September 25, 2023

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“SIGN THE PETITION” Daniel Andrews MUST Step Down Immediately As Premier Of Victoria

The situation in Victoria has become unbearable and the person responsible is the Premier Daniel Andrews. The Federal and State Governments have told us that they want to slow down the spread of Coronavirus so as to protect the community and not to put strain on the medical system. This is now not enough and the Premier has taken it upon himself to try and eradicate Coronavirus no matter cost. This is frightening that the Premier does not care at all about Victorians, socially or economically. Everyone’s livelihood is suffering, everyone’s families and lives are in a state of despair from the Premiers actions.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services media release 30th June there is only 1 person in intensive care. There is no strain on the medical system with 7499 beds free and only 1 in 100 cases being serious (SKYNEWS, Kenny Report). There are 321 active cases and 1816 people have recovered. It is irrational and absurd to lock down hundreds of thousands of Victorians, to shut borders, to crash the State for significantly low infection numbers. The vulnerable should be protected at all times, the rest should and must continue to live for the sake of our Country, our State, our families, our friends and our neighbours. It is important to note that according to the World Health Organisation up to 650 000 people die of respiratory diseases linked to seasonal flu each year (WHO 2017). The World Health Organisation Director-General has stated that they found that for people with mild (Coronavirus) disease, recovery time is about two weeks, while people with severe or critical (Coronavirus) disease recover within three to six weeks. (WHO 24FEB2020) The unfathomable fear spread continually by Daniel Andrews shows he is unfit to be Premier.

The fear mongering MUST STOP. Victorians need FACTS. The Premier is unfit to continue due to his irrational decision making harming Victoria and Australia. His government has had three ministers stand down due to corruption allegations and they can no longer be trusted. (THEAGE) How long can we continue to live like this? Months? Years? How many lives must be ruined before we realise a change in Victorian Labor leadership is urgently needed.

SIGN THE PETITION AND PROTECT YOUR LIVELIHOOD, PROTECT YOUR FAMILIES, PROTECT THE COUNTRY. Daniel Andrews must stand down immediately as Premier.—24-february-2020#:~:text=They%20found%20that%20for%20people,three%20to%20six%20weeks

9 thoughts on ““SIGN THE PETITION” Daniel Andrews MUST Step Down Immediately As Premier Of Victoria

    1. Power hungry Andrews will never admit he failed.. Melbourne, we must basnish the C**T and take back our once great city, before he f**ks us into the control of the CCP.


  1. So construction workers mandatory vaccines but the people that are at more risk then anyone the police that travel all over the state coming in contact with many
    People. They do don’t need the vaccine not mandatory for them. Please can someone please tell me the logic in this. Unbelievable sake this dictator

  2. The States in 2001 gave up all control over Companies and handed over to the Commonwealth, the federal Government created the Corporations Act 2001. Corporation’s and its employees are governed by Commonwealth law and not State law

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