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Most people do not know what a so-called “virus” is. They just have an idea or impression in their minds about them being tiny microscopic creatures. That is a result of propaganda and indoctrination through the education system and television set, which both use illustrations, animations and false narratives to herald and promote “viruses” as being invasive, infectious and contagious microbial monsters – “invisible enemies” – that cause diseases and sickness. Why would such be heralded and promoted when it is not true?

Even scientists, doctors and educators within the pseudoscience community who promote the existence of “viruses” are bound to tell you that so-called “viruses” are nonliving particles. They have no eyes, no mouth, no nose, no ears no orifices at all. They have no arms, no legs and no wings. They have no reproductive system. They have no digestive system. They are not living microbial organisms.. They are simply nonliving particles. And they can only be seen as scanned images taken from a scanning electron microscope.

Never have any of those nonliving particles been isolated, purified or placed into a healthy living organism that was made to be diseased and sick – NEVER. There are no such scientific papers. There is no such documented, observable, measurable, repeatable process. So why do people believe in “viruses” as invasive, infectious, contagious entities when they have never been proven to exist? The answer is simple: they believe just as a religious person believes – they simply “believe.” They believe what they have been told.

The real question is what are those particles?

Our bodies are made up of living cells. Those living cells die – daily – and are replaced with new cells. What happens to the old dead cells after they expire? They don’t remain in our body. If they did, we would look like toadstools. Expired cells fragment into cell debris. That cell debris is engulfed by white blood cells to be transported out of the body through a process called: phagocytosis. Cell debris can be seen under a scanning electron microscope as tiny nonliving particles, which is deliberately and misleadingly referred to as “viruses.” The Latin origin of the word “virus” means “liquid poison” – not microscopic monster or “invisible enemy.”

The concept of a “virus” being a tiny, microscopic, invasive, infectious, contagious creature that causes disease and sickness is simply that: a CONCEPT. It is just as incredible and unbelievable as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. It is a cleverly concocted, cunningly crafted, devilishly devised concept that was strategically fabricated to manipulate and control people through ignorance and fear – enabling governments to strip people of their Freedoms, Liberties and Rights – while simultaneously enabling a theoretical platform that fosters trillions of dollars in revenues for the education, medical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

But what about all the people dying from COVID-19? Nobody is dying from COVID-19. There is no “COVID-19.” If there are no “viruses” – and there are none – then there is no “COVID-19.”

But what about all the people testing “Positive” for COVID-19? Kary Mullis, the scientist who invented the PCR test that is being used to test people for COVID-19, declared: “The PCR test is completely bogus and invalid for any such testing.” The CDC acknowledges and has publicly stated that the number of cycles they spin the test determines whether the results will be “Positive” or “Negative.” If they spin the test 45 times it will render a “Positive” result every time. The test has even rendered positive results for a goat, a papaya and a glass of coca cola. Hence, they can simply spin the test until the results are “Positive” and feed the results to the mainstream media to keep the alleged “pandemic” alive in the minds of the unlearned and unknowing fearful public. Then the pharmaceutical companies can get billions of dollars from the government, which they have done, in order to concoct unhealthy, poisonous, dangerous and potentially deadly vaccines for public consumption.

What about the “seasonal flu”? Isn’t the “flu” caused by a virus? No. The so-called “flu” is nothing more than the God-given natural process of the body purging itself of toxic waste that builds up within the body throughout each year. It is a natural bodily process that effects all people differently based upon their own unique level of health and well-being vs. toxicity. Again, this is where industries benefit from the false concept of ‘viruses.” Chemical companies can keep pumping poisons into our society and into our foods. Alcohol companies can keep selling their poison – alcohol is quite literally a poison to the human body. Pharmaceutical companies can keep getting billions of dollars from the government and promoting their “seasonal flu shots.” Hospitals and doctors can make more profits by providing and selling more treatments. More products can be sold. More pseudoscience professors can be employed at Universities teaching voodoo, mysticism and theoretical falsehoods as being reality. And the people can go on being their sheeple. The people lose and the corporations win. The people lose their health and the companies make profits at their expense. The “virus” is the perfect scapegoat for all of them to hide behind as they declare: “You are not sick because of the shit you put into your mind and body – you are not sick because of the toxic poisons we glamorously market and sell to you. You are sick because of a “virus” – an invisible enemy. Now go out and buy our products and treatments. Buy our products that help make you sick. And buy our products that treat and help mask the sickness!”

They will use technology in conjunction with vaccines in order to mass vaccinate people with nanotechnology microchips that will enable them to gather biometric information, which they will store in “the cloud” and use for marketing purposes at best. At worst, who is to say they will not send out 5G radiation signals to those nanochips that will sicken and/or kill people they want gone, i.e., the elderly who are “past their usefulness” and/or people who do not comply with their social and political agenda? Of course, they will herald through the mainstream media and via their social media platforms that it is a “new strain of deadly virus” that is making people sick and killing them, not the vaccines.



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