had seen the cops searching the freezer in a raid situation on TV / the idiot box.
      No one in their right mind was gunna be stupid enough to hide anything in the freezer & especially not drugs or money.
      Only that the cops had not figured it out yet that we were savvy to them …. yet.

  2. You can’t be a little old lady in Australia without someone having a go at ya !!
    For the slimy bastards that they are.

    1. I said to the cops, that morning, “I’m not going anywhere with out having a shower first,” so the nice police woman stood with he back to me as I showered.
      I lady has to have some dignity after all.

  3. I was thinking

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    Hail Mary
    Full of grace
    The Lord is with thee
    Blessed art thou amongst women
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    Holy Mary Mother of God
    Pray for us sinners now
    And at the hour of our death

    I have a set of black rosary beads & I say the rosary once a week
    My son Joseph was an atheist, when things were not going to well for him, he would ring me, \”Mum will you pray for me please,\” he figured that I had a much better chance of getting God to know he needed help than him.

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