September 23, 2023

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WA Health Minister responds after two anti-vaccination billboards appear in Carlisle

Learn The Risk: Vaccines contain multiple additives that have no place in the human body. These synthetic chemicals are injected and therefore bypass the body’s natural filters and immune system, therefore cannot create real immunity. Historical data proves that vaccines were NOT the reason for the decline in infectious disease, but are clearly part of the increase in chronic health issues.


Another two billboards spruiking an anti-vaccination message have appeared in Perth, this time on Oats Street in Carlisle.

The billboards pose the question: “Do you know what’s in a vaccine?”

It also has the web address for, an anti-vaccination organisation based in the US.

The website says “vaccines contain multiple synthetic chemicals that should never be injected into the body and are part of the reason we have skyrocketing chronic health issues that have somehow become the new ‘normal’ in our society”.

“The WA Government Can’t Handle The Truth”

The billboards angered WA Health Minster Roger Cook, who said he wants them torn down.

“I’m calling on the local council authorities, I’m calling on the company which sponsors this billboard to get them down now,” Mr Cook said.

“These people are peddling lies and they must be stopped.”

They’re the latest billboards to appear in Perth with the anti-vaccination message over the past few months, with another one was spotted in the CBD in June.


1 thought on “WA Health Minister responds after two anti-vaccination billboards appear in Carlisle

  1. It seems that Mr Cook is once again performing his Big Brother act to keep people ignorant of the poisons that are in vaccines.
    The WA State government has a record of destroying peoples rights and one comes to mind when they incarcerated Brendon O’Connell for 3 years without trial for speaking the truth.
    How can all this happen in Australia when they keep telling us that we have a Democracy?

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